Kuch purani yaadien- some old gems..join!

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Posted: 16 years ago

I remember one of the first time that I saw Ronit in Kyunki was when this Mandira thing was drawing to its end and Tulsi went to an attorney and had her divorce papers made.

Tulsi sent them to Mihir and also told him that she will live in Shantiniketan only if he signed those papers. Mihir thought for a while and then he was really angry. That time he used to stay in the guest house...he took those papers in a hurry and stormed to Shanti-Niketan...

He entered shouting for Tulsi at the top of his lungs. He was mad at her. The entire family was taken aback and everyone gathered in the main hall. Tulsi came out reluctantly.Mihir yelled at her and asked her what she thought of herself. Mihir told her that he's very well aware that he has made a horrendous mistake and he's paying the highest price he could ever- by staying away from her and the entire family who he loves more than his own life. Tulsi moved his face away from her but Mihir was in no mood to stop..

Mihir then told her that he has no relation whatsoever with Mandira and he has confessed to everybody in the world about his mistake and this is his penance for the crime he commited. Mihir then told her that he's NOT going to sign the divorce papers.Tulsi was shocked. Mihir told her that all this time people and her kept on insulting him saying that he was Tulsi's ram and it was shameful of him to do such an act. Mihir broke down and said those immortal words-

"Main koi Ram nahin..main to bass Mihir hoon..Meri Tulsi ka Mihir.."
Those words hit me SO hard- I kept thinking about it all day long! Ronit ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 16 years ago
Oh wow.... Embarrassed

That was brill! Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
Hmmm got one old Mihu scene... it was like this:

It was Tulsi's bday n Mihir did NOT wish him.. Only Sahil..n Harsh wished her.. Tulsi was sad. Actually, Tulsi was supporting sahil-ganga's marriage n savita n all were objecting. Mihir like always.. suffered as he had to choose one. In a way all this created certain rift between them. Tulsi was upset n she went to the mandir...but when she came back in the evening...she was shell shocked..to see Mihir standing with a cake...n the rest of the family backing him. On the cake.. " Dearest Wife..wishing u a very happy bday...Mihir" was written with cream! She cut the cake and made Mihir have a bite!!! It was ALLL so cute!

im gona fill ths topic with scnes...just wait a bit!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
Yaar I want to start with some really old gems as well but the problem is that I simply havent seen those scenes..nothing happens- you remember the older ones while I post mine-

There was this scene between Harsh,Tulsi and Mihir just before the Raj Bhasin fiasco and everybody was excited for Harsh's birthday. Tulsi and Mihir went to Harsh's room and asked him how he planned to celebrate this time around...

Harsh- Can I call over all my friends?
Tulsi- Ofcourse! that's nothing to ask!
Harsh- And one DJ?
Mihir- Ofcourse ofcourse! Have you seen a party without a DJ? But there's one condition...

Harsh- And what is that?
Mihir- Me and your mum are coming to that party as well!
Harsh- Arre ofcourse papa! You both are most welcome!!

Tulsi- (to mihir) What party? You are not going anywhere you got it? Arre they are young kids- let them enjoy...why do you want to butt in?
Mihir- They are young! And what do you think I am? Am I not young!! It's just that we got married so early otherwise I'd be having such a grand party with a rocking DJ!

Tulsi- Mihir! You are a grandfather now! You have grown-up kids! Have some shame!
Mihir-(To Harsh) Son! What do you think?
Harsh- You should surely come Papa!!

Tulsi looks threateningly at Harsh and he changes his opinion and tells Mihir that he will not be able to enjoy the party..Mihir tells him that he's his sole financer and no party's happening if he's not allowed. Mihir shakes off the joke and then tells Harsh that he's never gone against what Tulsi's told him to do. They wish him luck and leave..

When Tulsi and Mihir are alone, Mihir tells Tulsi that he'll not go to Harsh's party if they have a party of their own..he whispers something mushy and romantic in her ears and Tulsi blushes. JD catches them red-handed and tells them he's proud that even today they share so much of love:))))
Posted: 16 years ago
aww yaar that last line rocked meri tulsi ka mihir
Posted: 16 years ago
Yup! Amazing words those:)
Posted: 16 years ago
haila i havnt seen any of those scenes Ouch Cry they sound great tho sukhi! thnks for sharin hun.. Smile

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