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Posted: 18 years ago
Narayani Shastri can't conceal her excitement as she readies to test her endurance levels to the maximum — as a participant in the AXN show Fear Factor. "This is something which I have never done before," says Shastri.

Always ready for adventure

The actress will shoot for the episode of Fear Factor in Malaysia in the first week of September. "It has everything that I look for. There is the element of thrill, adventure, and shooting in a new place." She doesn't know exactly what feat of endurance she will perform.

"But I am game for it. I am quite adventurous and will go for it. It could be just anything from bungee jumping to overcoming some obstacles. I can't wait to know what it is." Shastri will be a part of Fear Factor, which occasionally has celeb participants.

She was invited

"The offer came from them. They asked me if I was willing to be a participant in it," she adds. "I was ready and willing," adds Shastri who was in the news recently for her decision to stay on in Piya Ka Ghar despite creative differences. As for her role as Taashu in Kkusum, she says, "When Taasu resurfaces in the drama, they will call me."

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Posted: 18 years ago
Fear fracas!

Fear surely has taken on a whole new dimension for our glam brigade! Sony's desi version of Fear Factor definitely is interesting...but one hopes that in the forthcoming episodes of the show, the celebs show more guts and courage than what was on display in the last two weeks.

The celeb brigade's on their way!

But this is easier said than done! To be locked in a box full of snakes (so what if they are not venomous!); to be handcuffed inside a coffin like box with millions of worms crawling all over you! or to dive inside a pool, while holding your breath -- these tasks are tough enough, but perhaps tougher to do sans makeup!

Jokes apart, it is commendable to see TV actors having the guts to shed their 'macho hero' image and try something that challenges their physical and mental strength. A case in point is Rohit Roy, who couldn't make much of a mark against the likes of Chetan Hansraj and Amit Sareen. Shweta Salve was quite a revelation, she displayed guts truly expected of a participant of a show like Fear Factor.

As is the case with the original version, the show has a huge setup and it has been shot spledidly at the Endemol facility in Malaysia. The pace is nicely built with great shots and wonderful packaging and that makes Fear Factor India worth watching.

Vikas Sethi: richer by 10 lakhs

But one thing's for sure, there lurks the danger of the show becoming a damp squib if celebs bow out of challenges, without given them a try! This way, the one million rupee jackpot is served on a platter to whoever goes through the motions without a care for the time taken for the feat!

Muskaan Mehani and Mansi Verma failed to put up a fight even as host Mukul Dev tried to make them get on with the challenge in last week's episode. Thus, while the first episode was quite exciting, the second one failed to impress! Mukul Dev is thanda as an anchor and fails to keep the tempo going!

Vinod Singh: happy to participate

The USP of the show is not only celeb participation, but participation with the sole aim of victory! The final reward should hold a tad more importance and it's only then that the will to win will reflect on the performance of the celebs. Lines like "It doesn't matter, if I don't win" just take away the spice from the show and the excitement fades away and then the remote does its job.

Overall, Fear Factor India needs to pull up its socks...Sony has a tried and tested formula on its hands...it's time they find celebs who can stand up to challenges thrown at them!

Tough luck, celebs...it's time to toughen up!

Posted on 20 March 2006 2:30 pm
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Posted: 18 years ago
Going Fearlessly without make-up
   By: A hitList Correspondent
   May 20, 2006
Inches away from creepy crawlies or clinging on to dear life on a rope, these stars don't bother with the greasepaint.

Sony's weekly reality show, Fear Factor, has not only proved which stars have steely determination (the winner nets a cool Rs 10 lakh) but also the way they look in real life.

Here's a dekko at the real person behind the layers of foundation …
Mandira Bedi

Without her trademark noodle straps and sequinned saris, we don't give Mandy a second look. But in this lycra suit, Mandira looks even more slim and trim than in her strappy numbers. And considering she went on to win the episode, Mandira's kohl-lined eyes (waterproof eyeliner?) are all that we recognised, besides her cool winner determination.
Riva Bubber

Looks like that teeth-tingling smile comes handy when the
face paint is absent. That's the only giveaway to Riva's face.
But even that high-voltage smile can't brighten up a
that pheeka face.
Aashka Goradia

That crack of a smile can't hide the no-make-up look. She certainly looks starkly pale without the powder and liner. Aashka sure needs lots of paint to camouflage her real look.
Narayani Shastri

Aai guh!! She looks all set for a marathon but minus her ammunition (read: makeup) — she won't go anywhere far.
Shraddha Nigam
She appears calm before the kill — but what about her face? That no-rouge look makes us blush with astonishment.
Swetta Keswani

This bare-dare girl does a cover-up act, but without the concealer, Swetta looks as dull as the colour beige.
Gurdip Kohli
She looks pretty set to take on the challenge but sans the deft strokes on her visage — we are as astonished (with mouth wide open) as she is.
Tassnim Sheikh

Red alert! This is one face that is totally unrecognisable without the paint. Now you know the real Tassnim. Help!!
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Posted: 18 years ago
Fear Factor-Celebrity Special

This weeks episode of Sony's Fear Factor hosted by Mukul Dev is a a special one.

This Friday watch out for most sizzling couple on the small screen, Manav Goel and Shweta Kwatra battle their fears with Bakhtiyar Irani, and Sai Deoadar for company. oWho will overcome their fears to take home a lakh?

Watch the final episode of Fear Factor on Sony on 2 June



Posted on 31 May 2006 4:10 pm
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Posted: 18 years ago

Love thy sibling

Sapana Patil Poojary finds out that though they all make a living out of being on the small screen, there is no trace of rivalry between these sets of famous siblings

Sapana Patil Poojary

Rajev Paul on Rakesh Paul, Rakesh Paul on Rajev Paul

Gauhar on Nigaar Khan, Nigaar Khan on Gauhar Khan

Mukul Dev on Rahul Dev, Rahul Dev on Mukul Dev

Dipannita on Arunima, Arunima on dipannita

Rajev Paul on Rakesh Paul

I love: Rakesh's sense of humour. Perhaps, that is what keeps him going. Besides he knows to live life to the fullest. He keeps himself updated and knows everything and anything about the latest products in the market... be it a car, an electronic gadget or a clothing brand. But most importantly, I admire his enthusiasm.

I hate:  The fact that he doesn't listen to me. (laughs).  I am surprised that he can actually ignore me and my advice! So it is extremely annoying when I have to convey my opinion through Delnaz to Sunaina (Rakesh's wife)

Rakesh Paul on Rajev Paul

I love: When he plays daddy, which is most of the time! I guess, being the older of the two, he has always been a father figure to me. I like it when he dotes on the entire family. Moreover I can rely on him for advice on almost all matters... be it buying a house, taking up work, money matters, just about anything. And unlike me, he is extremely well-read.

I hate: What particularly irks me about him is that he gives me a lot of unsolicited advice. If I don't listen to him, then he tries to convince me through Delnaaz and Sunaina. It just irritates me.

Gauhar on Nigaar Khan

I love: Nigaar's understanding nature and maturity . It really is great to have her as a sister because she is always there by my side. Moreover she is an extremely easy person. It makes her company even better.

I hate: There is nothing in particular that I don't like about her.  But I don't really like it when she gets moody. But that is not so often. So it is okay.

Nigaar Khan on Gauhar Khan

I love: Gauhar's helpful nature. Despite her being younger to me, I rely a lot on her for advice. There are times we feel that we are twins and there are those times when she insists on playing the baby sister. But she knows when to snap out of it and behave responsibly if need be.

I hate: when she acts little lazy. And she often needs to be pampered.

Mukul Dev on Rahul Dev

I love: Rahul is a doting elder brother. I admire his discipline and sense of responsibility. He is extremely confident and has lived life on his own terms. Moreover he is extremely accommodating. As children, when we played cricket, I would always wanted to bat first and continue batting even if I were out… and you know what, he'd let me!

I hate: Him being so selfless. Since our childhood, he has given up on his social life because he had a younger brother to take care of. I feel bad for that. He is always worried about me.

Rahul Dev on Mukul Dev

I love: Mukul's helpful nature. He is extremely caring and goes out of his way to make people comfortable and doesn't ever mention it to anyone. We only get to know about it through someone else. It is this selflessness that I admire the most in him.

I hate: His smoking habit. He had given it up in-between. But now he has taken to it again. Also, he doesn't exercise as much as he should, you know.

Dipannita on Arunima

I love: Her maturity! Between the two of us, she handles situations in life much more maturely than I do. As also she is emotionally much stronger than I am. She is extremely hard-working and has the ability to achieve what she wants.

I hate: Her extra meticulousness. I simply do not understand why she has to be such a perfectionist! I feel like telling her that it is alright to be imperfect once in a while. But she just doesn't understand. Well, that's how she is!

Arunima on dipannita

I love: Her calm and composed nature. If anyone needs lessons in anger management, she's the one they should go to. Dipannita guides me in life and I know that she will give me the right advice if I approach her with a problem. She is very reassuring and is always there for me

I hate: Under that composed exterior, lies a different person which comes out into the open when she panics. Once, I went shopping with her and got delayed. I didn't have a cell phone and could not be traced. She was so petrified that I thought she was going to faint when I met her.

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