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Posted: 16 years ago


Mrs Briganza takes them to Pinky's room and when they opne the door they see everything thrown around. Abhi and Tejali search teh room and Abhi finds a writing pad with impression of a number. Abhi calls the number and a guy picks it up and in the back ground you can hear Sia screaming for help. Ajatshatru tells Abhi that the number was traced to a godown and asks Abhi to go there as Pratap is waiting for him.

Pratap and Abhi enter the godown . Pratap sees a guy trying to make a call. He goes and points his gun and tells the person not ot move .

 Someone comes behind Pratap and points a gun at him and tells him not ot move.
Ajathsatru tells Teali that Pratap and Abhi have not called and its been been a while. As they are on a mission he cannot call. in the meantime he decides to go and question Sachin about Jagtap. Abhi arrives and takes the gun away from the other two guys and Pratap and him ask them who they are and they say they are from the Intelligence Bureau.

Sachin tells Ajashatru that Jagtap is after Sia as she had given gurantee for a 1 crore loan. He says all he knows is Sia did not lose the money but it was someone else but as she should guarantee Jagtap is after herAjatshatru asks him if she did not gamble then what is this photo.Sachin says he has never seen Sia in the restaurant so he does not know anything about that photo. He says someone told him to go and change the sunblock lotion on lane 3 and he did just that.

  Tejali comes there and says she found some intersting files in Sia's laptop. She shows the picture that Sia gambling and she shows another picture where Reena who was in the same clothes as Sia and same background gambling.

  Ajathsatru understands that there is some trick photgraphy done in this. Tejali says Reena is not as innocent as she looks and she has a hand in this. Tejali also says she found some files that had a letter addressed to a Prakash. Sachin says Prakash and Aatshatru asks him if he knows Prakash. Sachin says he knows one Prakash. He used to be one of the big gamblers at Blue Moon. He says he was a good gambler but he kept losing all of a sudden and he then had a debt of 1 crore.Apparently as he was not able to repay its suspected Jagtap killed him.
Pratap asks the IB officers as to what they are doing in the godown. They tell him that they got information that Sia was there so they camebut she is not there. Pratap tells Ajatshatru this who tells him to come back to the bureau with the IB officers.

  Ajatshatru asks them if they know Prakash but they did not. Ajatshatru says that Praskash was Sia's boy friend but he is not alive. He tells Abhi to show the officers the new information they had on Sia.

Aatshatru tells Pratap that he and Tejali are going over to Praskash's place and asks him to stay there in case the IB officers needed anything
In Praskash's house they find a coffee half drunk and a vada pav half eaten. They search and see that there are lots of papers in the house on gamble moves and Ajatshatru says that PRaskash knew the game well and did his homeowrk.

  Tejali searches through the trash and finds a paper

she shows Ajatshatru who then calls Pratap and tells him to follow the instructions he is giving.Abhi and PRatap are following the IB officers and Abhi asks why they are following them and Pratap says he is just follwoing orders.

  The car stops in the same godown and Pratap tells Ajatshatru that who tells him to continue to keep and eye and he is coming there with TEjali.
  • The 4 of them go into the godown and surround the people inside. There are the two IB officers , a guy that Ajathsatru says is Prakash and Sia. He tells him team that the two IB officers are that had come to buy the designs. He says that since the time they went to Tejali's house he was suspicious of them and that was confirmed when they were found in the godown the first time. He says that the id's they are using is fake .

    Tejali says the day they went to Prakash's house they learnt a lot . There was  a file that had a lot of details . She says that Praskash wanted to become rich quickly and gambling was not enough so he started trapping innocent woman and the file had the names of those women.

    Among those Sia was one of them. Praskash got to know that Sia on her trips to Mumbai and learnt that she was designing aircrafts for the army. so then he made plans of losing a lot of money in gambling and got sia to sign the papers so the people would be after her and due to the pressure she would sell the designs.As he got the designs he decided to kill sia but later realized that the designs were coded and they needed Sia to get that and hence they wanted Sia. The two fake IB officers knew that CID SB was also searching for Sia so they decided to ask Tejali and get the details but that time Teali knew nothing. Then later at Prakash's house Tejali found a paper . When they were in boarding Sia nad Tejali used to send such messages and this made Tejali know that Sia was in trouble.

      Ajatshatru tells Praskash that he did his planning really well a head of time but this time he forgot one piece which was Sia had a childhood friend Tejali who was a CID SB officer.

  • Posted: 16 years ago
    thanks Priya.... this case was good Smile

    i wud rate it 7/10
    Posted: 16 years ago
    i think it was a good case. As i was not able to guess the killer i would give it 9/10 as the twist of prakash was good
    Posted: 16 years ago
    Thanks Priya for the fab update. I am really sad! I didn't have time to see this series! Cry
    Posted: 16 years ago
    wasnt the update with pics not as good as a vid Natasha? Embarrassed Wink
    Posted: 16 years ago
    It's not that Shaks. I just didn't/don't have time to read this week's updates.

    Sorry Priya! I will hopefully get to read this week's updates soon!

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