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continue soon
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:Chapter 8::Bollywood Dreams::

On their day off Abhay decided to take Pia to go see the live action in Mumbai. He was a little excited to see his guily pleasure action man Salman Khan shoot for his film. Abhay and Pia were there witnessing the splendour of the event magnetized by a crowd gathering round to see their superstar perform magic. Salman was doing his dance number with Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor as the guest's on the item number. A lot of whistling from women for these stars had Abhay thinking maybe he shouldn't have brought Pia here. She was too busy ogling and cheering the boys on causing Abhay to feel very jealous. Then the director called for 3 special girls to get up on stage with the boys randomly choosing the girls. Imran Khan chose Pia out of the crowd. He loved her cute looks and those twinkly eyes reminding him of his wife. Ranbir chose a tall dark girl with big doe eyes and Salman Khan chose a curvaceous young woman for the rock gig dancing with them miming to the song.

Abhay felt his fists clench up at the sudden sight of Pia enjoying a little one on one session with Imran Khan of all people. Pia didn't once glance his way. She was busy enjoying being upclose with Imran. Abhay was unable to take his steely grey eyes off of Pia despite trying his level best. The director finally called cut to the freestyle dancing which caused quite a stir amongst the buzzing crowd. The stars thanked their willing volunteers taking a bow. Abhay saw the glow in Pia's eyes making him feel like he was going to bust Imran's arm out of its socket for holding Pia so close. Finally the action part of the dance came and Pia was back down next to Abhay smiling away.

Pia dreamily whispered-I can't believe he chose me. (Pia hugged Abhay) Thanks for bringing me here. I got to meet a real star.
Abhay muttered-A star. He got lucky Pia. Anyone can be a star if they had the right backup with a helping hand. 
Pia jumped up at the action sequence-Woah that was awesome. I can't believe he beat so many guys at once. (Praising Salman Khan) Look at those moves.
Abhay felt the words cut through him-You're impressed by a few harmless tricks Pia. You've never complimented me when i saved U from goons or from Jeh?
Pia taunted Abhay by rubbing his face in pleased by his jealousy-U were super powered Abhay with your special gifts but these guys sure have to break a sweat working out to keep their ripped physique and those moves they've learnt are an art form baby. U were handed your powers they are the real heroes. Why do U think we idolize them so much?
Abhay displeased by Pia brushing his efforts and passing them off as nothing sulked a little-They are normal guys who've had a silver spoon to get them where they are Pia. Maybe your with the wrong guy then? I am after all a nobody now. A simpleton. I have no powers or moves or any talents other than having a brain.
Pia chastised Abhay ribbing him further-Now you're not wrong there Abhay. U don't have anything left to offer me apart from your intelligence Abhay. Maybe i need to date a superhero or one of these stars. I hear Ranbir Kapoor is still single. I'm sure Imran Khan will give a good word for me. Ir what about your idol Salman Khan?
Abhay growled in discomfort and felt his eart break-U want out Pia. U can have it. Go with them and leave me alone.
Pia saw Abhay about to take off and held his hand calling to him-Abhay!!!
Abhay turned around glaring at Pia-Don't Abhay me. I am after all holding U back now. Normal Abhay has nothing to give U. U prefer shiny new models than a broken old toy right? U want someone who has the package right? Well i'm not perfect Pia. I guess i forgot to think that Miss Paris Model would prefer someone more from your field of expertise. U don't want to leave... Wait they're packing up now aren't they? Go follow them.
Pia left the crowd following Abhay now holding him tight-Abhay i was just teasing with U. He pulled me up what was i supposed to do huh? His eyes remind me of yours Abhay. Compared to them they don't hold a candle to U. I don't need Mr. Perfect when i have U baby. 
Abhay still sulking pouted like a little boy-U said U wanted an action man Pia. I'm not the guy U fell in love with Pia. I am someone else now Pia. If U ever...
Pia placed her hand on her hip and pointed her finger like a headmistress using a harsh tone-Don't U think U are getting away from me so easily Abhay. When i place my claws on a guy its for keeps. I have enough action to last me a lifetime Abhay. And i find U even sexier as a human. Those eyes kill me Abhay. Vampire or human makes no difference to me Abhay U are stuck with me for life. U are still the same Abhay to me ok. Now shut up and stop sulking. I don't find the sulky Abhay sexy at all i want my Abhay with the attitude back. I won't ever leave U Abhay but if U want to leave me then i'll break your legs.
Abhay smirked back-Now your threatening me i thought U were well passed the threats Pia.
Pia held Abhay by the collar-I like to state my claim over U Abhay Raichand (She kisses his soft lips clasping her hands into his letting out a moan) U taste really good. So how was seeing your idol like from up close Abhay?
Abhay let out a blank look-Cool but i guess watching my girl with another guy burst my bubble a little especially U praising them like U are attracted to them.

From behind the director calls out to Abhay tapping him on his shoulder checking him out to see his features properly and then gazing at his eyes. 

The director Satish-U have excellent bone structure my son. I am thinking of producing a new movie with Shahid Kapoor in the lead. I was hoping to rope U in for a pivotal role as the villain.
Abhay rasped-Do i look like a villain?
Satish loved that tone to his voice-U have chiselled good looks and its just what i am looking for son. I am doing a vampire film based on a book by an Indian author. U would make a perfect vampire. U have the attitude and the style to pull it off. Those eyes are filled with a dark story behind them. So heres my card if U ever want to sort a deal out name your price but it has to be under 1 crore. Shahid will be eating most of my budget. This day and age U can't make a hit film without a star name added to the banner. I'll cast a super hot heroine opposite U.
Abhay smirked-I'll think about t. U said a hot girl. Whom?
Satish warned-She's a new supermodel already crowned Miss India. Don't take too long.
Abhay added with emphasis-Abhay Raichand. Will i get to meet Salman Khan?
Satish saw the connection to a future blockbuster with this unique name-Like Abhay Deol. I love Abhay Raichand a brilliant stage name. (To Pia) By the way nice freestyling dance U did up there with Imran. Good luck and do help your boyfriend make the right decision. This will set him up for life. (To Abhay again) U want a meeting with Salman Khan done. I'll be waiting for your call. Bye.

Pia saw the director leave and saw Abhay smirking whilst admiring the card before him. Abhay making a debut opposite Shahid Kapoor as a villain all those girls he'd get to meet only made Pia feel insecure again. Abhay suddenly burst into a fit of laughs at the directors observations startling Pia. Abhay started heading away from the location to the main roads of Mumbai hand in hand with Pia to the seaside.
Pia looking a little apprehensive-Whats the matter Abhay?
Abhay smirked coarsely gravelling-He thinks i have the looks for a vampire. The irony of it all. Satish wants an ex vampire to play a vampire villain. I'm a hero not a villain. This is one for the books. (Abhay saw Pia looking so glum) Pia ae U ok baby? 
Pia held Abhay's hand-You'll get to spend time with hot girls Abhay. U won't want to know me. 
Abhay gave Pia a stern glance frowning-Like i'd ever look at another girl after getting a taste of U Pia. I'm not taking this gig. Fot obvious reasons. We didn't run from Jeh for no reason now have we? U have nothing to worry about ok? I just want to see Salman Khan and then its all bye bye show-business. I don't need this shallow world of glitz and glam Pia. I already have my world at my feet now give me a smile and no more worrying.
Pia gave Abhay a weak smile-Really???
Abhay cupped Pia's face-Really. On one condition. Please stop making my nights so painful with your naughty talks ok? U have any idea how low my self control is now? Its not easy being in control of your human hormones especially when U have a sexy woman trying to tease U.
Pia blushed red-Good. Means i still have an effect on U.

Abhay sat down on the sand listening to the sound of the waves clash holding Pia's hand. He knelt down on one knee grabbing the small box out of his pocket and proposed to Pia.

Abhay saw the shock and delight on Pia's face-Pia its been 3 months since we settled down in Mumbai. You've seen the worst of me and the best of me. U know me better than anyone. I love U more than anything in the world. Will U do me the honour of being my wife. Will U marry me Pia Dobrial and become Mrs. Pia Raichand? 
Pia simply nodded embracing Abhay tight and kissed his lips-I thought you'd never ask Abhay. So you've kept this ring in your pocket this whole time. Treated me out and kept me in the dark. (Smacks his chest playfully) Now U are going to pay when we get home Abhay. I love U Abhay. I can't wait to be Mrs Pia Dobrial. Now will U place the ring on my finger or are U waiting for the wedding day to come?
Abhay zapped back from admiring Pia's reaction-Sorry I can't help it if i have a very sexy fiancee whose face i can't stop staring at. (Placed the ring on her finger)
Pia brimmed with sheer joy-This is the best day ever Abhay. I can't wait to spread the good news

Abhay and Pia spent the whole day relaxing in each others arms on the beach looking at the stars and just being at one with theuniverse in their own little world. This was one place they called their own The night was their friend. Pia ended the night in Abhay's arms kissing him goodnight with him taking her home fast asleep in his arms laying her on their bed. Abhay loved the way Pia slept so peacefully. He was so lucky to have her in his life thought Abhay. Pia had ensured through every new moon when his pain was the greatest she was taking care of him despite his resistance. Pia would hold his hand making sure he knew she was there. Abhay wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl who'd changed the meaning of love for him.
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Lovely update ayshu... Satish shah wanted abhay to do vampire role lol...u got this idea frm article na...the proposal was cute ...thanx for getting them engagedEdited by strawberryrashu - 2011-12-20T12:01:55Z
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continue soon
plz pm me
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Originally posted by strawberryrashu

Lovely update ayshu... Satish shah wanted abhay to do vampire role lol...u got this idea frm article na...the proposal was cute ...thanx for getting them engaged
 :::YeahROFL ROFLI thought it would be ironic RASHU that a director wants an ex vampire hero to play a vampire villainROFLROFL:::
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Great plz continue soon love ur stories!!!! :)
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wow great story plz update soon
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awww ayeshu...sch a lovely updt!!!!!Embarrassedn thnx 4 gvng it early...Big smilelvd d way my jealous x vampy showd up agn!!!!LOLabhay n doing mves?????ShockedLOLn d irony of it all!!!!LOLpia gt so nervous thnkng abhay wl get to meet hotter grls!!!!! dese 2 r sooo cute...Tonguei lovd d proposal...on d sea shore!!!!Thumbs Upbt d last part took away d cake 4 me...pia bng wd abhay n all hs pain n sorrow...beautiful...Day Dreamingall in all a cute n lovely updt...Hug
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