Amey will get most vote next gala !!!!!!!

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Posted: 16 years ago

I have seen Amey established so much fan around the India as well as around the world.  I have seen so much campaign for Amey, also have seen so much sadness from the people in this forum when Amey was in bottom 3.  We all know Amey is a good singer and he has a very good potential to being an Indial Idol. 

There are number of reasons why Amey will be getting most votes in comming galas:

1.  Since Meenal got voted out in last gala, he will start getting votes from the people who used to vote for Meenal (not all but majority, because he is from Mumbai)

2.  He is praised by Judges in every galas.  Eventhough, we have seen judges comments not always heard by the Janata, it always help the contestenst in the long run.

3.  People are watching his versatile voice in gala after galas and that is helping him to capture more votes when one contestent get voted out.  We have seen that result in previous gala (Amey was in top 3 in last gala).  On the other hand, as contestests get narrow down, he will start getting more votes from Janata

Based on the fact I have given, it really make scence to me.  Forum member please reply for more reason or any criticism.

Posted: 16 years ago
But he wont be the next IDOL - though I agree he is the best - just check it ou
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by prabal_cog

But he wont be the next IDOL - though I agree he is the best - just check it ou

dont say that.....HE SHOULD BE THE NEXT INDIAN IDOL 2 because compared to other contestants, Amey has much better qualifications which are in fact required to the title of i hope he gets the maximum of votes as he can.....

Posted: 16 years ago
he's a SRGM mega finalist how do u expect him to win on a rival show....moreover the fact tht he's frm mumbai isnt a big deal czo the whole of kolkata is behind antara, himachal is behind anuj etc...mumbai si a very metropolitian city---they dont necessarily vote for mumbaikers....
Posted: 16 years ago
yeah amey will b II2 bt acc 2 the thing tht karu goes 2 bttm 3 1ce n then amey monday is amets turn Cry Cry
bt i hope tht doesnt happen!!
Posted: 16 years ago
Amey got original voice like abhijeet sawant.. unlike saneedp who is a udit clone or rahul vidya who sang like sonu...

Karunya is also a wonderful singer who deserve to be this year IL but in his case regional SMSs comes.. since he is from south india so he won't get vote from North indian viwers..

Antra is also a good singer but don't hv potential like Nihira or Himani.. she won't get votes cause she is GIRL

and other contestnts don't hv that much DUM....

so looks like it is AMEY all the way...

ALL THE BEST - amey Smile Smile Smile
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by xMrs. Datex

amey will be d next indian idol or i will kill sony ppl!
n yes all the amey fans keep votin for him! even more now he needs ur support! Smile ...x

ur right......AMEY HAS EVERYTHING THAT WE WANT TO SEE IN AN INDIAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!He has a good voice to sing songs, and even a very nice he should definitely be II2!!!


Posted: 16 years ago
Amey and Karu -- TOP-2
Antara Anuj Sandeep-- BOTTOM-3

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