::SS::Abhiya's Heavenly Little Paradise upda pg126(Page 81)

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awesome update Smilethanks for the update x
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lovely updt ayesha...so finally abhyrescues chandeena wd d help ov alina...loved d way u portrayd pia's bondng wd hr in laws...Big smiledt small abhiya scn ws sooo cute...Embarrassedso pia finally stalkd abhay tl men's washrum...LOLdt stupid jeh s bk!!!!!Angrybt seems abhay s reasy 4 hm...Tonguewaitng 4 jeh to b finishd n abhiya marriage...Big smilen u no na wt follows aftr dt...WinkLOL
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Ayesha, Lovely SS, Will you be bringing supernatural elements in this? In that case please do turn Abhay into a supernatural na. 
One more request, can we have a more shy Piya (I mean an innocent one) and a naughty Abhay opp to our Piya in Eternally for yours?
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Great part...thnx for d pm
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Originally posted by purple_shadoz

lovely updt ayesha...so finally abhyrescues chandeena wd d help ov alina...loved d way u portrayd pia's bondng wd hr in laws...Big smiledt small abhiya scn ws sooo cute...Embarrassedso pia finally stalkd abhay tl men's washrum...LOLdt stupid jeh s bk!!!!!Angrybt seems abhay s reasy 4 hm...Tonguewaitng 4 jeh to b finishd n abhiya marriage...Big smilen u no na wt follows aftr dt...WinkLOL
 I love asserting my women but in Pia'sdefence she only followed him to the mens washroom because she was worried he'd collapsed there but ABHIYA are so HOT they lose control of their inhibitions and just make out any whereLOL

U tell me how U want the Suhaag raat but in this SS it will be ABHAY leading the proceedings while Pia is the shy yet willing brideBlushing
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Originally posted by harinisriram39

Ayesha, Lovely SS, Will you be bringing supernatural elements in this? In that case please do turn Abhay into a supernatural na. 
One more request, can we have a more shy Piya (I mean an innocent one) and a naughty Abhay opp to our Piya in Eternally for yours?

Itne demands kaise poori karu. Pia isn't anywhere near as racy as my other FF's but here she is merely providing Abhay with a way to control his urges.

Pia in these updates only teases Abhay sexually but knows he won't lay claim to her until she is reay.

U want a shy Pia you'll get itLOL I can portray Abhay as the romeo is really is 

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:Chapter 14::Dual 2 the Death::

As the wedding dawned upon the Dobrial's Abhay had been restricted to staying away from Pia altogether to avert bad luck. He didn't believe in luck because he had a string of bad luck so it didn't matter if he saw his bride or not but Pia wanted to start their life without any bad omens. For Pia he'd do anything so he agreed to stay away but this was proving to be a feat in itself. He was addicted to being with Pia at all times now like his shadow. Abhay would get Pia back later on the next night she'd be all his, he thought of naughty ways to make her wish she'd never asked for him to steer clear away from her. 

While Pia was happily getting ready for her Mehndi rasam. She wanted Abhay's name in big letters with patterns revolving around them. Her ex vampire come human fiance thought he was too clever, Pia wanted to see if he could find his name on her hands she thought happily. Pia ran to see the moon always drawing her to Abhay's thoughts. In her mind she was always lost in Abhay's world but the dream would soon come true of being his forever. She hoped nothing would come between them unfortunately Pia also knew how misfortune followed her wherever she went. Pia had a bad feeling about the wedding. Not of being unsure about spending the rest of her life with Abhay because even one day away from Abhay was like a day without air, water, her soul had been torn from her. Was Abhay feeling the same way too? Pia saw how down he looked when she'd told him she wanted him to stay away for the duration even if she hadn't meant them.

Pia turned round to see who had crept behind her gasping at Jeh's steely eyes on her-What are U doing here? You're not invited! 
Jeh couldn't take his eyes off of Pia. Damn she was like an Angel. Abhay would never get to marry her not now, not ever. Pia didn't know what was right for her. Abhay had brainwashed her mind. He covered Pia's mouth with his hand over it and asserted-This place is heaving full of guests. As soon as i found out there was a celebration i knew Abhay would have cooked this plan up and i can smell his scent here. My sisters too busy with her freinds to notice i'm even here. Time to go Pia. (He gagged Pia's mouth with a cloth and carried her over his shoulders while she struggled) There's no point hitting me Pia. I don't feel pain.

Pia had to think on her feet and started taking off her jewellery as a trail for Abhay. Eventually she ran out of things to take off so started to kick her shoes off while squeezing her bleeding hands so the drops of her blood would fall to the ground and then Jeh placed her in his car and sped off.  Misha runs to tell Pia about Abhay being surrounded by female admirers at his Mehndi just to annoy Pia. Misha saw the window was wide open and a trail of Pia's belongings like there had been a struggle here. The chair was on the floor. A vase broken with a trail of blood on the ground fearing for Pia now. Misha checked every room for Pia with Alina's help but Alina was pretty sure her brother would have taken Pia by now somewhere far and then finally dialled Abhay's number to let him know what had kicked off in their home.

Abhay had to rely on his father to bring him to the Dobrials as his powers were dwindling sensing Pia was in trouble. He saw part of a vision of Pia being taken but Jeh was very powerful had blocked his location. Abhay needed Alina's help. 

Misha out of her mind-Abhay, i want this sucker dead!!!! If he's hurt Pia? She's cut i think or is the blood Jehs?
Abhay to Alina slightly disturbed-Can U locate Jeh? The blood is less likely to be Jeh's.
Alina connected temporarily only to be shut down by Jeh shook her head-He's too strong Abhay. My brother has my clans powers while i just have my inborn gifts. Jeh's cloaked himself well. I can't connect with him. He's far out of my reach now. Jeh's blood i'd recognize this is human blood.
Chand noted this as well-We'll get him son don't worry.We can follow Pia's blood.

Abhay asked for Jeh's mobile number which Alina passed on to him. Abhay quickly searched hacking into the computer mainframe and found Jeh's whereabouts tracking the signal heading in that direction with Alina and Chand by his side. The first part was easy they'd followed Pia's trails but it was the tyre tracks that had them stumped and the signal got jammed. Jeh was held up in an abandoned old burnt down place with Pia. Alina smelt blood. It was Pia's blood on the tree. 

Alina to Abhay-Pia must have grazed against it on purpose. She's really clever.

Jeh had already set his people in motion to guard him while he placed Pia down touching her cheek. He took the gag off of her. Pia flinched away from him afraid of what he was going to do-Pia don't fear me. All i want is U. After U are mine i will kill Abhay!!!! 
Pia screamed at Jeh furiously-U think by killing Abhay i could ever love U? (Mocks Jeh) I can never love anyone who'd take my life from me Jeh. I hate U but now U aren't even worth my hate!!! How do U expect me to be yours huh? I'll die but i'll never be anyones but only Abhay's. If not in life then in death.

Pia tries to run away from Jeh only for him to get in her way so Pia bites him as hard as she could. Damn he felt nothing. Pia didn't know what else to do there was no way out fo here and Jeh was everywhere-Let me go Jeh!!! Forget this madness. Abhay's no longer a threat. He's not even a vampire any more.
Jeh laughed backing Pia into a wall-I don't care what he is fact is Abhay is a killer and i can never forgive him for taking everything away from me. U were all i had left. 
Pia protested to Jeh in Abhay's defence-But i was never yours. I was always Abhay's from the first moment i saw him to now. How can Abhay take something that never belonged to U in the first place? 
Jeh retorting back in resilience-Enough!!!! U will be mine even if i have to force U Pia. We will marry tonight. Here! 
Pia was stunned hitting Jeh for doing this to her slapping him a few times hurting herself-I'll never be yours.

Jeh locked the door behind him while Pia injured herself trying to get free from her captor-Make sure nobody enters or leaves this room. I have one thing to do before i make Pia mine!!!!!!

Finally Abhay arrived with the cavalry to see a spiteful Jeh smirking at having lured out Abhay from his hiding place-This fight ends this night. U want me Jeh. U have me let Pia go!!!!!
Jeh sneers at Abhay sarcastically-Now why would i let Pia go when she is my life??? U think U deserve Pia because you're human!!!!!! I can still smell the leech scent on U Abhay meaning U are still a threat and I can never let U go after U took everything from me.
Alina shouts at her brother-Jeh please don't do this! Pia will never forgive U.
Jeh snarled at his sister-U were always the biggest disappointment this family ever had Alina. Pia doesn't know what she wants with this leech compelling her to fall for his lies. U have also fallen for his tricks.
Alina cries trying to make her delusional brother see the light in a heartfelt tone-Why are U so blind? 

Jeh to his minions commanding them-What are U all waiting for? Attack them U fools.

Chand, Haseena and Alina took care of the werewolves while Abhay was left with Jeh fighting amongst themselves. Abhay felt the blows had knocked the wind out of him. Bodies flew into the air. Chand and Haseena dealt with 2 werewolves ripping out their hearts from their chest cavity with sheer force brutally draing their life force away from them. Abhay now knew how it felt to be powerless against his opponent but he'd learnt to think quick on his feet. If a vampires weakness was Silver then a werewolves was wolfs bane. Abhay got the herb and crushed the leaves on Jeh causing Jeh's skin to burn up inflamed by it thus weakening the werewolf.

Jeh sardonically growled-Clever Abhay!!!!!!Learning to use your brains finally but this trick won't work for long.
Abhay smirked proudly-All i need is to weaken U so we can fight on equal footing. I don't need my powers Jeh. I'm too good for U baby.
Haseena freed Pia from the room as she came out relieved to see Abhay was perfectly ok not so fine but a little bloody hugging Haseena-Mom is he ok?
Haseena reassured Pia-Abhay's ok!
Pia cheers Abhay on-Kill him Abhay!!!! 
Jeh was hurt by Pia's reaction-Yeah Abhay i dare U!!!!!

Both Abhay and Jeh exchange blows to each other with Abhay coming off the worst almost stumbling to the ground. Jeh was still strong even though Abhay had depleted partial powers of Jeh's. Abhay mustered as much adrenaline and will power to keep on fighting for Pia. Abhay wobbled a little missing his blows to Jeh scaring Pia in the process. Abhay heard Pia encouraging him on.

Pia frantically searched for anything she could find to hand over to Abhay running off to get something resembling a stake.

Jeh hovered back to Abhay lifting him up about to drive his hand through his heart when Alina flung Jeh out of Abhay's way-How dare U?
Alina cried-Enough!!!!!! (Trembling with emotional distress pouring the potion at her brother) U don't deserve this Power if U are going to abuse its use. I will make U powerless so this hatred U have dies with it.
Abhay pleaded with Alina-Don't!!!(Holding his broken ribs) I need to know if i can take him out on my own without my powers Alina. Back off!!!! (Shook his head to Chand and Haseena) This is my fight Mom.
Alina cried a little more-But Abhay!!!!!
Abhay heard the desperation in her voice-I can't accept your help here! Jeh will always be corrupted Alina. Its in his DNA makeup. Human or werewolf he'll never change. Its what's in here (Points to his heart) I don't want to hurt U Jeh!!!! I just want to lead a normal life.
Jeh rasps in disgust-You'll always be a leech Raichand. I'll kill U even if you're human. Abhay doesn't have the guts to kill me. He is weak!!!
Abhay gets back up again catching his breath and bulldozes into Jeh-Wanting peace doesn't make one weak. (Abhay shoves wolfsbane into Jeh's mouth adding liquid silver into the mix)-That's right Jeh. Its my own little secret weapon. Werewolves are allergic to liquid silver though the effects not as bad as it is on humans.
Jeh was about to flip the tables on Abhay crushing him against a tree -Try to heal a few broken bones Abhay without your powers.
Pia came back handing Abhay the weapon-Drive it in him Abhay!!!!
Abhay with one fail swoop plunged the stake through Jeh's heart-I really didn't want to do this to U Jeh. U left me no choice. I only wanted harmony. Peace. friendship between our clans. We could have been good allies if not friends Jeh!!!

Jeh's last words were-Forgive me (To Alina, Pia and the shocker of all shocks Abhay!!!)
Alina was consoled by Abhay hugging her.
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great update love it!!! :)
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