TUMHARI DISHA.......this week!

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Posted: 16 years ago

This week was good for the UK viewers.The first episode of the week was the last one of the National museum incident....overall this was better done than the new years party......The highlight of the week was the Valentine's day episode...very sweet,worth watching.2 D's looked very nice exchanging gifts ,being happy together and enjoying a little play with the heart shaped balloons.Satya totally spoilt the fun by a intruding.DK gets angy and upset and has given an excellent performance as usual.Even last night's episode was good....where DK comes to know about Vas being Disha's mum.2D interaction was great....very good performance by both of them.D's sarees are better though not gorgeous ,she looks very pretty.Saw Shaila for the first time ....liked her ....she is nice......just the right kind of girl for Satyanas.He has been irritating as ever....wish Guhas give him a bit of self respect in the show.Gargi has done well this week.Disha's chat with bappa is extremely irritating and playing on my nerves now.Overall despite some bakwas the week was good.Hope Guhas improve the show and the TRP's go up again.

Posted: 16 years ago
Yes, it had good acting from Ashish & Chavi - very intense.
I did find the valentine setup a bit artifical - looked like a stage! It would have been better portrayed in a natural setting.
I also found Disha going on about the confession a bit irritating - she had ample time when she could have confessed to DK - and also the fact that everytime Satyanas says 'I want to talk to you' she is all ready to listen. She even answers a call from Satyanas when DK is waiting for her to confess! No wonder DK is annoyed with her.
I think Shaila is going to be as irritating as Satyanas... Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
We got to watch the episodes where D finds Vas is her mother....We got to watch only two episodes...and for that 2 episodes Screenplay writer is Farhan....so lot of changing in the crew is occuring and this will be another reason of TD being going down hill....In One of the episode there was convo between Disha n Satyanas for 1 min 15 sec....In that time Satya n Disha uttered the very single dialogue of Vas has a daughter...vas has a daughter for about 10 times...Really the episode was sooo irritating....and in the very same episode uss Ali ne DK ka phone kaat di when D wants to talk about Vas...... Angry Angry

Yesterday episode was a little bit sweet but uss vinaasha kaari ne sab kuch sarvanaash kardiya...Yeh Dumbo waali Disha phir se saabith ki woh Dumbo hi rahegi... Angry 2D's having drinks and in the morning Disha was keen to say to DK about Vas...(in this scene i must say i found DK to be in vishnu murthis avatar n Disha to be Lakshmi devi...The scene was like that D sitting near DK's legs n looking with tense n love filled eyes to spill the beans....DK sitting with legs straightened on the couch LOL)From nowhere Satyanas appears before them aur 2D's ki ekaanth ko bhang kartha hai(He comes in such a style that he feels DK's house is his own house... Angry )Felt like kicking Rupali by seeing that scene... Angry Then Ali joins Satyanas to spoil their lovely moment... Angry DK acted sooo nicely n attacked Satya with style.... Tongue Then Disha tells to Satyanas on insistence what job DK does...Must say Rupali is making this principles girl a big liar,betrayed woman who is not loyal to her husband where as in such moments DK is far better than Disha where he hates discussing about his personal matters with strangers...Disha is a fool breaking DK's promise... Angry n she fully deserves his anger...DK's anger is justified after watching Yesterdays episode...Highlight of the epiosde is Gargis action...OMG what can i say about this lady..i just kept watching closely Y'day n she was acting with ease...loved watching her...she was sooo funny when she is speaking with Ali...and the way she calls Ali in style...i loved it.... Clap Clap Clap Overall i must say onething Rupali ko Dog bite hogaya hai...she is suffering from Rabies....

I m sorry to say this...the way Satyanas delivers dialogue is soo worst n yes it looks like a child is delivering the dialogue...Rupu better change the dubbing artist to this Grasim fellow...it is irritating listening to his dialogues....

JVK Edited by harsy - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
that is so true harsy Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Shaila seems dumb to me... LOL
But she's cleverly dumb...and realistic..unlike Satya!

You UK ppl will know wht i mean in later parts of TD with Shaila
Posted: 16 years ago
just a question..i dont really watch the episodes anymore..

but is Shaila actually in the programme ..like in the UK
Posted: 16 years ago
Shaila appeared in U.K. on thursday episode...

Shaila should then keep Satya grounded with her realistic approach. Tongue ...she should keep him away from 2Ds...uski bhi Jaiho
Posted: 16 years ago
Yesterday we got to see DK being shot on Vas orders...I want to say onething...In this scene DK used class suit but his shoes were so ugly...AN should have taken care of that.... Cry The scene when D calls him from office whether he is at home or not the way DK replied to her was with husbandly behaviour....Loved that scene...Here also D proved to be breaking DK's promise where he said not to go outside in phone n D decided to go out without informing him...In that scene he even asked D do u want to go outside...?She saying NO....Rupali is making her a liar... Cry Cry Anyway why should i curse my lady...ussne iss baar thoda shaanthi di 2D's ko ek karke.... TongueJai ho Rupali ki aur Vasudha ki.... Tongue LOL

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