MandA personality change..observations

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Posted: 16 years ago

I am not trying to create gossip or anything--but watching all the KKh43 videos, AJK spl, spontaneous jandA moments--has really made me wonder if Mona And AA undergo some kind of personality change when they are with each other. Others have also pointed this out, but this time i wanted to go into detail.

The "happy baby" promo of JJKN has JandA leaping all over the house like a couple of kids. Even on KKH#43, they were behaving like a couple of teenagers out on their first date.

With AA it is drastic and instantly visible. I mean, just watch him with his "better half" (sorry but i really think AA is the MUCH better half of SandA)--he is formal, inhibited, usually gives some sort of cheesy smile to the camera, and has this "i wanna go home right now" look on his face.If i did not watch JJKN and only knew about AA from SandA's public appearances, i would conclude that he is rather a dull and mousy personality--in short, a JKG.

But the moment he is on the JJKN sets, or with MS--watch the KKH43 episode or the AJK--he sudddenly becomes a schoolboy. The shyness that is a part of his basic nature is still there, but he seems to open up more, relax, even tries to be naughty(who can forget MandA's scintillating "kiss" in the doorway of Kudkudiya house!)

I remember during the Popkorn 100th episode int of MandA, they were being rather stiff and careful as if they knew a hundred eyes were eagerly watching them, but the moment MS said, "Ok, let's go and cut the cake" and prodded AA on the shoulder, he was galvanised into action. All of a sudden his facial expresion changed and he became more lively, more enthusiatic.

With Mona, it is a little more subtle. The "public persona" she has developed over the last few months is that of a witty, intelligent, confident, but also diplomatic and politically correct celebrity. But i also sense that at the core she is rather naive and quite vulnerable---rather like the "Jassi" in her. And this Jassi peeks out when she is with Armaan sir aka AA, or even when she is just talking about him and he is not even around.

Like, in the KKH#43 episode,MandA were really having a good time, and Mona was giving all the witty and smart answers; yet she was blushing THROUGHOUT the episode, and even her fidgety hand movements when she looked at AA gave away a lot.

Or in the AJK spl, when she was sitting with gaurav and joking around, she said "When i first started shooting with Armaan...." and immediately she blushed and her face softened.

And when she is talking about AA her guard is down and she lets things slip out---like in "Just Pooja" last year, she got talking about the fun they had on the sets and how she and "Armaan sir" would go off into these "dirty giggles" (those were her exact words--now what did she mean by those?), and then some time later she again brought him into the picture by talking about how she would prepare for JandA scenes by listening to the songs of Kal ho na ho and coming in a romantic mood to the sets. Even Pooja seemed a little intigued and immediately asked , "and did that actually make you fall in love?" and mona got rather confused while answering.

It is like Tina pointed out during the Goa days--when Jassi is with Nandu, Raghav or Purab, she becomes a lady  in  charge, giving orders; but when she is with Armaan she becomes a blushing, shy, very feminine and vulnerable girl-woman. I think what applies to Jassi here also apllies a lot to Mona.

All this blushing, fidgeting, fumbling, melting---these things are so jassi-like. And AA brings them out in Mona. No wonder Mona has an identity crisis--she wants to be the cool, professional Mona Singh but just can't help being Jassi, as long as AA is around!

Posted: 16 years ago
wow blyton,u always come with this speculation and tempt me to reply .well what can i say ,i have alreadys iad it many times that somehow i feel there is more to it than friendship eventhough is happily married .
I also notice how his personality changes when he is with MS
not only the instances mentioned by you but also the sbs interview where he put his head on her shoulders many times(i heard abt it) and then also when jassi came in deal or no deal in her old garb,u must see her reaction and blush when maddy asked her abt arman everytime .
those are additionla thins i ntoiced
not to foget the innumerable articles ,read one where she was on radio and when asked whom she would want to act if ddlj was to me made with her as lead ,the article mentioned "she blushed saying arman and then another one where asked who is the best dressed guy ,she blushed and said "apurva"
anyway for me its always going to be a mystery and i like it that way
Posted: 16 years ago
You know what tina, i always wait for your reply to my MandA posts...our thinking is o alike that i feel that if i miss out something, you will fill in the gaps. Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
well well we go all over again........back to square one...well, lets admit..we got carried away after watching today's was so very well enacted that we felt that it as real...that just goes to show what great actors they both are and they share a comfort they hug but it seems so natural....not that's their acting prowesss and kudos to them Clap
well, this time around, i have a different POV....he married SS and will be loyal to her lifelong....well, while I was having lunch yesterday, i happened to watch the re-runs of rihaee..there is this one story where SS plays anu whose hubby tusshar cheats on her and marries SS' acting was so real for a change....she was scary,......the depression led her to commit suicide ; but of course she was saved; but yet...
SS was scary........If AA had watched that, he would have sweared to himself that in this lifetime, i would never look at another woman amorously....

lolz, that was on a lighter on a more serious note.....see, AA himself says that a man keeps falling in love from 14 to he definitely would feel somethign for mona(esp as mona looked really nice today...she didnt look like a bhoodi) as mona said, they do get atgracted, but they are mature enough to supress their feeling as tomorrow, after jjkn, they'll go their own ways.....and its better to be friends rather than have a short fling which would worsen things.....that's my comment...he does not "LOVE" her as II says, but a certain attraction would definitely be there....and that's natural.....liek when we see them at awards/parties avloiding each other, and when we see them so close andf affectionate and passionate on JJKN, it does intrigue us and our imagination gets the better of us WinkLOL after watchign today's episode, the way they hug and giggle, its crystal clear that they do share somethign more than a colleague cordiality but its not love.....
Posted: 16 years ago
hmm...some interesting observations blyton!
they could be true...and there could be something between MandA...but if there is then why did apu marry SS?

i understand what you're saying but it could be that we want them to be together so much that we take their fantastic acting to be something atrraction...or even love! you can all go ahead and prove me wrong! Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
nibbles..... you want to know why he marries SS???????.....
well, he saw her in 2003....he wanted a non ambitious girl...and SS fitted the bill perfectly....initailly he was attracted to that's the same attraction we are now talkign about but now its mandA attraction but not SandA attraction.....yeah, so he saw SS, fell for her, and pursued and finally won SS Confused that time, mona was in the jassi garb and her true face was nto revealed....but after the makeover, he has forever been blushing.....till then, the focus was NOT on the janda romance...the focus was on GM and jassi-purab naturaly they did not have any intimate scenes and thus there were no "mutual feelings"
Posted: 16 years ago
i agree with buffie that the attraction might be there if not anyhting more but still one cant stop wondering as no one knows whats in a persons heart but all these offscreen and onscreen videos does make one wonder and specualte coz they present such contrasting pics
i mean in ajk and kh#43 which highlighted their offscreen relationship/friendship is way diff than when they attend the same parties .I mean not even a single pic is surprising not event he awards nite
on screen is what triggered the speculation coz i still belive that some scenes were more real than acting and i stand by it
the blushing is so obvious and we can make out clearly when they are blushing and when they are not
anyway as i said its a mystery tome and i love it that way Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
I did not see any sbs interview where apu puts his head on mona's shoulder!!! Cry Can somebody upload it please? Cry

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