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finally married!! :D update soon
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:Chapter 17::Honeymoon::

The morning after almost felt like a dream to Pia staring at those perfect features looking so innocent right now as opposed to last night where he was merciless in teasing her. Abhay held her close to him fast asleep naked as ever but all Pia could do right now was this moment to soak in being Pia Raichand and have Abhay with her for the rest of her life blushing red remembering the sensual soul shaking love making they'd made. Pia tried hard not to wake Abhay up moving away from him sightly only for him to hold her back into position causing him to stir. Abhay caressed Pia's face with one hand while the other kept a firm grip around her waist. He saw the shy look in Pia's eyes again looking back at him. Abhay planted a light kiss on her lips smiling brightly at her.

Abhay was back into his flirty mood again feeling very aroused by her again-Were U trying to escape from me then? Penalty points right now Pia. (She looked away from him) This will teach U not to do it again. (He loved the way she flushed so easily) Don't U want my day to go very good Pia? Won't U give your husband a special good morning kiss?
Pia simply gave Abhay a light brush of her lips on Abhay breaking away from him-Good morning Abhay! 
Abhay frowned holding Pia tighter complaining to her-Its true what they say about girlfriends! They promise to love U like crazy but once U make them your wife they shy away from making their husbands extraordinarily happy. So how was last night for U Pia? I know i'll never forget it.
Pia felt Abhay's hands trail to her waist so he was back on top of her stroking her body all around gasping back at him-Abhay!! (His eyes were burning a hole in hers) Perfect! 
Abhay gave her wide grin-We've had enough practice Pia now i want the honeymoon trailer.  I love making love to my new wife and want her to love doing the same to me. Will U Pia, give me a little demo of what i can expect on our honeymoon?
Pia in a husky voice-U.. want a demo??? (Blushing again then countered) Isn't it supposed to be your expertise to show me demo's Abhay?
Abhay loved the comeback already taking Pia's mouth again and then took her body all over again showing her a snapshot of what was in store for them both pleasuring them both again moving as one-Time we both got up and had a wash. (Abhay took Pia with him so they could spend a some time making love in the bathroom) 

As soon as they got out of their room they were greeted by Chand and Haseena eagerly awaiting for the newly married couple and gift them their tickets. Haseena noticed the glowing look on Pia's face and the playful eyes of her son obviously teasing poor Pia mercilessly as usual.

Haseena hugged her new daughter in law. Pia touched her feet-I hope Abhay hasn't pestered U too much. He has a habit of overdoing it at times.
Pia gave Abhay a quick glance and blushed again-Mom do U want me to make U something? Something sweet like rice pudding. 
Haseena knew about the customs needed to be performed the new brides but Pia had already gifted them the sweetest gift of life-No need now that i'm human i need to start being careful with what i eat.
Chand handed Abhay tickets to Virgin Islands then a round to Cuba to the Dominic Republic Islands-Enjoy it son. Its beautiful and a little more exotic.
Abhay already loved the sound of this place where he and Pia could get very busy away from people-Thanks Dad. When does it leave?
Chand responded all too fast-Today so i suggest U get ready fast.
Abhay to his father sounding a little curious-Why the hurry?
Chand hinted at Haseena-Do U understand now?
Abhay played with his brow-Dad U too? (Turns round to Pia) I'll pack and U let your family know e are off on our honeymoon.
Pia nodded calling Misha beamed-Hi!!
Misha already asking the all important question-Sod how was Abhay? U know any good. Did he pounce U or did U pounce him?
Pia went scarlet again-I shut up. We are going on honeymoon Misha today.
Misha gaped in shock-Wow U both must have been very loud if Chand uncle is kicking U both out. Tell Jiju hi from me.
Pia would return the same curtesey back to Misha when she tied the knot with Kabir and enjoy Misha cringing-Tell Mom (Pia had a conversation with Madhoo)

Abhay got the bag and Pia and bolted out of the door as fast as he could so they could have some more alone time with each other. He was adamant on making Pia his again but this time she had to show him just how much she wanted him. On their flight Abhay held Pia's hand in his kissing them. Pia leant on Abhay's shoulders falling fast asleep still exhausted from last nights action. Abhay thought to himself that Pia could sleep all she wanted but they'd be no sleeping on their honeymoon.

After a few days they were finally at Virgin Islands where it was scorching hot. The weather was beautiful and the view was impeccably serene and peaceful. Pia needed a shower fast. Her hair was a little wild and Abhay wasn't helping her much either playing with her hair whenever they were kissing. They entered their place of residence taking in the regal feel of this beautiful home was breath taking. 

Abhay placed the very light bag on the ground pretending it was very heavy grunting hoarsely. Pia rushed to his side to make sure he was ok-Do U need a rest? I told U i'd carry the thing half way or i'd help U at least. U have to take it easy. 
Abhay wanted to reassure Pia-Pia will U ever stop worrying about me? I'm perfectly fine. I just wanted a little TLC from my loving wife. 
Pia shook her head-After i've had a wash Abhay please. Its been 2 days and we've been in the same clothes too.
Abhay had a naughty idea-Why don't we both go take a wash together huh this way i get my wife to scrub me clean and i get to make love to U too. Don't U want to wash your dirty husband Pia?
Pia ran away from Abhay who was busy chasing her in their new place but he caught her anyway and shut the bathroom door behind them. Abhay switched on the shower jumping in with Pia already undressing her while he did the same cleaning each other filling the bath tub up in the process. They lay down together in each others arms and started making mad passionate love there. Abhay washed Pia's hair with shampoo lathering it properly and did the same with him and dried each other out of the wash room wrapping themselves in a towel.

Pia opened the suitcase to get an outfit out but was shocked to only see a bathing 2 set bikini piece a few negligees, some lingerie and boxer shorts turning round to face Abhay folding her arms-Abhay where are our clothes? U said U packed.
Abhay smirked arching his brow teasing Pia-I did pack. All the essentials you'd need for a honeymoon. Whats the need for clothes anyway? Its not like we'll be wearing any. But i got a few items for your benefit i know how shy U get so U walking around naked should be a welcome change and those very provocative 2 piece sets should suffice for now.
Pia averted her eyes away from Abhay's hungry eyes clearly checking her out again-Abhay!!! (Sounding a little annoyed) What if we get cold???What if we have guests??? 
Abhay laughed holding Pia's slender frame against his kissing her neck softly whispering-Its scorching hot. I'm sure people around here don't wear much clothes either. If we get guests its cool they can watch us make love i don't mind having an audience. We can buy U an entire new wardrobe from here but not right now. 
Pia was a little awestruck by Abhay's blatant naughty ways of thinking-U can't be serious! (She was stumbling on words now while Abhay was in good spirits planting a trail of hot kiss across Pia's back) You're killing me.
Abhay smiled-This is the plan. I want a very naked Pia in my arms.

Pia began melting under Abhay's touch again. He unwrapped the towel off of Pia placing her on the bed-Abhay!
Abhay toyed with Pia a little more-Why do people call this a honeymoon Pia?
Pia trembled in Abhay's arms shyly locking her eyes with Abhay's-Why?
Abhay smugly divulged-Because its all sweet like honey were couples moon at each other baring all making mad passionate love all day and all night long. Show me the full film Pia. 
Pia flirted back sounding husky-U need to show me the full Demo first then ...

Abhay took Pia's mouth drinking from those luscious rosy lips he was playing with his tongue then deepened the kiss so Pia could start to play with him back. She started to play with his hair following his lead. Pia wound up chewing on Abhay's lips smiling at him with mischief. Abhay in return squeezed Pia's butt making her gasp in reflex. Pia's fingers trailed his chest now kissing his cheeks and then his throat.

Abhay rasped in satisfaction-Much better Pia. But i want more. I want the full movie marathon session here.
Pia was self aware again-Abhay i...
Abhay had to show Pia the ropes on how to lighten up by placing Pia's hands on his butt then moved them to his crotch watching her eyes completely dilate while she was trying not to stare-See how hard i am Pia! What U do to me just by a mere kiss, a mere touch.

Pia took Abay's mouth again while playing with his privates with Abhay's guidance. He eventually removed his hands away from Pia's so she could do her own thing. Abhay in return was enjoying the new side to Pia now squeezing her breasts firmly massaging them making Pia moan in delight.

Abhay kissed Pia's mouth with intensity making sure he barely let her breathe. He was going besides himself now with Pia had fully aroused his manhood bursting to go into Pia's moist core. He removed Pia's hands from there and entered her quickly and started to pulsate himself into her moving fast while Pia moved to his pace letting Abhay consume her fully groaning in pleasure. She started to rasie her hips towards him so he could go deeper making him very pleased at what a quick study she was in the art of making love.

They both climaxed together and spent the entire night making love. In fact the entire week sped by like this. Abhay and Pia would walk around their place naked taking each other in every room from the kitchen, to the tables, to the bedroom and at night sometimes in their back yard watching the stars witnessing sometimes star crossed lovers could find their own happy ever after. Both used their cooking skills to feed each other. Then make love again.

Abhay on the phone to the tourist station wanting to book a few sessions on a jet boat so they could head to Cuba for their next destination. Pia had washed their old clothes and wore them again. On the boat ride Abhay kept Pia very close to him while the nice man steered the ship. Pia felt a little seasick so Abhay made her face him and not focus on the unstaedy motions of the ride there. 

Abhay got his speedo's on to show Pia how to water skii for fun. It was one of the skills he'd learnt but he ended up scaring Pia-This is fun U want to try? (She was shouting at him to be careful unable to see him gliding through the water) Join me Pia.
Pia a little apprehensive-No i'll pass thanks. Abhay stop being such a daredevil and hold the bloody rope with both hands. 
Abhay wasn't taking no for an answer so he bartered-Fine but stop worrying. We'll we still have a scuba diving session left. U have to join in Pia. I want to show U a good time. I'm not one of those husbands who'll keep their wives indoors all the time. Although its very fin i want U to participate in other things as well.
Pia was up for scuba diving-I'll take scuba diving. Thanks. Abhay but any time i spend with U is worth it.
Abhay felt Pia hug him as soon as he got back on the boat-You're not just saying it. 
Pia smiled brightly-I'll show U later on just how much i love spending time with U.
Abhay liked where this was going-Promise. U won't go all shy and make me play alone.
Pia pulled his cheek-Promise.

Now in Cuba Abhay decided they were in need of some new clothes so he bough one beautiful mini dress for Pia and for himself a T-shirt and some shorts. They were placed in a small little hut near the seaside. Abhay brought in some supplies and some treats for later on he thought with another silly grin on his face. He prepared the appetizers and main meals leaving the desert in the fridge for later.

They both took their food outside laying it on a blanket watching the sunset while they ate and spent a little time checking out some photos they'd taken from the past week they'd been on honeymoon. Pia interlocked her fingers with Abhay's relaxing then lay down taking in the beauty of the place. Abhay lay on Pia's stomach with her getting back up kissing his lips softly.

Abhay smirked again-There's no body here. I was wondering hold that thought one minute. Our instructors coming to take us soon for our lesson from one of the centres.
Pia held Abhay's hand as he led her for a little stroll lasting a long time-U said a small stroll Abhay i feel like we've walked forever.

There a man came to take them for their adventurous diving session. Pia suited up in her jump suit. She wore the goggles, flippers and carried a tank of oxygen with her. Abhay did the same holding her hand going underwater for a while with pacifiers providing them with oxygen. They both swam and too more pictures. It was a real thrill for Pia experiencing this moment with Abhay. She'd never known him to be so outgoing nor pro-active before. He was almost like a different person. They both swam around each other floating in the sea.

Once they'd reached the surface Abhay took off his goggles then his flippers thanking the man for showing them a good time. They'd booked in more sessions heading back home now. Abhay had made plans to do more f these activities when they got back home. He wanted to go para-sailing, get the most out of life with Pia. 

Pia was on a buzz right now crashing on their bed. Abhay had brought out desserts for them to share-Yum! Strawberries, cream and chocolate. Nice combination Abhay. I'll just...
Abhay hid the desserts behind him now-They are not meant to be consumed this way Pia.
Pia's eyes widened-I just want a taste. U know i can't resist chocolate.
Abhay took off his T-Shirt then his boxers while Pia could only guess what he was up to?
Abhay got the chocolate sauce and spreaded it all over his chest rasining his brow smirking-Now U can taste it.
Pia flushing red again-What??? 
Abhay took off Pia's dress and the rest of her clothes spreading whipped cream over her breasts the licked it off of her-This tastes so much better now. (Takes a bite out of the bowl full of strawberries) U promised to show me a good time Pia what happened to your promises huh?
Pia reluctantly stuck her tongue out and licked off the chocolate from his chest listening to him let out a satisfied groan-Yummy. (Pia began to find the siren within her by licking Abhay's mouth covered in cream harshly exploring it and then nibbled on his bottom lip pushing him to their bed playing with him like a pro now) You're going to wish U never started this game Abhay. Vous le vous couz chez avec moi Abhay?
Abhay was already turned on-Lay it on me Pia.

Pia stroked Abhay's chest and kissed him all over then gave him a devilish look biting her bottom lip as she began to push Abhay inside of her slowly for the first time rocking her hips with his slowly at first and then to the beats of her hearts content calling out his name.
Pia gave a delirious look of her sexiest smug look-Je-taime Abhay.

Abhay started to roll Pia over so he could ravage her telling her how much he loves in in the language of love.

Abhay whispers in Bangla-Ami tumake Bhalo bashi (Thrusting deep inside of her then in spanish) Te quiero Pia. (German) I ch liebe la diche.
Pia felt Abhay dig even deeper making her scream out in pleasure a little breathless-Are U trying to give me a thesaurus on a list of i love yous? (Plays with his chest with her finger) How about Main tumse bohot pyar karthi hoon? U could have said all of this on our wedding night. Or last week. Why now?
Abhay explains to Pia-U were to shy then and i was a little impatient. Pia i want this treatment every night. (In Italian) Ti amo Pia.  
Pia writhed her body pushing up against Abhay's a lot harder to show him she was in agreement-I can't wait what else you'll do to me!

The following 2 weeks later they were in Puerto Rico in the shopping mall shopping for clothes. They were in drastic need of them now with all of Pia's undergarments all either ripped or ruined thanks to Abhay's rough handing of her. They were busy spending as much money as possible on sexy attire. Pia quite liked minimal clothes or none at all now luring Abhay to sleep with her wherever she wanted although she preferred his style of making love. 

Pia saw Abhay buy some edible underwear making Pia completely blush-Abhay!!!
Abhay made full use of Pia's weak moment by picnhing her butt-I can't wait to eat it off of U and see U completely naked.
Pia hid her face to hide how red it was going-You're too much.
Abhay teased back-I know.

Back to their new abode Pia placed all her bags down to try out some of the items they'd bought and then checked the calendar on her mobile jumping up and down realising what this day meant. Abhay sat himself down feeling a little tired. 

Pia threw herself on Abhay filled with joy-Tonights your last night Abhay. After this night you'll be fully human again.
Abhay hadn't realised the significance of this night-Oh yeah. I should tell Mom this news.
Pia started to kiss Abhay as hard as she could to show her approval-Lets celebrate Abhay!!! (Runs off to grab the bottle of Vodka and starts laying out the shots) To Us?
Abhay drank and saw Pia had gotten hold of some sliced lemons and sprinkled salt on her cleavage-Pia!!!
Pia feeling a little merry wanted to see how the hen night would have played out had they done it then?-I want to ave some fun Abhay.
Abhay startled licking the salt off of Pia and then took the lime from her mouth. (Pia sprinkled the salt on Abhay's chest and licked it off of him taking the shot and lemon)-U feeling the effects yet? I want to remember what we did though.

They both made the wildest love they'd ever make but Abhay had ended up hurting Pia a little from some of his hard thrusts wincing at the sharp pain he'd felt. Pia wouldn't let him get out of her for fear of the unknown future. She kept him safe inside of her wanting to feel part of what Abhay went through every night for the past 6 months. 

Abhay looking at her with regret-I'm so sorry Pia. I didn't mean...
Pia hushed Abhay with her mouth-I quite liked making rough love. The rush U get from it. Abhay U didn't hurt me baby. I think the alcohol takes off the edge.
Abhay gave a weak smile-I think we should call it a night don't U? We have to get back in a few days time.
Pia with a conviction stated bluntly-What happened to enjoying the last night of our honeymoon Abhay? Don't U want to try the edible...(Blushing scarlet) I was hoping to try it on now.
Abhay was already swayed by Pia but warned her-Pia i might hurt U! I'm not...
Pia already ejected Abhay out of her and started to show Abhay off in her newest design-So what are U waiting for husband dear? I'm here to burn all of your energies out of U.

Abhay took bites out of the panties licking it off off of Pia and then made his way back to her lips again while Pia nibbled his ear stroking his neck playing with the nape of his long hair now. Abhay slotted himself back into Pia again this time trying to exert as much energy out of him so he was busy not thinking about the sharp on and off pains. Pia arched herself up a little so Abhay had the maximum effect of her body finally understanding what made the other tick sexually pleasuring each came to her like second nature. Pia started to feel the impact of Abhay's body on hers going through her like an electric current.

Pia let Abhay relieve himself one last time laying his head on her chest while Pia kept her hand firmly on Abhay's heart making sure it was beating permanently and not on off like in the past.

Pia planted a kiss on Abhay's forehead letting him know-This past month has been the best days of my life Abhay. I don't want to go back.
Abhay felt Pia's chest rise and fall concurring-I know. I don't want to go back either. I won't get to have U all to myself day or night.
Pia saw the bright side was they'd made the most of their time together-Now i can rest knowing everything will be back to normal again Abhay. We can be like ordinary couples. We have our results to come back. Mom and Dad will be adjusting their lives with us. It will be just the two of us with your parents.
Abhay was fast asleep by now worn out by the attack of the night and from their love making.
Pia whispered-I will always love U Abhay. You'll never feel pain again. Together forever Abhay this i promise U.

Scene fades out
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OMG...OMG... my laptop screen is burning...what have you done Ayesha Blushing
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whipped cream and chocolate... Wink OMG... u once thought of including it in my FF but backedout thinking it would be too much but now i will surely...thanks to u Big smile
your make me speechless with your romantic updates... Clap Clap
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super hot update
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