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wow awesomeClap SS ayesha,loved it to the core.just now read all part,its amazing.you are the best writer n the way u describe whole things its mindblowingClap loved it.Edited by Miracle_leo - 2012-01-11T09:51:45Z
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:Chapter 6::Anything U can do I can do better::

Next morning Pia was shocked to find a divide between Abhay and her with a row of pillows beside them. Pia was going to make Abhay pay for this mistake big time. Did he think by placing them he'd get away from her? For some reason Abhay wasn't comfortable with them being this close. Now for Abhay who was having a shower, it was a different matter being this close to Pia especially when he'd accidently placed his hands on her bare legs stroking her made him realise how much she was affecting control over his hormones causing to take a cold shower now. If one night with her was this bad how was it going to be for the rest of their stay together this too in one room? Abhay didn't want to alarm Pia. He was certain he'd make Pia run a mile from him if she knew the dirty thoughts that were running in his head.

Pia went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for her and Abhay smiling softly at their night together. Pia felt a little shy feeling Abhay's hand's touch her legs. She liked teasing Abhay. Pia didn't realise how cute he looked whenever he scrunched his face sometimes. From now on she'll have fun seeing this side of Abhay more she thought to herself. As soon as Abhay came out of the shower wearing his green shirt she'd bought for him the other day bringing out the grey in his eyes. Pia placed his breakfast in front of him getting ready to wear her heels for College. Pia hadn't realised how short she was compared to Abhay.

Pia gave Abhay his books-Now will U stop giving me the silent treatment Abhay? I thought U liked me staying in your room especially now i can keep a very close eye on U. After all i will be stalking U from this birth to the next. So get used to me getting in your space baby. 
Abhay claered his voice-Pia i will run U out of my room very soon. I like my own space.
Pia winked playfully-I can see how much U like your own space Abhay. I remember your light brush.
Abhay smirked-U were awake!
Pia smiled back-Yeah. How could i sleep when i didn't have my blanket around me?
Abhay gave Pia a confused look-Huh?
Pia  kissed Abhay's cheek-U my dumb boyfriend. I was on about U. Now smile and start paying a little attention to me ok? Or i will make U very sorry for giving me attitude. Pia will follow U wherever U go baby.
Abhay smiled back-Nothings changed then huh? U were always my shadow Pia. 

Finally they'd walked together in silence at College where Pia saw signs for a beach party. Pia was up for this and was hoping she'd get Abhay up for some fun nights out. There was going to be a band playing there later on taking the flyer with her. The mornings were a little boring a lot of lectures and notes to be taken nothing strenuous but it was very boring. Abhay headed off to get a little moment in the boys room leaving Pia to get their lunch. 

Pia paid for their meals on sat down alone. She was joined by a guy she'd seen the odd few times at her class. Pia smiled in his direction.
Rohit gave Pia a smile back sitting next to her-Is this seat taken? 
Pia smiled back thinking this was a great time to make Abhay jealous. He wasn't paying her much attention so this would bring out the jealous side to Abhay she thought-No feel free to sit where U like.
Rohit gave Pia a chocolate cake from his tray-I;m not into it but my sister loves this stuff. I was wondering if you'd like to go to this party with me? I know i see U with this guy you're not serious with him are U like dating him or anything like this?
Pia told a white lie-He's my room mate. I'm alone in Mumbai and i have known him a few years now. I'm not into anything serious with anyone right now so i'm warning U don't go getting ideas into your head ok?
Rohit had a crush on Pia from the first day he'd met her but this was the first time he'd plucked up the courage to ask her out-So are U going with anyone?
Pia shook her head-No!

Abhay reared his head over coming back from the mens room. He saw Pia with Rohit talking to him like they were best friends sparking a twinge of jealousy in him. Abhay wasn't used to Pia talking to any other guy this friendly other than him. Abhay knew that look in the boys features. It was the puppy kind of love look when one had their first crush. Well Pia was off lmits to him he thought proudly but his vampire powers had overheard Pia telling the boy she was pretty much unattached. So he was just a roomie huh? Abhay saw Pia turn her head to see him there. Abhay decided enough was enough and he'd go interrupt this deviation.
Abhay sat next to Pia flashing his still look making Pia laugh-Oh meet Rohit, Abhay. He's just invited me to the beach party. He's so sweet.
Abhay gave a cool nod-Abhay here, so U want to only take Pia with U huh? Am i not invited after all we are a package deal?
Rohit looked frowning at Abhay-Pia just said she's not attached with anyone as of present. U just live with her as her roomate.
Abhay gritted his teeth-I do, do i Pia?
Pia nodded teasing Abhay-We aren't heavily involved are we Abhay? He wants me to move out. So Rohit do U live with your parents Rohit or do U have a flat like us? I need a new place to stay seeming as my grouchy partner thinks i'm hogging all of his space.
Abhay glared at Pia making her giggle. How dare Pia want to move out of their home just because he wanted her out of his room-Pia's free to move out when she wants there's no rush. 
Rohit was even more intrigued knowing Pia wasn't permanently residing with Abhay-So U are up for the beach party.
Pia grinned-Yeah. I'll make sure i'm there. After all i do want to have a little fun but Killjoy over here prefers nights in. I was thinking he tags along with us. We can show him how to have fun.
Rohit handed Pia his number and left-Sure i'll introduce U to some people at the party. I'm sure we can find U a new place to stay.
Pia thanked Rohit taking a bite of her apple enjoying Abhay's envious drained face-Abhay you've not touched your lunch.
Abhay wasn't very pleased by Pia talking to another guy forget going out with him-I'm not hungry any more. I've lost my appetite.
Pia felt her heart sink-Abhay we need to mingle with other people. U don't want me overcrowding U so i'm doing what U want me to.
Abhay shot back-By moving out. Fine i'll move out.
Pia gave Abhay a smile-Then maybe U shouldn't complain so much about wanting me out because U know how stubborn i am Abhay. 
Abhay relented-Fine just don't go out with that loser.
Pia toyed with Abhay-Why Abhay?
Abhay commanded-Because i don't want U to. U are only mine Pia.
Pia smiled at Abhay revelling in the love she saw in his eyes-You'll have to make me Abhay. I'm not staying home tonight. 

With this Pia left Abhay sitting on his own. It was mean but she loved seeing Abhay react like the possessive Lover for once. Uusally Abhay had always shown her how protective he was of her but this trait in him was a first. Abhay clenched his fists finding this all a little overwhelming. How did humans control their emotions he thought to himself. Vampires had the self restraints of a saint depending on their temperament masking all of their emotions switching what they felt off but humans couldn't. Abhay felt an immense amount of jealousy bottled inside of him. Fine Pia wanted to play this card fine he'd do the same with Sneha and Preeti. See how she liked him playing her at her own game.

Abhay headed home to find Pia was already rearing to go.
LEA MICHELE photo | Lea Michele

Abhay stared back at Pia-U couldn't find anything shorter to wear for your night out?
Pia smiled-Thanks for noticing Abhay. Its the beach party i was thinking of attending with just a bikini and a sarong but i had to think of what my boyfriend would think. I'm sure Rohit will like this don'tU think?
Abhay gritted his teeth again-I'm sure he will. Have fun without me Pia.
Pia shell shocked-Ok so what will U be doing then?
Abhay smirked-I have my own plans Pia darling. U want to make new friends goo for it. I've made some of my own. Have fun.
Pia saw the mischief in Abhay's eyes-Oh i will Abhay. U too. 

This left Pia reeling. Had she gone a little too far she thought? Abhay wasn't keen on hanging out with anyone other than her. Pia was feeling a little hurt. She was getting a dose of her own medicine she thought. Game on Abhay she thought to herself.LOL
Abhay darkly smirked back. Anything U can do i can do better Pia. U are inviting payback.
Pia mentally noted-Oh she'd make Abhay burn with jealousy and this time he'd really wish he never messed with her ever again. At least this got Abhay out of the house and mixing with people now.
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i so love this side of abhiya, passion and cute! hot for sure!
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wowww my jealous Abhay hmmm...

thnxx for the pm :)
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Originally posted by shewascool90210

i so love this side of abhiya, passion and cute! hot for sure!
 I can't wait to write about ABHIYA'S very HOT yet green trackROFLROFL

Abhay won't know what hit him. We never got to see this side to ABHAY in the show before. As a vampire he controlled himself but as a HUMANROFLROFL Powers ki bina woh CONTROL kaise karegaLOL
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Originally posted by Riasa

wowww my jealous Abhay hmmm...

thnxx for the pm :)
 I want to see ABHAY BURN in JEALOUSY. Then i want Pia to go STALK him and make it up to himBlushing
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wow very lovely update ...abhay possesive wow interesting update soon waiting for ur next update thanks for pm tc
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wow awesome update ...abhay possesive vey nice waiting for ur next update ...thanks for pm update soon tc
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