Update for 8th March

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Posted: 16 years ago

Surekha's proposal make prince think hard. surekha says
 if he feels she is demanding too much, then he can decline..
.prince asks  her is he even worthy of rani..surekha assures
 him he is most worth for her.prince says its his duty to obey
surekha and if he can do anything for rani he'd do so. surekha
 asks him what he wnats personally.he answers that he respects
 rani too much, but for a  marriage to happen both the parties
 should agree to it. surekha must ask rani too.

puneets parents consult a very reknowned astrologer abt the
 prospect of having a grand child, he examine's puneet and shalini's
horoscope and announces that puneet and shalini soon will have
 twin boys. this astrologer, acc to puneet's mom mrs agarwal has
never ever gone wrong in his prediction. puneet wants to tell the
 truth abt the report to his parents, but shalini stops him to, as
they would be very heart broken..

prince asks hari kaka if he did right by saying yes to surekha's
 proposal, he hopes rani doesnt misunderstand his motive and
again hate him for this.hari kaka also is in support of raj-rani
wedding, but he thinks that mr thapar sud also be consulted
( even i think so, if prince respects elders so much, why he
behaving so very dutiless towards his dad, if his dad has
sme faults that doesnt mean two wrongs make a right, as rani
made someone as bad as surekha change, prince if he is so
ideal,  should follow same path, after all they are his life-givers
 who gave birth to him, but prince says no need to consult him abt anything,anyway confused msg from thsi soap).

rani visits shalini, shalini in privacy tells her everything and
 wants rani to keep this a secret both from her in laws and
 her  maikawale.

surekha is tensed abt how to talk to rani abt prince, rani's father
says rani wud unstand that surekha wants her happiness, but
  surekha says a woman doesnt easily forget her first love,
especially deep feelings and give away her heart to anyone else .
 mr  mittal asks her to try and leave rest to fate.

rani is glancing to raj's pic and talking with him, surekha arrives
and says that photo would never talk back,as its a photo only,
rani says the picture both listens and talks but in silence which
only rani can hear. surekha gets worried and asks rani a question -

she akss her if she has got any rights on rani and does
 rani think whatever parents do its for their children's
 welfare and happiness.

 rani doesnt understand what surekha is getting at. surekha
says  she ahs decided something for rani and rani has to
 accept it.  surekha says she again wnats to see rani happy,
 its her heartfelt desire..she holds rani's hand tight and says
- prince se shadi karle beta...and ...and  rani is totally shocked
and angry, tears in her eyes , she pulls out her hand vehemently
 from surekha's , yes you guessed  it, she doent agree to surekha's proposal,

she looked as though  she was deeply hurt by this.

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Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update:)
Posted: 16 years ago
thank ya so much!!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........i know it must be hard for rani.....but i wish she marries Prince
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update,,,
Posted: 16 years ago
u rock thanx!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the great update.

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