Update March 9 and 10, 2006

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Posted: 16 years ago

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Posted: 16 years ago
Hope 2Ds won't fight and separate again. I do not what kind of love it is, anyone can come between and break the relation
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx Vidya for the double updates.
Posted: 16 years ago

Thanks Vidyakka....Happy holi to u too akkaaa... Smile

Hmmm.....So as expected Satyanas is going to expose DK...?From now DK has to act smartly n get rid of that exposure...Satyanas deserves that Nas at the end of his name.... Angry Angry Disha will never learn in this janam....Mai soch rahi thi ki issko dumbvathi se promotion de kar Buddhhimathi banaadoon lekin yeh dumbo hi rehna chahthi hai.... Angry AngrySo i settle down to dumbvathi..... Defenetely Satyanas is going to be tooo negative from here on.....I probably think D is forcing Gargi to stay for one night because she want to bring her bua into action and give gargi a big shock..... Confused So monday is a holi special episode....Rupu 2D's ko safely holi enjoy karnedo...No disturbance please..... Wink If any disturbance means My gaalis shuroo.... Tongue LOL

Yaar bangaloreau..my Rupu has power to break the relation between husband and wife......Wink


Edited by harsy - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks Vidya for the updates.
Please Disha ko koi samjhao...I hope she is planning to humiliate Gargi or maybe she is trying to patch up rano & ved...DK is right...god knows how long Disha will be dumb?

Dk firse peene laga...may be he is still trying to recover from baby loss Cry

DK babu is Satyanas se savdhan rehena....you are right Vidya...Shaila should just take him away...I hope she does something to stop him dreaming about D all the time.

Rupu...please let 2ds play holi pyar se...hum duaayein denge aapko aur TD ko...TRP will increase...give us a good Holi with lots of masti and ched-chad from our DK-Disha...DK babu achhi tarah se rang lagana apni patni ko...D puri tarah rang jaaye aapke rang mein
Tongue Embarrassed

Maine rang li aaj chunariya sajna tere rang mein Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update! Tongue
God...can anyone tell me what's wrong with Disha? Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
Nibbles....its not wrong with Dumbvathi(Disha) its wrong with rupavathi(rupu)..... Angry She is taking advantage of D's mahaantha n creating this scene... Angry

Monaji.....D humiliating Gargi...? Confused For this we have to wait till agli janam yaar.....Mostly DK must have drunk with joy,thats why our pativratha siromani is dumb when he was drinking...... Angry Angry Dead I have a second thought that Disha is going to invite Rano to sehgal house n unite Rano-ved....hopefully this holi episode will be the milan of Rano n ved.... Confused It will be a good move if my Rupu show something like that....N give jhatka to gargi with bua's entry...
Posted: 16 years ago
Yes...D will invite Rano to play holi...reunite Ved with Rano..then she will tell DK to accept Ved as partner in Kanaka...she is all forgiving....request DK to let Ved and Rano live with them...hum saath saath hei....DK will get angry and more fights bet 2Ds...

Disha is stupid ...why can she not live with her hubby only....itna hot hubby hei...enjoy karo na chain se...but no...D always has to invite trouble into their lives. Confused Poor DK...taras aata hei uspe...

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