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Nice update. Pls update soon. Fantastic ff. Pls write abhay piya's romantic scenes. can u pls post me the link after updating?
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aweomse update... love the way pia support abhay
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:Chapter 15::Bachelors/Hen Night::

Next day Abhay and Pia on first flight to Mumbai with their loved ones to attend their joint Stag do and Hen do. Pia didn't want to get married right after the nightmare Jeh had reduced them to. Abhay had never seen Pia more shaken up than she was. It was for this reason he'd suggested this move in the first place. She was having a hard time leaving his side. One thing he loved about this was her spending every minute with tending to his wounds meaning no more stay away from me missions. Ironic that not so long ago it was he who'd started this off and Pia would want Abhay to stay away from her but he'd told her he forgave her because after their wedding he wasn't ever going to leave her alone for a second.

Misha and Kabir took it upon themselves to give Abhay and Pia the best Hen night and stag do they'd ever witnessed. They'd be a lot of booze involved and a lot of hot, hot eye candy. This gave both Misha and Kabir a chance to bond over their scheming. They wanted this night to be a surprise for both Abhay and Pia especially with them being so shy of letting loose. Misha had never really seen Pia get wild even when she came back from Paris her approach was more laid back while Misha was the one to go all crazy. So most of their friends were already present at the club where Abhay used to work at a very good turn out indeed thought Misha. She couldn't stop staring at Kabir with Abhay now enjoying the two guys finally putting aside their difference and Danish was back on good terms with his brother as well so all ended well between them.

Pia gasped coming out of the car with Tracker and Aarti wanting to go back-No way. (Glares at Misha) I know how these parties end up Misha. 
Ruhi tries to sell the party to Pia-We'll get U hot guys to strip off!!
Misha muttered sarcastically-No need for Hot guys just get Abhay to strip off and Pia will drool all over him. Abhay's already here with Kabir having the time of his life. I suggest U do the same as well Pia.
Pia blushed at the thought of Abhay all stripped off-Shut up Misha. (Rolls her eyes. What could it hurt if she had a hen night? She could spy on the boys in their own VIP suite.) No funny business right?
Misha winked-No funny business! You're picturing Abhay without his shirt on right? (Hold's Pia around the waist whispering in her ear) Have U both U know? (Hints) U both lived in together.
Pia pushed her sister away flushing scarlet again-Abhay's not like that. Neither am i?
Misha knew how Abhay and Pia functioned al-right?-I was just joking. When the time comes i'll help U with all the basics. For now lets just enjoy this night.

In the nightclub Abhay greeted all of his Mumbai friends at the Bachelors party and sat down reluctantly. This would have been ideal to have his telepathic powers he'd have been able to stay the hell away from this damn party. When Kabir mentioned Pia would be here he decided to humour them. 

In the party the boys started dishing out all of the drinks and the same with the girls. 

Kabir kept plying Abhay with Vodka shots even competing with him until the girl in a police outfit arrived ready to thrill the boys with one of her routines. Abhay was sat in the middle of the room and the female entertainer came and sat on his knee. Misha happened to be stalking the boys do to gatecrash it. But it was what she saw that shocked her was Kabir telling the girl to take off and Abhay actually enjoying this. Vamps, humans were the same uff she thought.

Abhay had the girl in his arms peeping over his shoulder smiling at Misha's blatant attempt to spy on what a wild night the boys were having.

Kabir to Abhay with a glint of naughtiness shimmering in his eyes-U have to take a shot of vodka Abhay and then lick the salt off her stomach then take this time.
Abhay widened his eyes-Are U trying to get me divorced even before i get married Kabir? Pia would kill me. (Abhay slightly drunk was already imagining an angry Pia) On second thoughts i'd like to see her get very angry at me. Making up is the best part. I'm in (Slurring his words a little) Get them in. (He wanted to see Pia undress herself slowly than this girl)
Kabir liked this version of Abhay so much better than the broody uptight side to him. This was the making of a good friendship he thought to himself-There U go buddy.
Abhay gulped the Vodka then licked the salt off the girls tummy and took a bite of the lime-Wow!!!!!!(Pulling a face with the tangy flavour of the lime kicking in) This is good. U can get off me now. (To the girl)

Pia was watching The girl play with Abhay's hair making her feel very angry she wanted to yank the girl away from him after watching him lick the salt off of her stomach. Oh if he was having fun then so would she. How dare she take his shirt off??? She was what...Stripping off to her draws...???? Pia had a good mind to shake Abhay now who wasn't doing much but holding the girl away from him. Abhay was pushing the girl away good she thought meaning less jail time for him. Misha pulled Pia back to their area. 

Misha noted Pia's mood was off a little-See. Now U can put your hair down and really enjoy it. We can play fire with fire.
Pia groaned-With a stripper huh? I'm not licking anything off of him Misha that's yuck! Get Kabir away from Abhay, Misha. He's not used to drinking so much. (Already concerned for him. Would this affect his heart problem? Pia was a little afraid when Abhay got drunk he normally lost all of his inhibitions meaning ...already blushing at the thought of him with her...Or would he...)
Misha beamed wanting to whack that stupid boyfriend of hers-I'll deal with him ok!
Pia wanted the girl miles away from Abhay-Misha U don't understand...I can't see him with anyone...He doesn't want her near him...
Alina tried to assure Pia about Abhay-He's healing Pia. In a few days time he'll be fine and U have faith in Abhay na? ??(Pia nods) There U have it. Kabir would wind any drunk up and Abhay is a lightweight from what i've noticed. He's already moved the girl away from him.
Misha plies Pia with booze to shut her sister up-Drink up my sister we have to loosen the wild side out of the highly strung Pia. Stop worrying and start enjoying. Finally our main party piece is here.

Pia had her hen headband on and a pink boa around her neck already feeling the effects make her a little hyper. The guy took his fireman outfit off revealing a very toned ripped 6 pack and all oiled upmaking Pia blush again moving her eyes away from his body and laughing nervously. She eventually got in the groove of it but kept looking down or away. Misha took photos of Pia with their hired help to Abhay who checked his mobile aborted his own Bachelors party coming straight over to the girls party.

Pia turned her head around to see Abhay there already shirtless as Pia gave him daggers. He took her into his arms whispering into her ear-The only girl i want stripping off for me is U baby????????
Pia felt very shy now almost dizzy at having Abhay this close to her touching her-Then why did U...(blushed)
Abhay smiled at her-I saw U come in. I wanted a reaction and i got it. Now U can have fun without worrying about me but not with him. With me!!!!!
Pia kissed Abhay lightly on his lips-I'd like that.
Abhay to everyone-Everyone entertainments off. U want to see some real guys in action huh? Kabir and Angad will strip off for us. (Abhay tells the Strippers they can go home with full pay) U boys have to for me. U said remember i want a little light relief. (Abhay winks at Pia then nuzzles her neck lightly kissing her there) This should be fun!!!!
Misha was up for it-Yeah U boys take it all off. 
Kabir made a innocent look requesting they just enjoy the night-Abhay bro, Misha babes come on how can U ask your boyfriend to...?
Misha to Abhay commanding him-U can strip with them seeming as U upset my sister...?
Abhay resisted-I'm injured (Playing with his bottom lip) Have mercy on your future Jiju.
Misha demanded Abhay to let loose-You're about to be my Jiju you're not yet. Now strip!!!!
Pia wanted to see Abhay cringe and with the influence of the alcohol she wouldn't mind seeing him say no to Misha coz Misha would kill him-Abhay U really upset me Abhay. How could U listen to Kabir?I'm not having fun!!! (Blushes again looking away from him) Now get it off!!!! 

Now each boy stripped off for their respected partners while the girls whistled feeling the boys abs. Pia was a little coy with Abhay in front of everyone but alcohol really did let one let go of their reservations. Pia placed some money to Abhay for a good display giggling like a school kid. Abhay was loving the look in Pia's eyes and started kissing her lips passionately in front of everyone. Abhay gave an extra long kiss for the tip.

Abhay getting very daring-Boys lets all play the vodka game. I think these girls need a taste of what real fun is about.
Pia gasped again-Abhay!!!!!
Abhay gave Pia a naughty look-What you're dressed for it. Might as well take advantage.
Misha rebuffed away from this game-Nuh uh we aren't playing!!!!
Kabir egged Misha on-Chicken!!!! Misha's gone soft in her old age. I never thought Misha would ever back away from a challenge.
Misha sneered at Kabir-This is their do why are U taking over?
Kabir dared Misha coming close to her-U don't have the nerve for it do U? Party girl Misha is a flop.
Misha took the bait-Misha Dobrial isn't a coward. Fine game one.

Abhay, Kabir, Angad, Rohit all four stripped off to the music of going down down down by Jay Sean. All 4 boys drank their shot 
Abhay licked the salt off of Pia's cleavage feeling very naughty, taking the lime out of her mouth making her groan involuntarily. While Kabir licked the salt off of Misha's neck taking a bite out of the lime from her mouth. Rohit licked Alina's lips and them repeated the process.

Abhay placed Pia up in his arms swaying her to the music both very drunk to some Punjabi beats. It was the first time they'd both been very drunk kissing each other from time to time. All 4 couples were dancing merrily in their own little world.

Abhay whispers in Pia's ear playfully with one arm around her waist and the other playing with her hair-U look damn sexy Pia if i could i'd take U now. Good job we're surrounded by people. Did i mention i love U like crazy. No woman can ever compare to U Pia. I'd spend every waking second with U and every night in these arms Pia. This is how i wanted our Bachelor and hen do together. 
Pia in return-Me too Abhay. I can't wait to be your wife.
Abhay had the same mutual feeling-Only 2 days to the wedding and then your all mine.
Pia hugged Abhay tighter-I know! Thank U for all of this.
Abhay smiled-You're welcome.
Pia threatens Abhay with a whisper-Ever touch another girl i'll kick U where it hurts.
Abhay a little taken aback-Where's my Pia gone?
Pia smirks at Abhay-Oh she's just making sure nobody touches her merchandise. 
Abhay teases Pia-At least i know U still want me but when can i touch your merchandise Pia? I don't know if i can last another 2 days.
Pia hides her face into Abhay's chest now wanting the same thing as Abhay but feeling very self aware of herself. 
Pia feels Abhay kissing her cheek and then lifts her head up while she stares at his lips unable to take the heat from his eyes-I love U Abhay!
Abhay kisses Pia's lips again-U didn't answer my question. Can't i sample a little bit?
Pia covered her face into Abhay's chest again hiding from his intense eyes being drunk only made her want to give in-Out back!!
Abhay grinned winning this round-Lets go before anyone notices.

Abhay took Pia into the ladies followed by Misha with Kabir. Abhay had already started kissing Pia fully on the lips when Misha pulled Pia away from him-Damn!!!!!Angry
Misha now knew what Pia meant with Abhay not in his full senses-My sister remains with me now Abhay. Kabir go take Abhay home and i'll take Pia with me. Sweet dreams Abhay.LOL
Abhay pulled a sad face-Well at least i got what i came for.Wink

Kabir laughed-U are so much fun when your drunk Abhay. We should do this on a regular basis. I'd better take U home so U can cool off buddy.Wink
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tht is awsome update...wow abhay striper hahahha and piya also pay 4 it so hawtt update ...loved abhiya too much...waiting 4 their marriage part...superb update
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Originally posted by bellaaa

tht is awsome update...wow abhay striper hahahha and piya also pay 4 it so hawtt update ...loved abhiya too much...waiting 4 their marriage part...superb update
 :::Ha ha ha i know right i always imagined ABHAY doing this for PiaROFL I always wanted a playful Abhay and as a human this is perfect way for him to express his love for Pia and both are drunk as hellLOL:::

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wow great story plz update soon
I'm really looking forward to your next part of the story
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great story love it waiting for the next part!!
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Aawesome update
I loved it
So hot
Drunk abhiya=hotness
Ayesha loved it 2 the core
Plz cont..
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