Flat out:Simple,Priya say bye-bye Snigdha

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Posted: 16 years ago
Flat out: Simple, Priya say bye-bye Snigdha
   By: Vickey Lalwani
   March 7, 2006

Snigdha Akolkar
Snigdha Akolkar (Shyamlee of Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyaan) had moved in with two other telly actors, Priya Arya and Simple Kaul at their flat in Oshiwara last November, but Arya and Kaul did not tolerate her for long. They gave her a month's notice and asked her to vacate the flat.

Says a source, "Simple and Priya were fed up of Snigdha. They had absolutely no choice. Raj Logani (with whom Snigdha is said to share a special relationship these days) went with Snigdha to clear up all her belongings from the premises."

Priya Arya
I love them

When contacted, Snigdha (who has acted in a couple of Marathi serials, including Avantika and Nupur, and played a cameo in Anaahat), sounded irritated. "I have enough problems in my life and don't want this to be written about," she said first, then, "I've left Priya and Simple's house on good terms."

Where is she staying now? "I am staying at my aunt's place, which also is in Oshiwara. Often, I never went home and stayed with my aunt, so she said I was wasting my rent. She suggested I shift in with her. That's the only reason why I am not staying with Simple and Priya any more."

Simple Kaul
Too much stress

Priya had a different version. "We could not adjust with Snigdha," she said. "She had too many late nights. Often, she did not come home. Then, we started hearing stories about her. She even had relationships with two of our close friends. And she started backbiting and bitching about us. That led to lots of stress and tension. We could not bear it and asked her to leave.

"Snigdha was also a problem when it came to money. Once, our maid asked her for a few rupees to buy something essential for the house, as we were away, but she flatly refused. She said she had paid her monthly rent and wouldn't shell out a paisa more."

Posted: 16 years ago
hmmm this is interesting
Posted: 16 years ago
LOL how funny. it is gonna take me a few episodes to get over Snigdha as Shyamalee after reading this. Overall, the article is trivial, but at least you get to hear about Snigdha for once. I don't hear about her too often.
Posted: 16 years ago
it looks like people are all ofa sudden got a lot of nonsense gossip on snigdha
Posted: 16 years ago
What nonsence simple says Angry Angry I cant belive this Cry Cry Dead Shamli cant do this I think she might jelous of her LOLEdited by srushti - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by srushti

What nonsence simple says Angry Angry I cant belive this Cry Cry Dead Shamli cant do this I think she might jelous of her LOL


i agree...they must be jealous of her coz' she's the main lead in the serial and they're not....Dead

Posted: 16 years ago
well u nevr know..some people r diff in reel & real life Confused
may b simple is rite..may b shes wrong...who knows inside story????
bt her friendship with raj logani..well thats true...read artciles bt it also..... Approve
neways who knows wats happening?????? Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
can you guys tell me who pirya arya is i think simple kaur is reema from ymlh!!

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