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Guys u really made me sad today by reading tht kk is taking a 20 yr leapCry - I dont want to see sukk in older roles, they are too young to be old, is great tht she is carrying su's twins bt still -

Todays epi:

Scene 1: Su starts to leave bt dhruv says tht u will nt go, u have to be there for me , i wont let u go bt su says tht u needed me today so i came bt my battle for truth is still on and when i will win my battle of truth i will come back to u and its a promiseCry, kk starts coming towards dhruv and su starts to leave , he kisses dhruv and he goes , kk arrives and looks for su bt he is nt there , she asks dhruv where is ur papa, he says tht he has gone bt has promised tht when he will win the battle of truth he will come back to us., manik wakes up and starts dressing up and shouts at kamya tht she purposely did this to hold him back, she in turn says tht u dont bring money and above all u r shouting on me., i want money , manik gets irritated by her demands and says tht now he has to put up reason for nt going to dhruv's school in frnt of the fam and looks at the mirror, sees himself as karan and says tht i know wht i will do now., and he smiles, kk opens the door of wh and sees ja wounded on his head.Dead

Scene 2: She calls for everyone and doctor inspects him and says tht he is fine now, he is asked by everyone how he got this wound , he cooks up the story saying tht he was to come to dhruv's school tht in mid way he was surrounded by some goons and they started bashing him up and asking for 50 lakh rupees thinking tht he was karan , he says tht i tried to make them understand tht i m nt karan bt ja bt they didnt listened , veena gets worried and dadima says tht we have to call for rakeshnath bt dadaji says tht kul tried to contact him bt he could nt be traced neither here nor in london , veena says tht we will give 50 lakh ruppees to them as we want our ja safe, manik says tht his plan worked., kk is astonished, manik is sitting and kk comes there and she asks how come he got hurt, how come he agreed to give 50 lakh rupees without even knowing the truth , manik gets irritated and says tht i dont remember anything , they grabbed me near chawl and started beating me, kk is astonished to learn this bt still tries to ask him, he gets irritated and kk says tht she will leave ., manik gets upset bec of kk., here kk is thinking tht why ja is so much changed frm the time he has come back, he was nt like this, i will have to find out the truth.

Scene 3: Manik comes in the drawing room and dadaji says tht someone will accompany him bt he puts an excuse saying tht he will manage on his own, krish offer assistance bt he refuses and he leaves, kk is looking at all this, here manik comes to kamya and gives 50 lakhs and she is happy to see them , manik says tht this is nt enough as he had drawn a big plan to take up wadhwas property and says her to join office , she gets excited.,here kk comes in the chawl to inquire abt goons who bashed ja and some goons are bashing up rakeshnath demanding some rupees, kk is surprised to see this and calls for him., rakeshnath gets shocked to see her there.

Com : Su in the park and dhruv hugs him, su kisses himEmbarrassed and asks how come he is here, who brought u here., he points towards kk.

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx a lot for the update...........
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the lovely update Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
Thank u sooo much resham dear and dont worry i am sure kumkum will not take a leap they dont want to dissapoint their veiwers everyone be positive Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanku si much resham Embarrassed
so less of summit 2day [too] Cry
this manik & all this boring now Ouch Dead ...
hey resham too upset...due 2 that news abt leap in kk....most probably I wont watch the serial if they take any leap Ouch Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the updte!

Esti aunty

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