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amazing update, abhay wanted to indepedent for pia, good, nice update
Angel 2ABHAY will do what it takes for his PIA. Give her all the comforts of the world.
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wow great story plz update soon
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wow what an update ... so cute .thanks for pm...cont soon
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Awesome update aysha abhiya were very cute luvly update m enjoyng it vry much nd m vry sry for late reply thanks for the pm tc:-)
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continue soon
plz pm me
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:Chapter 3::I'll do anything for U::

First thing Abhay did was leave early in the morning to ask the manager of club Hex for a night job as one of their bar men. Abhay needed good money and working behind the bar was good money and it suited his timetable. Abhay was psyched about getting his first job this too on his first attempt at a job hunt. He hoped Pia would be thrilled about it. This would be a good surprise for her he thought now they had no worries on money coming in. Abhay shook the owners hand for giving him this job and rushed straight home.
Pia shimmered in Abhay's radiant glowing handsome features with a wide smile on hs face-Abhay where did U get to? I went to your room looking for U baby. (Gave him a hug) Never leave me again without saying a word Abhay.
Abhay circled his arms around Pia looking at her sexy pouty lips-Pia i didn't want to disturb U so i left early. I left U a note on the kitchen table.
Pia turned round to head towards the kitchen and saw she'd placed the mail on top of the note-I must have missed it. We have our first day of College to attend and our cookery class remember?
Abhay smiled at Pia-I know Pia. Like i'd forget our first day. U are looking very hot in your jeans and cute red top but i think those earring need to go.
Pia frowned-But Misha gave them to me. It reminds me of home.
Abhay handed Pia her very on locket placing it round her neck-Now Misha will go wherever U go around your neck like she's hugging U. So U can wear these earrings i've bought for U.
Pia took the old pair off and placed the sparkling ruby earrings in but they were too expensive-Thanks Abhay. They're beautiful. They must have set U back quite a bit? Abhay i've tried them on i think U should take them back.
Abhay felt his feelings were hurt, his grey eyes tried not to show any emotion but Pia felt her heart break-U mean U didn't really like them?
Pia touched Abhay's cheek with her hand trying to reason with him-No baby. I loved them but they are too expensive and we are trying to live on a budget meaning we have to be careful wit our money. U said we can't afford to use our credit cards or dip into any savings just in case Jeh tracks us down. We have to be careful baby. Look at what we've already spent money on? Its on what we need the most Abhay for everyday use. Clothes we need them and furniture. We don't need to buy anything too extravagant.
Abhay kissed Pia's sweet lips. He never thought the day would come when Pia who was used to buying expensive designer gear would be talking about living on a budget-Pia it's just a one off ok. I wanted to treat my girlfriend to something special ok? Now stop worrying about the finances and leave it all to me. 
Pia looking a little worried-But Abhay...I can't ok? 
Abhay folded his arms turning his back to Pia-Why do U have to be stubborn Pia? Fine then forget College i'm not going now. My mood is off.
Pia turned to face Abhay trying to make up with him-Fine. We won't take them back ok? Now smile for me. U are just as stubborn Abhay Raichand. Don't think i'm not on to U yet?
Abhay gave Pia his killer look-Pia you'll never get the best of me. Nobody can not even U. We'd better get going or we'll get a good scolding from our lecturers on our first day. I've booked home economic sessions as an extra unit seeming as we are a little behind on our course. Should give us ample opportunity to learn how to cook.

On their way to their first session they met Ms Avasthi who was teaching them all to make the perfect omelette and boiling the perfect egg. Pia and Abhay both over boiled their egg and now it was on to their next task of making french toast which came out extra crsipy. Pia was hoping to erfect their last task. Pia had chopped most of her spring onions finely then placing two eggs into a bowl whisking it and then seasoned it adding a dash of cheese in the mixture while Abhay struggled cutting his not knowing his own capabilities cutting his finger a little wincing in pain. Pia gasped at the sight of Abhay's blood quickly placing his finger in her mouth sucking the blood cleaning his finger taking Abhay by surprise. 

Pia gave Abhay her worried look-Abhay, U need to stop looking at me when U are cutting baby. Your almost human now.
Abhay smiled at his first human cut. It felt good to feel pain-I wish you'd stop worrying over me Pia. I'm not a wall flower. 
Pia helped Abhay crack the eggs open taking out some of the egg shells for Abhay then handed him his bowl. Pia smelt something burning and switched the gas off-I should have placed it on low heat.
Abhay helped-I still have most of my batter just crack another 2 eggs in this. I think i overdid it with the onions and the coriander. 

They both made a good attempt on their first dish they'd ever cooked together. Ms Avasthi was impressed by the teamwork of Abhay and Pia.

MS Avasthi took a taste of the omelette on her pallet-Very good the both of U. Needs a little more seasoning but its always best to under seasoned than over season. 

Abhay and Pia both gave each other a satisfied high 5-Thank U mam.

Ms Avasthi nodded-We have averted one cooking disaster but cooking is about trial and error. Its about experimenting with flavours, being creative be it with colour or ingredients. U have to Savour food for its gives life to us with essential vitamins and minerals. Explore food and see how far U can go. Let your imagination run wild. Next session we will all be learning the art of making a good pasta with tomato sauce from scratch. Most of us are ready for the next step.

After recess Abhay and Pia were both headed together for their business class together studying Data as their first unit. They had to play catch up on a few assignments. Abhay sat on the desk beside Pia. Aarti the girl say next to Abhay gave him a warm welcome fuelling the jealous Pia to emerge out. Abhay turned to see Pia had clenched her fists and started laughing heartily playing along with Aarti's flirtatious welcome. Abhay stroked Aarti's arm and told her about this being his first class. He is a late entrant. They all started to take notes from their lecturer. Towards the end Aarti and Abhay had another chat about plans for later on.

Aarti was intrigued by Abhay. She loved his eyes-So what are U doing after College finishes? We are all heading to this famous club Hex. U wanna tag along. U can bring a date with U if U want?
Abhay teased back-I don't have anyone i'd remotely take as a date Aarti. If U are secretly asking me if i am single then i'll gladly let U know i am playing the field so if U want to be my special friend then i'll take U up on your offer.
Pia fumed at the girl haughtily-Abhay when you've finished talking to your new special friend i'd like to tell U that i am going home. Alone!
Abhay laughed-Ok! I'll be busy with Aarti. U might as well leave.
Pia went red wanting to scratch the girls eyes out for even looking at Abhay with those lustful eyes-If U know what's good for U Abhay you'll get home with me right this minute or else...
Aarti gave Pia a sweet smile-Oh your new as well. Aarti.
Pia nodded looking at her with disdain-Pi Dobrial. I'm Abhay's girlfriend.
Aarti laughed-Ahh now i get why i have the cold glare? We were just having a harmless banter Pia. I get like this every time i see a cute guy. All the best ones are always taken. Your lucky. U might as well join us Pia at the club. Abhay's coming. U should join in as well. It will be fun.
Pia gave Aarti a blank cut off look-Maybe!

Pia gave Abhay the silent treatment on their way back to their house. Abhay couldn't help but revel in Pia's temper she looked very cute. Pia slammed the door shut behind her and got changed out of her College clothes and into her new clubbing ones. Abhay was dressed in his new uniform.

Pia pushed Abhay-So U are playing the field huh Abhay? U were openly flirting with another girl right in front of me.
Abhay took Pia in his arms-So it did bother U seeing me talk to another girl and her take interest in me. I thought since becoming a human your interest had waned in me after all i'm not the vampire U fell for any more. I am plain ordinary now. Aarti was just being friendly Pia.
Pia saw the doubt in Abhay's eyes-U know i'll always love U Abhay. The thought of another girl sickens me Abhay. U are only mine. So if i catch U with any girl i swear I'll kill them first and then you'll never see the back of Pia again. U are all mine Abhay. I could never fall out of love with U ever. I know people can't help fall for U even in your human form because U are just so lovable but everyone is off limits to U. 
Abhay kissed his sweet fiery Pia with love-I was just enjoying the burning heat from your eyes towards Aarti. U look very sexy when U are angry Pia.

Pia circled her arms around Abhay-Ok i'll let U off seeming as you've injured yourself today i won't do any damage to that handsome rugged face of yours Abhay.
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Lovely update:-) loved it:-)
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