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Posted: 16 years ago

As it has been predicted the cd falls in the hands of Aditya . He already had overheard Ranveer and Jigs' conversation so he understood immediately  kya gul khilne bala hai!

He talks with bani , he cautions Bani that three lives are going to b destroyed and they both shud try to make things better. Adi hopes dat if they tell Jai evrythng  den he will never cum in between Pia and Ppushkar. Bani , with tears in  eyes,  said dat Pushkar loves Pia but Pia wants Jai Walia and it was Pia's decision to get married as mr.Walia has not forced her to marry. She laments that pia has gone much far away and now she has failed to stop her. adi asks abt Pushkar and Bani tells that he is still nt out of this shock. Adi is ashamed that his son Ranveer and Jigs r upto such nasty things and decides to handle it himself


Asi enters with bani the room where Jigs was filing her nails and Ranveer moving around. Adi apologises for entering parawa room (right right  Big smile  without permission   and asks ranveer wats all this ?? Jigs retorts that if he has seen it he wud hav known it. Adi replies ranveer that his shaitani brain always think of doing wrong but he wont let it happen. Ranveer, with an ice cold voice answers back that  whatever in the cd is real and not madeup and telling the truth is not any wrong but a virtue. , after all in our religion….. but b4 he cud finish Adi snaps back that he shud tell abt dharmkarm, Adi states that ravan also had grt knowledge but he used his knowledge as weapon for evil means and since he was nt spared Ranveer is merely a human. Ranveeer snarls that noone shud talk in loud voice b4 him  (Bani ko laga jhatkaAdi ko bhi   )  Adi  asks if Ranveer has forgotten how to behave with father Ranveer  angrily replies that how cum Adi suddenly remember that he is a father Ranveer  demands  where has been Adi in all this years, if he were a father then he wud nt hav supported Bani instead of him. Ranveer is angry (angry is nt the rite word, basically abhiman hai   Ouch  )  dat everything was done by Jai and if adi wud hav done nything then wud hav a place of their own and wud hav a separate identity.( for the first time ranveer seems to hav said something right )   Adi admits that he is rite but he is now going to  fulfill the duty of a father and wont let him do nything wrong and orders him to destroy the cd . Ranveer acidly asks barna kya hoga,  Adi turns around and   gives him  c-h-a-t-a-s ( a tight resounding slap)  Jig fires up and roars "how dare he"( even bani is surprised and felt little bad , atleast her xpression  shows dat Wink )   Adi  regrets dat if he has done in childhood  then 2day they didn't have to see this day (at last he realized   Clap     Adi shouts at Jigs for bringing up her child like this and  and gives warning to beta that he has seen his ma and now he will seen his pa (!    and Adi wil make such a condition of ranveer that they will only hav to watch.   Adi goes out with Bani , Rranveer in fury was going   out wen jigs stops him and said that he shud wait 4 right moment. Ranveer stood still with rubbing his hands on his cheek


Rano is saying irritably to someone in phone dat its wrong no. and slamming the receiver says to herself y phulwala, mehendiwala r calling them. Bani enters and Rano cries that y  all this r happening. She has so many dreams of pia's marriage but now there is only sadness everywhere . Rano asks if  nything cud b changed but bani looks helpess. Rano points out that jai mite nt make pia happy as he didn't care for Sonali and Rano wonder wat sonali is feeling now.(for this reason jai and pia r alike, but jai had been at least honest to pia as she knows his past but pia  to do kadam age haiWink)

Bani went to meet sonali . Sonali behaves in frndly manner.she asks abt pia's marriage . Wen bani tries to say nything  she said dat bani shud nit giv console to her as evrythng  has becum a past. She admits that sometime she feels angry at jai 4 not telling her bit she den she feels more angry at herself 4 not asking him …... Wen bani asks her to talk with pia sonali refuses saying that by asking u cant get love and since Jai is a matured person he has the right to do whatever he wants.(dunno y men go for beauty instead of heart of gold, Angryboth pushky and jai r so immatured!! Sonali's dialogue was really beautiful as she speaks of different aspects of love but  alas I dnt remember all the 2-3 linesAngry)


Pia is feeling lonely and sad as  her sisters r not with her and thinks dat who will do the rites etcetc. As she enters the room she is delighted seeing the shagun . bani enters the room and pia  happily goes to her. bani says tha twen close ones r taking a decision then its better to supprt it than fighting . bani states that she has separated her emotions and her duty and she will do all her duty of the bride's sister. ultimately bani declares that she is accepting the relationship even though she is not happy. Pia looks gratefully to bani and then rano also joins them. The three sisters hug each other and bkgrnd music plays for few minutes and episode ends.


(Well I am getting more and more sure that there will b double triangle ka doudble maza! One triangle= jai-pia-pushky and the other one is bani-pushky-ranveer.  If rano gets a guy and pushky , the common factor or pia or bani enters is then there triple triangle ka triple maza, oops, tamasha!LOL )



Posted: 16 years ago

tauji arrives in the station and (o my god!) he is DEHATI MAN WITH HIS THREE COMPANION, ONE WAS CARRYING BUNDLE OF SUGARCANE (!!!!!! how jigs tolerate him Ouch ) they try to cross roads but were unable to do so and then their scene ends.
(dunno why these new characters r bought Confused , dunno why jigs look down upon three sisters for not being their class when she has full respect for tauji)
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks!! for some reason im looking forward for some chemistry between ranvir and bani. ranvirs pretty good looking and it will be gr8 to see that lion mellow down for bani, just like in tumhari disha. but then i really like pushkar with bani too. ahh i dont know which couple i want to see more of. i wish there were two banis!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update
Posted: 16 years ago
lolzzzzzzzzzzzz thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo000 much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great update!! ur simply fab!!!!!!!!!!!

wts up man, were does sahil disappear to!! its like he's der for 1 week and lost 4 the other!!!!!!!!!

and pushy were is he man!! alot of females in this episode!!
LOL Wink

Posted: 16 years ago
new characters coooooooooolllllllll!!!! was n e of them good looking ??????? so that 1 of dem could of gone wid bani!!! hehehe

true u really rite i wish der was more of BANI 222 hehehehe LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
lol...thanks for the great update Tongue

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