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Posted: 16 years ago

he ppl im only at the part of kavyanjali when pammi enters the story and kavya is kind of suspicious that anjalis baby is yugs. can someone tell me how anjali and kavya get seperated and how does pammi end up marrying kavya and getting anjalis baby? 

one more thing plz. in real life, is anjali's name anita or natasha.

someone please help me out here

Posted: 16 years ago
in real life anjali's name in anita Wink Edited by henna16 - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago


ho ho ho !!!!!!!!
man ur stuck in time... nways to help u out i have my time machine. well ka got seprated due to nitya nanda n kavya's insecurities. but kavya gets to know the truth n later feels guilty for what he has done n tries to befriend anjali again... n get her back but anjali doesnt feel like that n she is with yug. they r to get married. meanwhile pammi n kavya get married Angry.

then they show yug wiith insecurities n anjali loses her baby... but in reality te baby was stolen from the hosp. by nitya nanda n given to someone in shimla to take care.... the cryin phase is there...

also pammi potrays a false pregnancy n nitya tells her to have a  fight with kavya n stay in shimla n come back when the baby is due. but the baby she comes with should be anjali's n kavya's.

ok i gtg now.  sorry can someone continue please

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Posted: 16 years ago
at kaya and anjali 1st wedding anni kavya sed to anjali tht u have an affair with yug and that the baby is his aswel
Posted: 16 years ago

than anjali left him.. nitya told kavya that i wnt ur happiness

and she told him to get married to pammi so he did
on the day of yug's and anjali's engagement

 kavya found out that the bby was his beacause

 vayu showed him a DNA report


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Posted: 16 years ago
in the hospital wen anjali was giving birth and that
nitya had kidnapped her baby
and everyone was tld that her baby is dead
then nitya gives that baby to pammi
so that her relationship gets closer to kavya
Posted: 16 years ago
but then Ved (the child) had dis type of illness
which only his real mother can save him
so pammi had to tel anjali
then pammi and anjali became friends
and they were planning to expose nitya together
nitys found out that they r friends
Posted: 16 years ago
Clap awsum henna!

aww ....her real name is anita....

i suggest u watch 2 or 3 epi's from each week....if u watch all it will take foreva to catch up Ouch Confused

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