LOVE b/t suraj,manasvi, arjun ~ bhoomi...

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Posted: 16 years ago

hy to my saarrthians... well these days LOVE is in air in the serial Saarrthi ~ + in the forum too coz' of me ~ shazy for karu ~ yuvrajLOL WinkEmbarrassed...ok, lets' start now, today's episode clears one thing very well that Suraj still LOVE Manasvi...some where in Suraj's heart there is fellings of marriage too...~ it's a golden cjance for Bhoomi to breing them in front of the Family coz' now Arjun si also quit agree with Suraj... ~ if u all remeber once when Baisaa ask Siddharth ' Shahkuntala for the remarriage of Manasvi so Bhoomi listen this all ~ tell to Arjun ~ he reply if some thing like this happened in future so i myself is going to do the Gadbandhan of i think it's right time that Bhoomi should open his mouth but to whom she should tell this all first i am quit confused here .

well on the other hand in the new promo as they show Arjun catch Bhoomi so lovely from her neck so it's also a part of LOVE ... ~ i think the first son of Arjun is not so far...what u says saarrthians...?

~ + most important Lord Krishna has also shown green flag for this reason Wink.

well do write ur views ~ points ok.


Posted: 16 years ago
Well, yeah, Suraj still loves Manasvi. Actually, he has always loved her. I just can't help but fall in love with the way he looks at Manasvi and the way he cares for her. It's really sweet of him!! Embarrassed And I just loved the way he felt a tinge of jealousy when Bhoomi told him about Baisa's decision to get Manasvi re-married. Eventhough, it had pained him, he still spoke to Manasvi and thought of her happiness. After Satya, he is the only one she could live happily with. And I think that Baisa would consider getting them married, esp. after today's episode. Manasvi may at first disagree considering that she still loves Satya but she may later agree due to some circumstances..But would eventually fall in love with him..Embarrassed Edited by mtina58 - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
u guys are rite.
Posted: 16 years ago

I agree......but u know what? arjun - bhavri and suraj- manasvi track...although are different in circumstances, run parallel 2each other and in fact are quite the same. confused... ...Ermm don't be! LOL

This is just my theory...but I believe it makes sense!! well, bhavri has always loved arjun, yet he did not feel the same (at first) and suraj has always loved manasvi, and like arjun, she did not feel the same.
but both couples were destined 2b together....that's why shefali had 2get married 2yuv and then arjun found bhavri just in time b4 she got married 2the older guy, and of course satya went up 2the almighty! LOL leaving manasvi on her own.....

and once in a post I said that suraj and bhavri have been through very much the same in life...have struggled 4acceptance and have longed 4the love of their lives. perhaps that's why they understand each other so well....

haila....i've gone on too much...sorry friends and if I'm talking 'bakwaas', feel free 2say! Big smile

Edited by shazy - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
I agree wid mtina....and u all....i really liked the way he cares 4 her....thats what makes me fall in lvu wid him...and dozens more things... Tongue Wink Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
absolutely agree wid u Wink Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
i too agree with u ......
i hope...k manasvi suraj se shaadi k liye jaldi haan kar de.......i really wanna c there marriage sooon......

haila ....shirley......i am from the same boat... Wink .......i have also started loving him more.... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed & more & more... Embarrassed    LOL Wink

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