7th March India Update

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Posted: 16 years ago
7th March India Update

Shubra jumps into the water. Neel walking on the riverbank sees her. He jumps into the river and saves Shubra. He takes her to the hospital.

Narpat house
Saloni is upset and asks Manno bhabhi that you had taken Shubra's responsibility and did not keep up with it. Manno bhabhi pleads that she tried her best but after knowing the truth no one wanted to marry her. Saloni wonders where has Shubra gone. Ambika tells that Narpat and Samar have gone out in search of her. Saloni says that in this big city where will they look for her. Saloni decides that she will inform the police. Ambika protests but Saloni says she is determined and leaves.

Neel calls up Saloni on her mobile and informs her abt Shubra.

Saloni reaches the hospital and Neel tells her that Shubra had attempted suicide. He is shocked why she did this. Just then doctor tells Neel that what kind of husband is he that he did not take care of his wife still both mother and infant are fine. Neel is shocked but Saloni is embarrassed and she confesses to Neel that she knew abt it. Saloni calls home & informs Samar abt Shubra & tells them to come there.

Saloni then goes to meet Shubra. She yells at Shubra that how dare she attempt suicide, how can Papa and Mummy ever live in peace after she dies? How much pain she has caused them? Neel tells Saloni to mellow down since no one knows abt suicide and if other people come to know it might become a police case. Saloni asks her what had happened that she did this. Shubra cries and tells her that what else cld she do when all fly members were hell bent on marrying her off to Karan. Shubra says she despises Karan and wld prefer to die than marry Karan.

Saloni along with Neel come out of the room. Narpat, Ambika, Manno bhabhi, Samar, Kaveri reach there. Narpat asks how's Shubra. Saloni retorts why are you bothered abt her? Ambika says she is my child and how' she? Saloni is annoyed and asks them whose idea was it to marry Shubra to that murderer Karan, Papa yours and then looks at Ambika who nods. Ambika says that there was no option and the baby needs father's name. Saloni ques why did you do this, Karan is a murderer and Shubra hates him, which is why she attempted suicide. All are shocked.

Ambika justifies that what will society say abt an unwed mother? Illegitimate child. Saloni gets vexed and replies why is it abt society? Everytime its becoz of society that you want to do the wrong thing, marry to a murderer? Let Shubra die but will not inform police. Manno bhabhi begs forgiveness on her parent's behalf. Saloni puts two conditions, 1) Shubra will not marry Karan and no one shall talk of Shubra's marriage 2) No one will speak or mention abt Karan. Narpat agrees. All go inside to visit Shubra.

Narpat and Ambika console Shubra and tell her that they love inspite of what happened.
Kaveri is upset with these developments and says top God that after 1000 enemies died then Slaoni was born and has spoiled her plan of Karan-Shubra marriage. Now how will she save herself from involvement in murder case.
Narpat goes out to thank Neel and tells him he is indebted to him forever. Ambika adds that they treated him badly but he was a well-wisher and today she has only blessings and best wishes for him. Narpat tells Neel to leave now since they will take care of Shubra. Neel says that since God had sent him to save Shubra HE has a deeper purpose behd it hence he will stay till Shubra recovers.

Nahar house
Bhabho informs Tara and Aditi that Rewa was complaining that we have forgotten her hence she has invited her for dinner and the two must take care of her. Aditi says she will and leaves to check in kitchen. Bhabho tells Tara that we must look for a match for Rewa who does not like anyone. Dheer comes and says that they shd not worry abt Rewa who lives in big city and the trend in these cities is to live together and enjoy & when u becum disinterested leave and move on. Bhabho gets very upset and warns him that you are the son-in-law of the house but learn to behave and draw limits to his utterances.

Saloni says she will stay and will inform Nahar abt it. She calls Nahar and tells him that her friend is serious and can she stay? Nahar agrees but insists that he shall visit her. Saloni is scared and tells Ambika that Nahar is coming. Ambika tells her to stop him and lie to him. Saloni says she cannot lie to Nahar. Manno bhabhi says don't lie but hide the truth. Saloni says whatsoever it may be she will tell the truth to Nahar.
Nahar is driving when he remembers he does not know which hospital he calls up Saloni.

Saloni's mobile is ringing and she tells her parents that its Nahar and she will tell him the truth. But they are all looking at her with pleading eyes.

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the wonderful update.

No news about the mysterious Key? Confused Edited by heartsmart - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks....I knew it! I knew Neel would be the one to save shubra. Go figure.
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the Update. It was obivious that Neel wud save her.
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks a lot reality!!

I just love it the way Kaveri's plans gets foiled without anyone even knowing that she is setting them up. More failure and confusion to her.
Posted: 16 years ago
You know, an interesting thought. Even Though Rewa loves Neel, the age difference is there and it would be good if he got married to Shubra. He would make her a good husband being so sensitive and all. Let's watch and see if the writers are going to put them together. (It would have to be Neel's suggestion though).
Posted: 16 years ago
Why is Neel made Bakra ? Why is Saloni asking him to marry Shubra ? Is she so selfish and possesive about her illtempered sister to take advantage of his good nature ? Is that real friendship ? When she could not marry him though she likes him , how come he is suitable for shubra? Because she is unmarried and pregnant, is Neel's low status level now okay for Saloni's parents? what are they showing ?
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx u .. nice update

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