2/27 Analysis - Cherry Plum, Symbolism

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Posted: 2006-02-27T12:33:54Z

Hey all you dandy daisies, how are you all today? Yes, the boring lecturer, comes yet again, with a new analysis, after a long time… I hope it'll catch at least some of your interest and can manage to skim this long one of mine… Aha, so today's episode, cherry plum, ginger ale, and Pepsi cola, what more can I say?


The first sequence of the day begins with, Anitah, tensed, scared, and nervous, of Manek's latest repulsive motive. It is strange, how this very Anitah, was the carefree, nave, clumsy girl, has now been morphed into this fearful, scared, and shattered person…It simply portrays, that in life nothing is predictable, and that any day, any moment, life can change in a split second, and leave you reeling in a different reality of the world…Like, how she never knew the guy she loved, with whom she had set castle s on the clouds, the guy who was a dream in paradise for her, with whom she was overtly excited, joyous to wed, has now become her life's biggest question, joke, and heart ripper.. Okay, then Manek is busy rummaging, looking for something, with a deadly look in his glinting eyes, and an intention to get revenge from Kripa, and with that he stomps out of the room…


Then, we see Kripa rummaging through her drawer, sorting through what seemed to be wedding pictures, or something, and with some in hand, she leaves, with Manek on her heel, following like a slithery serpent…The next scene shifts to the hospital in which Prithvi is admitted, and Kripa sits by him, looking neither happy, nor sad, a neutral expression lingering on her face. I guess this symbolizes, that she doesn't think Prithvi deserves to be happy and well, yet doesn't deserve to be unhappy and ill… There he goes again, Manek the slithering serpent on Kripa watch, he also lands up at the same hospital, wondering where he can grab a fat chance to trap Kripa into misery…And just then, his pot luck arrives, Mrs. Damini Bose, with a handful of pictures, Manek eyes it, and then tries to find out what she was doing there…Damini seemed to be upset with Manek, and why not, the guy who seemed to be her son's best friend, left him at the drop of a hat, when he was suffering, yet she managed a silvery smile, and with tears welling in her eyes, she remembered her deal with Kripa, and told Manek that Prithvi was sleeping, and not to disturb him just then…I thought this was a lame excuse, cause even if some patient was asleep, visitors can still check up on them, from the window or doorway, and that doesn't disturb them, and on top of it all, she herself disappears back where she came from, leaving Manek's way clear on hitting upon the truth…why did she come that way, when she had to go? Is that another blooper? I mean, why would someone come this way, not expecting to meet someone, and then go back the same way, what was the purpose of going there then? Well, then the sour part of the day, Slithering serpent, slides Prithvi's ward open, and glimpses Kripa sitting beside him…Okay, when Kripa talked to the nurse about giving a message to Damini Bose, about her coming after six, I got to hear her new dubber's voice, I hadn't seen the last two episodes, so this was my first time, and I was disappointed, this voice was too light, and static, and it did not go well with Kripa's current character, it might have in the beginning of the serial when Kripa was the innocent, nave, cheery girl, but now Kripa is mature, married woman, and am not saying married women should have mature voices, cause no one can change their voices, but such a drastic change, affects her expressions as well, as Kripa's expressions, a times when she's emotional, the voice doesn't seem to carry out the same emotions…Now, am sure Manek has some new plan stirring in his head, as he catches on Kripa's conversation with the nurse, but what? I know it must be something drastic, to create rifts between Angad and Kripa, but what? And the biggest feat he has, is his lawyer knowledge, which he find as his biggest game plan right now, but what can he do with that? Kripa and Prithvi already got divorced, and no law says you cannot meet your ex husband in a hospital, does it?


Next sequence as Angad, sitting on the bed, looking comical and cute at the same time…playing his guitar, and a dreamy look on his face, aww…it's good to see him like this, he's adorable like that…Aliyah, after many days, I see her actually smiling, and happy, and atleast her character did not morph so much, that her brother-sister cum, friend relationship with Angad has not been cut out…When she gave Angad his own baby socks, I remembered something, I thought it reflected, how sometimes, we want our childhood to come back, as it seems more funnier, tension free, and happier to be a kid than to be an adult, and so when we reminisce on our childhood, we almost always smile… A lovely scene, I just hope this happiness doesn't vanish as fast as it came, cause it would break him totally, as the loss of his and Kripa's first child hurt them so much, and if that happens again, it would tear their dreams…


Next sequence with Kripa on a bridge, overlooking river…Kripa in a thoughtful mode, looks out, thinking something…with thoughts of the consequences of hiding the truth from Angad, yet I think the way is right out in front of her, but she's overlooking it, she should go ahead and tell Angad, cause he will be more heart broken if, someone else reveals the truth to him about the child, and her meeting Prithvi, and this way, before a misunderstanding can arise, they can get closer in understanding, and their relationship can be stronger, and no one can threaten her as well…And also the constant nagging thought of cheating Angad will haunt her, till she faces him with guilt, when he finds out the truth from someone else…I thought the river's rippling waters, even indicated, that the churns in the water, will be like that in the future for her, rifts are going to arise because of this, so don't look at calm waters only, it was symbolic, sometimes the kyph writers, and crew, to surprise me, and amaze me…


Next sequence, which happens to be the cherry plum of the day, the cuddly and adorable scene of the day, we have Mr. Angad Khanna, surrounded in colorful wool, knitting something for his baby. Also another symbolic, reflective piece, why do we always think only women are meant to do such things, and not men? If women are equal with men today, then so are men…A child is equally important to both a mother and a father, and so they love their child equally…You know what I think, if Kripa told Angad the truth before about this child, he wouldn't mind, as he loves Kripa a lot, and children as well, but by not telling him, she is falsifying their understanding, even though yes she is in a dilemma, she should consult someone else, like Aliyah…because I know dadi said to her to hide it, but this time dadi is wrong, the one who always supported the truth, is now telling her to hide it, is absolutely wrong…but also importantly, Kripa should reflect back on their past mistakes, and see that hiding the truth only led their relationship to drift apart, remember money issue in the beginning and now this…aha, their love so eternal and pure, but their level of understanding has not taken much of a flight yet, be it their personality, ways of thinking, or their views on life…or their insecurities…It is sad, where love doesn't end, thorns lurk everywhere, yet it's more important what we value more, love's rose bud, or the thorns…And also, love doesn't fade away, in one split second, no matter what situation, circumstance or truth it holds…awww… this is so cute, and diverse, a man teaching a woman how to knit socks, applaud the kyph writers for balancing man and woman for once…And also another thought, even though you may have money to buy as many socks or clothes you want for your child, expensive, with good quality, the joy in making it yourself with love, is a new feeling in it's own…


Next scene has Anitah crying in her room, poor girl, the marriage which was supposed to be filled with merriment, has become a relation with tears and hurt only… A new relation built, that of a sister-in law, and brother's wife, kripa's concern for Anitah is so touching, I wish Anitah could understand the integrity of this situation, and realize that she has to fight for this injustice Manek is planting on her, and she also has to realize that by keeping quiet she is just worsening the situation, her life…She loves him so much, that she is even placing the entire blame on herself, explaining away it, like Manek is not faulty at all, I agree she was clumsy, nave in the beginning and did everything wrong, but she has changed, she has done nothing so wrong, that she deserves such treatment from her own husband, so there, her naive ness is still there, but still she needs to see the truth… Finally, someone other than Manek eaves drops their conversation, yes Angad, and the anger in his eyes, speaks that Manek is in soup, but Kripa and Anitah as well… So tell me whose going to boil more in this soup, Anitah who has already been hurt a lot, Kripa who is already in so much dilemma or Manek who has hurt enough people?


Tough tides here we go Manek, enough of cackling, and trip trapping people, now Angad who doesn't need to exercise, for muscles as you need them the most, is going to topple you to pieces…Lovely expressions by Angad, his anger was so well adapted into the scene, yet the hand around Manek's neck scared me for a bit…Yes, for once Karthik was on Angad's side, I consider this a feat in the two brother's relationship, their love for their sister Anitah… both of them enacted this scene well…So the truth is finally out about Manek, now after everything happened, they believe Manek's true serpent colors…it is sad, and here again another symbolic scene, that refers to real people. We often don't believe something till we actually have proof, and it is sad, cause when we get the proof, it is usually after all the damage has already occurred…But sadly, Anitah wants to leave the house, as she is still under the illusion that she is wrong, and Manek is right…And also that she loves him so much that she is ready to overlook all his errs, why can't Manek learn from her, yes she is not so intelligent, but her heart is pure…


The next scene with Anitah and her mother, reveals why she wants to be with Manek…Cause no one pointed out her mistakes she does, everyone simply laughed at her, and I guess overlooked that she has feelings, behind her light, carefree nature…Manek was one person who pointed out her carelessness, and clumsiness…So another symbolism, to today's world, whoever the person is, your enemy, your lover, your friend, you family member, the one who points out your mistakes is greater in your eyes, than one who only sees your qualities, and laughs at your other bad qualities, because you can only learn from your bad qualities and try and improve them…And also that you cannot end a marital relation without a second chance, if you love someone, am not sure Manek is good hearted or loves Anitah, but what Anitah is saying has truth though. and I hope her feelings will be respected by Manek…And so we have her mother – sorry don't know her name, tell Angad and Kripa to bring back Manek, not such a good sign, Kripa and Angad have to beg Manek now? Tolerate his tantrums, and his trip trap plans…


Thought for the day: See not what is in front of you, but what is behind it…


Song for the day:  Looking for one, hold oneLOLCry


Do post your opinions, as I would love to read them, as I get bored reading my own stuffCry


Keep smiling...



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