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Abhay's jealous Oh Chou chweet. I really like that. The way u r portraying their relationship is really great. Now Piya will taste her own medicineClap
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great part...love the jealous n possessive abhay
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luved de jelous scene...update soon...
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lovely update...ayesha
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 Ok time for the next Installment Sorry i took so long got lost in ABHIYA DREAMLAND. This was supposed to be UPDATED yesterday but the FINALE had me SHELL-SHOCKED. I didn't get my HYBRIDSROFL

TO ALL MY READERS. Time for next installment
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:Chapter 7::Teach U a Lesson in Jealousy::

At the Beach Party the moon shone brightly spreading its light on Abhay. He still felt this connection to the night despite turning into a human. Darkness no longer made Abhay feel all alone but it gave him a new sense of companionship. The Moon was his friend forever but now it was almost like like he could reach out to it. Abhay saw Pia head off towards Rohit and his gang of friends leaving his side making Abhay feel very bare. Pia letting go of his hand was a shock to his system. Why was she trying to prove a point? Abhay knew he hurt her feelings by trying to kick her out of his room but now she wanted to spread her wings and mingle with others especially men. Pia's smile usually made Abhay very content but right now he wanted her to only smile for him and not for others. Abhay observed from where he stood Pia shaking her hands with the group.

Pia saw Abhay burning up causing her to make more of a scene. Pia wanted Abhay to see he can't continue to push her out whenever he felt like it and that now he had to allow her to be part of who he is and what he is going through. Pia wanted to see more of her jealous lover in Abhay. It was cute watching him glare in his typical Abhay Raichand bad boy self. Why wasn't Abhay joining in yet she thought? Should she have introduced him to a few people first seeming a little worried. Pia wanted Abhay to have a good time. 

Pia gave Rohit a smile genuinely pleased to see him-Wow this is quite a turn out. Its my first beach party.
Rohit peered over his shoulder-So U came with Abhay then? I thought you'd come alone.
Pia didn't want to raise Rohits hope-Abhay is my partner so where i go he sort of follows. Truth be told i was kind of exaggerating and telling a little white lie to make Abhay feel a little jealous. My boyfriend is kind of like a Robot. I don't get to see that wild side streak in him and he prefers to stay indoors with me only. I was just trying to get him out of the house. 
Rohit slouched  a little looking a little down-Oh so this was just to make Abhay jealous? U two did seem a little too joined at the hip, i should have guessed. 
Pia gave a sheepish smile-Sorry but i didn't want to lead U on.
Rohit got up round the fire and gave Pia a high five-I like your style Pia. I don't see why we can't be friends? Thanks for giving it to me straight. I was a little keen on U but i'll have to accept a gem like U wouldn't remain single. He's lucky.
Pia glanced in Abhay's direction feeling sorry for her Lover-No it is I who is lucky. See guys like Abhay aren't made in this era. He's from another time and came here only for me. U won't understand trust me. U have no idea what i have had to go through just to get Abhay. He is my Angel, My Soul, My Heart and my Life. But he is a stubborn person wanting to handle everything on his own so i am trying to teach him a lesson.
A friend of Rohits, Henna gave Pia thumbs up sign-U go girl. U guys need to learn how to appreciate us women more. Rohit U help Pia. 
Rohit gulped-Your boyfriend isn't a trained assassin or trained in martial arts is he?
Pia gave him a smug look-Abhay's got the moves but he doesn't pick fights unless he is provoked. So ypur safe as long as your with me.
Rohit thought he might as well help Pia out-Tell me what to do and i'll do it.
Pia gave Rohit a hug-Thank U. In return i'll help U get a hot date. 
Rohit was a little wary-They won't be anything like U i hope. U scare me.
Pia laughed still in Rohits arms-Don't worry i am only piece in the world. U can't get anyone crazier than me.

Abhay saw Pia very close and the guy Rohit had his arms wrapped round her. He wanted to peel those arms off of Pia and break them. Abhay felt a thunder storm. All he saw was some guys mitts all over his Pia. Abhay knew Pia would give him attitude back but it bothered him a lot. He felt a feminine hand tap on his shoulder brushing them off of him.

Abhay turned to see who it was-Sneha. 
Sneha gave Abhay a puzzled look-Yes me Abhay. U wanted to meet me here so i am here now. Have i missed much?
Abhay grimaced-No. U want a drink? I could use one right now.
Sneha followed Abhay over to the drinks section ordering a few martinis-So Abhay (Crossing her legs on the stool next to Abhay stroking his hand with hers) U seem very lost hope i didn't keep U waiting for long?
Abhay's attention were on Pia-So Sneha what would U like to do after the drinks?
Sneha gave Abhay a flirty look-A dance would be nice. I haven't seen U bust a move. So where's your other half? Pia?
Abhay shrugged his shoulders-Probably off flirting with the next guy. (Gulping his martini and then taking a bite out of the olive) I don't care where she is. (Feeling very agitated and uncomfortable with this jealous rage inside of him building up) Drink up so we can dance.
Preeti spooted Abhay and wrapped her arms around him. Abhay immediately recognized those playful hands-Preeti U are back.
Preeti gave Abhay a wink-I must have left a memorable imprint on your mind Abhay for U to remember me from one touch.
Abhay unmoved-Actually i am good at recognizing people based on touch. So U girls ready for a night of your life?
Preeti was up for anything with Abhay. She still had fond memories of that kiss from a few nights ago-I'm up for anything with U Abhay. The bands playing it creates a buzz.

Preeti led the way leaving Sneha behind-. Sneha feeling a little left out-This was supposed to be just us Abhay. 
Abhay smirked-I can handle U both. U want a date with me then U have to put up with this behaviour off of me.
Sneha liked Abhay's keep them mean attitude-Fine but after her U are all mine.
Abhay thought to himself Pia would have rather killed the other goirl than allow him to go off with anyone else but she was too busy with other men to notice the burning in his heart-Sure. 

Pia gasped when she saw Abhay with Preeti the girl who'd marked her Abhay. How dare he flaunt this cheap tart in front of her. This meant war. Pia  would have to grin and bear it. Abhay wasn't winning over the battle of the Jealousy wars. No way. Abhay had done his fair share of making her reel with envy. Pia bit her lips. Rohit got the hint as soon as he saw what Pia was fuming over?

Rohit to Pia encouraging her-So we have Abhay playing U at your own game. U don't want him to win and U don't want stalemate Pia. Time for a little action.

Pia whizzed past Henna holding Rohits hand and started bopping up and down with him very close to Do Dhari Talwar. Pia was very aware of Abhay with Preeti but she had to overcome her insane blind venom wanting to scratch the girls eyes out for daring to touch Abhay. Pia resorted to do the only thing she could and just lay her head against Rohit's chest and close her eyes to stop herself from displaying any forms of violence her eyes and mind wanted to commit because she'd murder Preeti. Pia imagined Abhay in her mind and swayed with Rohit. He gave Pia a smile caressing her curls.

Upon seeing this Abhay wanted to beat the c**p out of Rohit letting go of Preeti entirely. He didn't even care that Preeti had plastered light kisses on his chest. Abhay found a waiter serving drinks on a tray and consumed the full content with one shot and dragged Pia out of Rohits arms. Pia blocked Abhay from touching Rohit hinting him to take off. Rohit took the hint and veered to Heena.

Pia to Rohit-See U tomorrow.
Abhay was this close to thrashing Rohits face if Pia hadn't had a firm grip on him-What was this Pia? What were U doing with him?
Pia pouted teasing-I was enjoying a dance with another guy big deal Abhay. U were doing the same thing. 
Abhay fumed at Pia- U are only mine Pia. Mine. U are not allowed to dance with anyone else but me Pia. U are not allowed to say sweet nothings to anyone but me dammit. Do U have any idea what i was going through? I wanted to murder him for touching U Pia.
Pia shot back-Let me guess U wanted to murder me with him huh?
Abhay saw Pia walking away from him but he didn't see how choked up she was inside by his bottled up emotions overflowing for her-I'd rather kill myself than ever harm U Pia. I'd sacrifice my last breath for U than see U hurt. I love U Pia. More than i know what to do with it.
Pia away from the crowd and the music-Have U been drinking Abhay? (She could smell the alcohol in his breath) Abhay!
Abhay muttered-I didn't know how to control my rage or the sting of watching U with another man so i had a couple of ok maybe more to drink. How do humans control all of this overwhelming emotion Pia? I wanted to smash Rohits face in. Is this what i put U through Pia? The women i flaunted in your face throughout our 2 and a half years together? I'm so sorry Pia. I didn't realise how U must have felt. I was just trying to keep U away from me.
Pia touched Abhay's cheek with her delicate hands. Abhay finally let it all out. He was having trouble adjusting to this new life and all was not as it seemed-I've gotten used to it now Abhay. (Bit her lips holding him around his waist) Ok so i still can't see U with any women.
Abhay saw the tears forming in Pia's eyes at the memory of the past-I was imagining Rohit was U Abhay. U have no idea the hell i had to endure whenever i saw U with them girls. I half wanted to kill U and then scream and shout till U took notice of me Abhay. Its good to see my insanely jealous Abhay. For once i got to see the fire in your eyes Abhay. Don't push me away Abhay. You've seen every part of my lie Abhay let me see yours. I've loved the vampire side to U. Allow me to Love the human side to U. We all have flaws Abhay. Humans are not meant to be perfect even though in my eyes U are PERFECTION itself i want to help U Abhay. 
Abhay plants a sweet kiss to Pia's lips with a lot of passion pouring his possessive side projecting it to Pia-U are only Mine Pia. I can never say no to U. I know i'll only end up paying for it. So no more Rohit.
Pia and Abhay travel back hom-No more Rohit so long as theres no more Sneha or Preeti. I don't like the way she looks at U.
Abhay nodded shutting the door behind him into his bedroom following Pia-U looks so beautiful Pia. I never tire of gazing into those chocolate brown eyes. And that dress hugs on to your body like a second skin i just...
Pia wanted Abhay to elaborate more-U just what Abhay?
Abhay finds Pia coming closer towards him-woah this room feels a little too hot! (Pia wraps her arms around Abhay and he crushes her luscious lips with his exploring Pia's own desires giving in moaning) Pia i want U so much but i can't. I love U Pia. I don't want to scare U by propositioning myself on U and making U feel pressurised. U in my rom is bringing a side i didn't realised i had Pia. I am...
Pia knew Abhay wasn't fully sober but part of his remnant vampire self had maintained his self control-I know Abhay. I just wanted U to admit it out loud. I will hold U to this. I want this sexual tension to build up Abhay.
Abhay thickly answered combing his untamed hair with his fingers-U do? Why?
Pia responded seductively-So when we finally make Love it will be explosive. 
Abhay feeling very hot under the collar-U are out to ruin me?
Pia with mischief in her eyes lays another kiss on Abhay's lips-U bet i am. (Abhay holds Pia around the small of her back undressing her planting light kisses on her back and her neck. Pia breaks contact from Abhay wanting their first time together to be remembered by both of them) Goodnight Abhay.
Abhay zonks out in bed resigned to needing another cold shower in the morning.

Lights fade out.
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wow great story plz update soon
happy holiday
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Originally posted by Alicia2001

wow great story plz update soon
happy holiday
Smiley baby carriages
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