::SS::Abhiya's Heavenly Little Paradise upda pg126(Page 21)

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Originally posted by pkyekfanclub

lovely n cuteb update ayesha Smile n this abhay making pia jealous LOLn being naughty was fun 2 watch Big smile
I had high hopes for season 3 giving us lots of sweet ABHIYA memories to take with us but even this has been dashed. Koi baat nahi yahi sahi.
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Originally posted by lost_in_love

Awsum! Such a sweet update ayesha! loved itSmilethe jealousy part ws very cuteEmbarrassedaww..abhay is so sweet ! he knows very well how to manao piya! t.c. and update asap..
 By now ABHAY is a pro at making Pia melt to his sweet words of love. He's had enough experience already. 
Pia's mood has no limits kabhi bhi rang badal sakti hai
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Originally posted by -Sonia-

Cute update..
Awww...abhay flirting..hehe
the cooking session was very sweet..abhiya's teamwork is always great
thanx for d pm
continue soon
Leaf Pile They are LIVING a normal DREAM ABHIYA R in their ELEMENT LOL
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Originally posted by Akshi0019

lovely update dr!!! its so cute!!!! d jelousy act was gr8!!!!
Beaver I hate how the show is going? There is no sense in it now. Or cuteness in the scenes it just seems so forced.
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Originally posted by peehu24

ayeshu..it was beautiful..loved it...aww..i loved jealousy part...
Hypnotized I think i made the jealousy part a bit too cliched.LOL
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Originally posted by Pari-Gupta

awesome update
loved it
it was really cute update
continue soon
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awesome update, love jealousy between abhiya , its good always , love it, pia love abhay's handsome face, that why she dont do any damage to him but i am not sure about girl face.. amazing update

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:Chapter 4::Working Boy!!!!::

Club Hex was packed with young teens partying hard. Abhay guided the way through the party people keeping Pia close to him. Abhay hedged forwards to the group of students they'd met at College. Aarti and Sneha were already seated with their alcoholic drinks budging over to make room for Pia to sit next to them. Abhay gave the girls all a warm smile.
Abhay to the girls-I'll go get U all some drinks on me ok? I won't be long. Just give me your orders and i'll go get them for U ok?
Pia unwilling to let Abhay out of her sight glared at him-U aren't leaving me here Abhay. I'll come with U.
Abhay kissed Pia's cheek reassuring her-I'm not going any where Pia. I'll be here promise. Just enjoy yourself OK. Let your hair down and stop worrying about me. I won't be long.
Aarti to Pia-Don't worry there's a lot of security here so Abhay's safe Pia. U don't have to worry about another girl making a beeline for hi either. We'll all kill him for U if he makes the wrong move.
Pia nervously laughed-Oh i only have Abhay here so i get a little anxious. Abhay knows to behave himself.
Abhay gave Pia a wink-I know Pia. Now enjoy yourself.
Pia saw Abhay make his way to the bar keeping her eyes firmly on him. She couldn't help but follow him with her gaze. Pia felt very protective of Abhay and a little insecure. The past week it was only her and Abhay and not having him with her was a little upsetting. Abhay came back with the drinks only to disappear on her again. Pia's heart sank. Pia had lost Abhay amongst the crowd. She was frantically searching for him with her eyes. Where did he get to now? How could she enjoy herself when she did't know where he was? Pia took a sip of her her drink tapping her feet against the floor.

Sneha got up with the girls to the dance floor taking Pia's hand-No more moping around Pia. Abhay is probably chatting away with some of his new friends. U might as well enjoy yourself.

Abhay was busy in the back bringing out fresh glasses to the main bar lifting the crates on a trolley to fill in the barrels of beer. He was being shown the ropes by a fellow employee. Abhay learnt how to pour beer from the tap trying a few go's and then he'd started to get the hang of it. There was a queue of eager cutomers waiting to get smashed. Abhay had his first order of Vodka shots very easy to do until he had to multi task. Luckily he still had his vampire powers helping him with his memory skills working in overdrive. He started getting several orders complete at a fast rate impressing the owner of the Club. Abhay was on a roll.

Abhay scanned passed all the crowd to see where Pia was smiling at her pouty features looking a little lost. His heart went out to Pia. She wasn't enjoying this night out at all without him but they needed money to keep their home running smoothly. Pia would have to learn to live a few hours without him each night. Another female gave Abhay a wicked smile. Abhay returned his flirtatious dimpled smile back.

Abhay to the girl-What can i get for U?
The girl winked at Abhay-U?
Abhay declined sweetly-Already taken i'm afraid. Can i get U anything else?
The girl licked her lips-This never stops guys from wandering now does it? I don't mind if your taken. I like the thrill of taking what belongs to others. I'm a pure bad girl. The names Preeti by the way.
Abhay still smiling-Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not into a bad girls. I prefer girls who don't snatch what doesn't belongs to them. I like your spirit though. U really are a gutsy kind of girl. So what would U like to drink?
Preeti smiled back-I'll have Rum and Coke. So who is this lucky girl U won't do the dirty on?
Abhay pointed Preeti in Pia's direction with his eyes-My girlfriends a little unpredictable and i she caught U with me she won't just kill me she'll kill U too so if U love those hair extensions of yours and want to remain untouched i suggest U find some other guy to hit on.
Preeti collared Abhay and kissed his lips startling the life out of him. What happened to his vampire powers he thought?-Done! I don't like being threatened by anyone. If your girlfriend wants a fight she's welcome to one. I'm not as defenceless as i look.

Abhay saw Preeti run to her group of girls giggling away hearing Preeti boasting on how she's bagged herself a date with him. He tutted thinking girls will be girls. Then came another group of guys for some more refills. Abhay managed to clear the queue very fast and began to work a sweat now. This was what a hard days work felt like. He forgot what it was like to earn a living. To feel the sweat dripping all over his body. It was damn good to be human.

Pia finally saw Abhay serving people behind the bar and almost started sprinting towards him confused at what was going on. She'd also seen that stupid girl all over Abhay. Then she saw him looking a little worn out and handing out drinks to people and charging for them. Pia ordered a drink from Abhay. 

Pia was a little pensive watching Abhay work for a living made her feel a mix of pride in the guy she was in love with and a little emotional. Pia trusted Abhay and knew that girl was just a desperate attention seeking wannabe-Can i get a shot of Vodka Abhay?
Abhay gave Pia his most dazzling smiles he only had reserved for her-For U Pia anything. (Abhay passed the drink to Pia who'd taken a swig of it down) How do U like my new job?
Pia started getting misty eyed-Oh Abhay why are U doing this? (Her tears started to fall down her cheek) I can't see U working so hard. U have College to contend with and now work. How will U manage? You'll wear youself out.
Abhay kissed Pia's hand-Your worried i'll run myself down Pia. U know i have the stamina of a healthy newborn human with all the advantages of a supernatural. We need the money and i want to do this for us Pia. After all your designer outfits done come in a budget.
Pia frowned-Then i'll give it all up Abhay if it means U don't have to work.
Abhay explained to Pia stroking her hand-Pia, U should be proud of me instead of trying to persuade me out of working. Money will run out one day so i might as well make the most of the abilities i do have and use them. U will want for nothing Pia. I love U.
Pia kissed Abhay over the counter-I love U too Abhay. (Wipes away her tears) These are just tears of joy i guess. U love me too much. But no flirting with the customers. I know how these girls operate. They like to get drunk and hit on the hottest guy they see. Then do dares.
Abhay arched his brow-Sounds like this is something you've already done (reading her mind) Jeh! (Abhay frowned)
Pia touched Abhay's cheek-Jeh was just a firend Abhay. A dare i did based on a stupid bet by my stupid sister. I was another person then thanks to U.
Another girl came over this time ordering another drink and started with another one liner-So your new here?
Abhay was fed up of these lines now-No i'm not new here. Been here for a few hours now so i'm 2 hours old. U want redrum huh?
The girl was bewildered-Yeah. But i wanted...
Pia rolled her eyes-He's already taken. Go find another sucker.

Abhay laughed seeing the girl sulking back to her table with her friends-U didn't have to be so curt. 
Pia glared at Abhay-Nobody so much as breathes near U. Now when is your shift over so we can have one dance and then head home. I'm not leaving U with these girls. I've already seen a small demo already (pointing at the girl Preeti.) If i see her here with U again i will scratch her eyes out.
Abhay defended himself-Pia i didn't...
Pia smiled at Abhay-I know Abhay. U aren't aware how fast us girls work! Abhay i trust U baby ok? 

Abhay smirked watching Pia's possessive tone-In a few hours ok and then we can head back home.

After the 2 hours were up Pia finally got her dance with Abhay holding him tightly around her moving slowly to the music in the background. She was tired but not tired enough not to admire those grey eyes that had spellbound Pia. Abhay was her rock. Pia wanted to do so much more for him but felt like she was a little useless. All she knew were either studying and fashion. Pia wanted to get a job as well but Abhay shook his head.

Abhay to Pia-Don't even think about getting a job Pia. (He said in an ambiguous tone) Unlike U i am still a little highly charged. I need U paying more attention on studying Pia ok? And i want all your attention on me. On us? I want U to feel like U are at home Pia. I don't want U run ragged baby. I need us both to pass for our future ok?
Pia nodded-I love U Abhay. I can't stop saying it i know but after almost losing U i feel like i need U to know this.
Abhay kissed Pia's lips-I love U too Pia.

They finally arrived at the home on Nipinsy Road. Abhay takes his shoes off and Pia takes her heels off. Abhay  gives Pia a kiss on her lips and head to his room leaving Pia on her own. Abhay shut the door behind him and crashed on his bed clutching his hands to his heart in agony muffling his screams into a pillow so Pia wouldn't hear him. He suffered this pain in silence for a week now. He didn't want to worry Pia.
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