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we get to see Abhay in a different shade
not the arrogant one,,,,, no wonder kabirs having fun

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:Chapter 16::Just Married::

Madhoo handed Pia a family heirloom blue topaz hair clip for something blue while it also represented something borrowed while Pia's something new was her brand new shoes that matched her wedding dress. Now all that was left was the last touches of make-up. Pia was so nervous feeling the butterflies in her stomach in anticipation of seeing Abhay was killing her. She wasn't getting cold feet but it was a little daunting to walk down the aisle with all eyes on her would Abhay like the way she looked? It was his reaction she was vying for more than anything. Pia was pacing around her room making Misha a little crazy.

Misha got hold of Pia to stand still-You're going to wear the floor out at this rate. Just try and breathe Pia.
Pia let out a choked laugh-Do U think he's already there? U know; at the church! How do i look? Do U think he'll like it? Why hasn't he called me? Shall i call him? (Pia dials Abhay's mobile getting no answer) He's not picking up. U don't think any things happened to him? 
Misha calmed Pia down making her look at herself in the mirror-U look like a princess from the fairytales Pia. U are finally going to have a your very own happily ever after with Abhay.
Pia stood back trying to see what Misha was on about-I don't believe in Happily ever after any more Misha not after what Abhay and I have been through. I am not taking anything for granted any more. Anything could go wrong here. I just want this day to be perfect for him. From my dress to myself has to be immaculate because i want to give him the best in life. He deserves more than i can give him Misha. (Checks her dress out again)
Misha understood where Pia was coming from after what they both had to endure at the hands of no she wouldn't mention those two names-Well as far as i can see U look perfect already. Just one problem though we need the bubbly smile Pia Dobrial has constantly attached to her face. Your dress is beautiful and so are U so enough of this need to fill your ego ok Misha doesn't have enough time to make U laugh. As your maid of honour i myself need to look somewhat passable standing next to the most gorgeous girl isn't an easy for me U know. (lowers her tone to sound a little sympathetic) I know U are scared of something going wrong Pia. With our track record i don't blame U but have faith in Abhay and in your love for him. Its never let U down before.  In the end its your love that will get U through this and trust me if Abhay even dares to bail on U i will hunt him down and break his legs before he can leave U at the alter.
Pia was still a little petrified of Abhay's own health as well being a factor not telling Misha about it-I'm just being silly aren't i? I never saw this day happening ever. It still feels like a dream. A dream i never want to wake up from but i need to know if he's there already Misha.
Misha dialled Kabir's mobile to reassure Pia-Hi Kabir is Abhay there? Where are U guys anyway?
Kabir answered directly-We are waiting for U girls to make your entry. Abhay's getting a little impatient here and i am getting a little annoyed by his constant excuses to talk to Pia. Save me from him please na.
Misha smiled with a resounding-On our way. Love U Kabir.
Kabir responded back-Love U too. Hurry!!!
Misha gave Pia the news-Abhay's just as restless to marry U Pia. Maybe we should make them both sweat it out?
Pia gave Misha her look of disapproval sounding ready to give Misha a piece of her mind-We are already a few minutes late its more than i can bear. So don't tempt me to hurt U.
Misha smirked laughing-Well we have one very eager bride. Good job we aren't far away from the church.

At the Church Abhay was feeling the edge of being the one to wait for Pia for the first time in his life. Usually it was her who'd have to wait for him. He was a little anxious wanting this day to run smoothly for both of them. He too wanted Pia to have the perfect wedding making her wish come true. She'd always imagined a wedding with him and her family present. Abhay spent the past half hour chewing Kabir's ear off about the wedding itself. 

Finally Abhay heard the the church organ play meaning Pia had arrived. Chand had taken on the role of walking Pia down the aisle. Abhay stood stunned at the vision before him of a radiating bride illuminating his world with a smile that took his breath away. Pia was everything he'd imagined and much more than just a beautiful bride but she showed the love in her eyes for him only. Pia in return gave him her seal of approval taking in his chiselled clean shaven good looks making her feel very dizzy. Abhay always made her world spin because he had this magical impact on her that she couldn't tear her eyes away from him in his suit. Part of her wanted to sprint towards him just to touch him and make sure he was real and not a mirage. The other just wanted to stare at him. Nobody existed in this room for Pia. All she saw was just Abhay and those hypnotic eyes drawing her in making her forget all the fears she had.
Pia now standing next to Abhay before the priest who started the ceremony.

Abhay whispered to Pia's ear-U look simply breathtaking.
The priest-Dearly beloved we are gathered here in the sight of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. (He gives a lecture on Marriage and its meanings and if anyone has any objections why both can't be united in matrimony and asks bot ABHIYA if they have any last confessions to make or hold their peace forever. He also gets Abhiya to repeat after him about the vows on giving their troth in sickness and in health till death do them part) Do U Piali Dobrial take thee Abhay Raicahnd as your lawful husband.
Pia with 100 percent conviction-I do.
The priest to Abhay-Do U Abhay Raichand take thee Piali Dobrial as your lawfully wedded wife?
Abhay responds fast-I do. 

Abhay repeats after the priest placing the ring on Pia's finger-With this ring i thee wed. With my body i thee honour and with all my worldly goods i thee share my worldly goods i thee share. In the name of the father and the son Amen.
Pia does the same with Abhay with tears flowing freely from her eyes of happiness at finally getting Abhay. He was hers to own for all eternity. Both Abhay and Pia share a kiss lasting a little too long having to rely on Misha clearing her throat to break them apart.

Out of the church fireworks went off and they enjoyed the view there for a bit hand in hand then Abhay and Pia head to the main reception where a toast is made by the best man but Abhay wanted to say a few things to Pia in front of the world-To the world i was just an arrogant guy who didn't care for anyone or show i did hiding behind the wilderness i roamed waiting for a spark to show me the light. Pia, your love changed my entire outlook in life bring me back to this world showering me with belief in our love. U showed me how to love again and to dream. I love U more everyday and thank U for not giving up on me despite everything i put U through. And thank U for putting up with me. From this day onwards i promise to never let U cry again, to Love U and cherish U forever till my dying last breath.
Pia wiped her eyes again refusing to let the tears ruin her make-up mouthing out-I love U too Abhay.

Msha does her own speech reliving some funny moments they'd shared together and then Abhay and Pia are led to have the first dance as man and wife holding each other in the centre of the dance hall. Abhay twirled Pia around and gently kissed her lips again. Pia held Abhay's eyes imprisoning them softly caressing his cheek with her hands.

Pia was living on cloud 9 with Abhay right now unable to get rid of the grin on her face-U smell so good. I can't believe we made it. I'm finally Pia Raichand. Nothing can take me away from U. Not even d...
Abhay covered Pia's lips-I'm not going anywhere Pia. Did i mention how much i love U? U look beautiful.
Pia merely watched Abhay's eyes drink her while she remained quiet-So do U.

They cut the cake together feeding each other. Pia threw her Orchids over her the crowds with Misha catching it.

Pia hugged Alina and wished her well with Rohit-U both make sure U keep in touch with us ok?
Alina nodded-U make sure U keep Abhay happy Pia otherwise i'll have to go back for him (Saw Pia's eyes sternly boring into hers) Its a joke. Try to leave the past behind and look to a bright future Pia. Always love each other and be each others rock they way U always have and don't worry so much. (To Abhay kissing his cheek) U take care of her and don't tease her so much. Try to be her best friend like U are with me and talk to each other about your feelings more. Don't hide it thinking it will spare the other from pain because U only hurt each other by hiding whats inside here (Points to his heart and hugs him) That's me done now. I better go back to Rohit.
Abhay gave Alina a tight squeeze on her hands-Alina U make sure U stay in touch ok?
Alina nodded-Will do.

Abhay and Pia hold hands as they bade farewell to everyone and started to make way to their home. Abhay lifted Pia up in his arms once they'd gone past their threshold. Abhay took Pia to their bedroom decorated with rose petals all around. Pia blushed while Abhay merely stared at his beautiful bride in his arms. They shared another eye lock until they were distracted by Pia's mobile going off. Abhay placed Pia on their bed.

Pia wasn't sure what to do pick it up or let it ring because she knew what Misha was like.
Abhay answered the call for Pia-Answer it. 
Pia smiled back at Abhay watching him leave the room-Abhay!!!
Abhay turned around-I'll be back i promise. 
Pia nodded then spoke to Misha in an annoyed tone-WHAT???
Misha beamed cheerfully on the mobile-So has Abhay made love to U already????How was he???
Pia went scarlett stammering a little-U called me to check if he's...We only just got here? We haven't gotten this far so soon...U are just shameless Misha Dobrial.
Misha laughed giggling-After the way U thought how wrong this day could go i thought you'd have already made your move on him. After all U nearly did it in the club the other night i assumed he'd have already got in there???? U do know how to have sex right????
Pia saw Abhay was there with a glass of water making her shake a little out of anxiety-Misha!!!
Abhay teased Pia from leaning against the wall watching her rosy cheek even more rosier-Tell Misha how to make love Pia. I am interested in learning how one goes about it???
Pia scolded Misha for putting her on the spot-Check it up on Google. (She cut Misha off)

Abhay took his tie off and then his suit sitting on the bed sounding very hoarse seductively asked-Pia Raichand i want to know how to make love to U? I'm waiting. (He just loved the way her cheeks flushed again a brilliant red closing her eyes. He kissed her eyes with his lips) I'm waiting Pia.
Pia could only mouth-Abhay!!! (Feeling very shy and self concious) I erm...
Abhay took Pia in his arms-Why were U so worried about the wedding? Tell me Pia so i can understand.
Pia trembled in Abhay's arms pouring her heart out to him-I'm just so used to bad things happening to us Abhay. I thought...I thought...that you'd leave me again. That i'd lose U again. Whenever we are at our happiest something...(Feeling very emotional holding back the tears) i end up losing. I can't lose U to anyone. Abhay how's your heart faring because mine breaks every time i see U hurting. (Honesty shining through) The fear of not having U in my life renders me ...then theres your own heart sometimes failing to beat it scares me Abhay...
Abhay reassures Pia cupping her face-Pia i'm not going anywhere i swear. I'll always be by your side. This heart hasn't started beating again so it can stop at the last hurdle. I'm not leaving U for anyone baby. Now give me a smile and let me kiss U better. Let me show U how much i love U.
Pia was so moved by the depth in Abhay's words of assurance-Promise.
Abhay kissed Pia while she simply felt herself go on fire-Promise. Now give me one of your sexy smiles. This time we are both in our right mind. Both of us are sober. I have waited so long for this night Pia. To show U what U do to me. Now i'm all out of self control. You've taken away my will power. I'm a slave to U Pia now forever.
Pia could only just hold on to Abhay's every word.

Abhay kisses Pia's lips tenderly then deepening the kisses. He kisses her eyes, cheeks, forehead, nose, nibbled on her ears to biting on her lips watching her shiver at his touch as he unzipped her dress.

Abhay rasped with hunger for Pia-Its such a shame i have to undress U for this Pia. U looked so good in the gown. But to taste U i have to see U in your birthday suit.
Pia merely mumbled unable to speak. She was trembling trying to unbutton his trousers-I...
Abhay smirked seeing Pia so tongue tied. He'd never seen her lost for words before helping her out by taking his trousers and the rest of his clothes off. Now both were in their underwears-Pia aren't U going to touch me? Don't U want me as much as i want U? (Pia averted her eyes to avoid Abhay's intense eyes feeling his hands travel to her back unhooking her corset stopping her from breathing) Doesn't this feel much better. 
Pia feels Abhay's mouth take her breasts caressing them with his mouth eventually making her groan kissing her stomach to her entire body making her lay down. Pia returned the same with her mouth searing Abhay on fire but she was a little hesitant to touch Abhay anywhere else. Pia's mouth met Abhay's kissing him gently again with Abhay taking the lead setting the mood by caressing her with his hands fondling her making her groan.

Abhay wanted Pia to look at him when he made love to her-Pia look at me. Tell me U want me Pia? I need to know baby!!! (Abhay felt Pia with his finger to make sure she was ripe and ready for him to enter her) I want to love U.
Pia whispered coyly to Abhay wanting to be loved back fully ready for him-I love U Abhay. Make love to me. 

Abhay saw Pia's need for him matched his kissing her again with his need overpowering her driving her senseless. Pia started to ease and her inhibitions were slowly melting away under Abhay's body pressing against hers. Abhay kissed Pia all over again and then to her sensitive area where he'd take her precious gift ever only reserved for him watching Pia moan again. Abhay slowly penetrated through Pia gently entering her while she clutched his back pulling him towards her digging her nails to his back. Abhay slowly moved his hips with Pia's keeping his eyes locked with Pias enjoying her reaction to his body rocking with hers in a dance of their love making. Abhay was now playing with Pia's hair while making love to her and simultaneously kissed her mouth.

Pia felt her heart swell up at how Abhay was accommodating to her every need making her cry because he loved her so much. Even when Abhay was making love he was so careful not to hurt her. 

Pia smiled breaking the kiss but Abhay was inside of her making her groan in pleasure-I ...love... U...
Abhay smirked again loving every second of being inside Pia finally-So the tears...
Pia kissed Abhay's lips again-Happy...tears...
Abhay smirked again-I love...U...Pia.
Pia smiled holding Abhay tightly content with the man inside of her making her deliriously happy, revelling in ecstacy.

Abhay stopped a while to enjoy just holding Pia in his arms-This is so worth the wait Pia.
Pia was emanating in Abhay's love just holding Abhay-I know.
Abhay teased Pia again-So U ready for me to rock your world again Pia now U know how to make Love?
Pia buried her head to Abhay's chest feeling shy again-Abhay!!!
Abhay laughed again-Oh i need to get naughty Pia out to play. (Abhay started kissing her with fervently with a little more force) Much better.
Pia started to stroke Abhay a little more matching his kisses a little more and felt Abhay satisfy himself by injecting himself inside of her again picking up the pace.

Scene fades.

SPECIAL THANX to DishuHug for the dress and myself for the suit and to Harini for wanting ABHAY as the LEADLOL and PIA feeling a little insecure was her ideaEmbarrassed
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WoW...Great update ayesha...
Haha...Abhay is fun to watch fr whn he's drunk...!!!
Pia s shy...bt thn it suits hr...it makes her evn mre sweet... :-)
nd dis tym misha savd d day...wth kabir njoyng all dis...!! :-p

nw waitng fr their marriage...
Update soon...
Thx fr pm...

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Oo...its a big day fr piya...finally she s gttng married to d man,whm she alwys dreamd of...she is nervous nd thts quite natural...!!

The dress s beautiful...nd enough to mak abhay go mad... ;-)
piya is ryt..abhay really deservs d best...bcz f d immence pain he hs gone thru d past 200yrs...!!
Nw waitng fr abhay's reaction ...
Nd d marriage ceremony... :-))

Ayesha its too gud tht u added christian wedding here...totally apt...!! Hope thy hd shwn d same n the show too...!! Sigh

update asap...

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WOW!! awesome updates ayeshaClapClapClapClap

that kiss ISH!!!!!! and abhiya wedding double dhamaka! for me what i liked the most is when piya said her abhay deserve the best and indeed he deserve the best and he deserves herEmbarrassed

everything was beautiful from the wedding to piya getting all nervous and abhay all mesmerizing by his piya!Clap
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luvly update Smile
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great update love it n love the suit n the dress!! :)
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Awesome update
Oh pia being nervous & abhay being impatient u described so well.
And dress of abhiya was gud
Abhiya were so hot
I loved it
Plz cont..
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