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hi Tongue

guys me,guddi and pritika(angadkripafan)Wink will be continuing the fan fic , miss_innocent started it n i dont know she dint continue after some time ....n i dint want such a cute story to go like this only in mid so thought of continuing it

for your Convenient  i will copy paste the starting part fist and post new by 2morrow

starting parts r written by miss_innocent

this is my n guddis first try so plsssss if u like if post comments, though pritika has written one befor Wink

Part 1

character introduction:

Khanna Family is one of the richest and prestigous family living in India

Dilip:  head of the family.....one of the top businessman...he is hardworking and loves his family alot.....wants the best for his children....very strict w/ his youngest son Angad who is thinks is spoiled by everyone

Naina: very outgoing and a friendly independent career women, helps dipip w/ the family business.....loves her children and wants their happiness.

Karithik: 26 years old, loves and respects his family and he joined the family business.......his weakness is his brother Angad who he loves alot and  helps Angad out of tight situation when ever he gets into trouble

Aliya: the jaan of the khanna family she is closest to Angad and Prithvi. She is the youngest and spoiled by her to brothers

dadi: the oldest in the family, respected by everyone.......she is very fond of her grandson Angad

Prithvi: he is Dilip's brothers son. His parents died in a car accident when he was 10 years old and since then he lives with Dilip and Naina. He is very close to Dilip and Naina who love him like their own son. His bestfriend is Angad, but they are complete opposites. He is nice and soft spoken.

*Angad: he is , spoiled, charming, a big flirt and handsome .  Everygirl wants him and every guy wants to be like him, he is also very hot headed. He is 23 years old.

 The Sharma Family is also one the richest

Aditya: a very successfull lawyer.......loves his family alot....he is easygoing....he has given his daughters freedom but within limits

Gayatri: a typical housewife......loves her family alot and wants their  happiness

Misty: the oldest daughther, she is friendly and sweetest person.......she always covers up for Kirpa when needed

* Kirpa: the youngest of the Sharma family, she is 22 years old. She loves to have fun and she can charm her way out of any situation. She is also a flirt, and spoilded by everyone in the family, she is very short temperd.

 About the Story:

Dilip and Aditya are childhood friends and their families are very close too. The sharma's have been settled in London for 19 years and due to this the two families haven't met for a long time but kept in touch.  Now  they see their dream coming true because the Sharma's have decided to move back in India.  Naina and Gayatri always had a dream of getting Angad and Kirpa  married.

written by - miss_innocent




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Part: 2

This is first time i'm writing a story, plz tell me is i should continue or not. Also I don't know anything about Mumbai since I live in Canada so i will be making up someplaces

Everyone in the Khanna family were very happy since Sharma's are moving back to India. Dilip and Aditya are childhood friends. Aditya moved to London with his family and now he is returning back to India b/c he wants to concentrate in his business in India.

The Sharma's had just entered their house in Mumbai..... and the first thing Adiya did was call his bestfriend. Dilip asks Aditya to come for dinner and he agrees. Meanwhile Kirpa decides to go shopping

Kirpa pissed off at the mumbai traffic and herself for not asking directions parks her car in the middle of the road. When she got out she saw a eldery man carrying a bag of tomatoes and a basket filled w/ eggs she decides to ask him for directions. She gets out of the car and stands in front of her car

Kirpa to the man
k: kya aap please mujhe shopping mall ka directions bataga
The elderly man was telling her the directions when at the same time Angad driving his sports car and talking to someone on the phone at the same time doesn't see the car parked in the middle of the road and bumps into Kirpa's car. Since Kirpa was standing in front of the car she falls on top of the elderly man breaking all the eggs and squshing the tomatoes

Kirpa who was now boiling in anger gets up: who the hell did this......looks at the red sports car and points at it
K: get out the car right now
Angad thinking : damn should have listened to all the warnings about not driving and talkin on the cell at the same time.......and then thinks how the hell is it my fault she is the one who parked her car in the middle of the road
he gets out of the car and when he saw Kirpa thinks: damn she's sexy, should i ask her out

at the same time thinking: wow he's hot but then remembers about the accident

Kirpa: aankha(eyes) nehi hai kya....yeha meri car ki headlites thoor di and vaha uss (pointing at the man)poor guy ka eggs thoor diya aur tomatoes squash kar diya.....nuksaan kaun bharaga......tere baap

before Angad caould say something the elderly guy comes goes up to Kirpa and says: jaana da na bati.....chakal sa to shareef llag raha hai

K: shareef shakal sa to yea loafer lag raha

Angad who is totally pissed off: yo princess.....how the hell is it my fault u are the one who parked the car in the middle of the road

Angad: well princess its ur fault ur the one who who had parked in the middle of the road

Kirpa yelling: oya if i had parked my car in the middle of the road u cauld have at least used your cars horn
to warn me

Angad: pehla to sadak ka beech car park karthi ho upar sa instead of saying sorry ur blaming me

K: shakal sa to accha ghar ka lagta ho.....but manners sa tapoori lagta ho

A: yo chipkali....who the hell are you to judge me

and start arguing, by now a small group of people are watching them fighting and they have also created a traffic jam
A police inspector comes

Police officer: what the hell is going on here

Kirpa: dekhiya na pehla to peecha sa car thook ta hai aur phir aaga sa chipkali bool ta hai

Angad: i'm sorry tum chipkali nehi atom bomb ho

Kirpa: you called me a atom bomb......you bundhar

Angad: pehla loofer, phir tapoori aur ab bundar....wait i'm not going to leave you

the inspector who had a enough of their nonsense tells them to leave or else they will have to spend on whole day in the jail

They both reluctuntlly leave but vow to kill each other the next time they meat


After kirpa reaches home , she tells Misthy about the accident
Misthy: i sure it was ur fault....poor guy

K: poor guy......di if i ever see him again, i will...

before she cauld complete her sentence Gayatri comes and tells them to get ready b/c they will be going to the Khanna's house in 1 hour

highlights for the next part: Angad and Kirpa meet again in the khanna house

written by - miss_innocent

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part 3

The sharma's have just arrived at the Khanna Mansion, everyone is there except for Angad and Prithvi. All the elders are talkin among themselves and Misthy and Karthick are sitting quitely, looking at each other when the other isn't. Kirpa is sitting on the sofa bored listenin 2 the boring conversation the elders are having. Suddenly the door bell rang and Kirpa voluntered to open the door.
Kirpa opened the door and came face to face w/ a shocked Angad

both at the same time said: TUM

Angad: what the hell are you doing in my house

Kirpa: you house.....if i had known before that this is your house i would never have come here

Angad: well know you do....so y don't you leave right now

Kirpa: fine i will......u bundar

Angad: tum mujhe bundar kyun khati rathi ho.....i have a name Angad.....Angad Khanna......ok chipkali

Kirpa: james bond ki aulad......even i have a name Kirpa so quit calling me a chipkali

Angad: well Kirpa ji.....mujhe par ek kirpa kar do aur jao yeaha sa

Kirpa: tum hota koun ho mujhe jaana ko khanna wala.mujhe yeaha Dilip uncle aur Naina aunty na invite kiya tha.....got it....aur mein yeaha so tab hi jaaongi when i feel like it......bundar

Angad who is totally pissed off right now decides to pick Kirpa up and throw her out of the house. He moves forward and is about to pick her up when Kirpa starts to yell at him and Misthi and Karthick come out of their dreamland and decide to check who is making all the noice

The both find kirpa and Angad pulling each others hair and yelling at each other, Mishti and Karthick run up to them and Karthick pulls Angad away adn Misthi pulls Kirpa away

Karthick: yea kya ho raha hai.....why are you both behaving like 5 year old kids

Angad: bro don't ask me.....ask that chipkali

Kirpa: well you quit calling me a chipkali.you bundar

Angad: no i won't....kya karo gi tum

Kirpa: mein tumha.....mein tumha....woh

Angad: haan kya karo gi bola.bola..booooola

Kirpa: you jerk....di leave me i'm goin to kill him

Angad: bhai leave....mein iss churail ko maar daloonga

Karthick: stop it both of you...kaisa baccho ki thara lar raho.....what will mom, uncle and aunty think.i don't wan't to hear one word from both of you got it

Kirpa is about to say something when Misthi tells her to shut up

Misthi: now both of you act like mature adults and now quit giving each other mean looks and shack hands and smile each other

Angad and Kirpa at the same time: what

Misthi: i'm telling you both to smile at each other and shck hands not marry each other

Karthick: listen to her

both Kirpa and Angad shck hands and when they are about to pull away Kirpa pinches Angad

Angad: mein tumhe nehi choodonga.chipkali

Kirpa: iss sa pehla mein tumha nehi choodongi....bundar

before they could continue.Misthi tells them to shut up adn tells them to go where Naina, Dilip, Aditya and Gayatri are talking. Throughout the whole time Misthi and Karithick try there best to keep Kirpa and Angad away from each other who are busy planning about how to make each others life hell. Mean while naina and Gayatri are privatly smiling at each other thinking about the conversation they just had w/ Dilip and Aditya about Misthi adn Karitik's marriage and Angad and Kirpa's marriage. Now all they had to do was ask them.

Gayatri and Naina decide to ask Misthi and Karithik about the marriage since they saw them stealing glances at each other. And as expected their answer was yes. Naina asks Kirpa to bring sweets from the kitchen and kripa agrees. Once in the kitchen Kirpa still mad at Angad gets an idea and she breaks two ladoo's in half and puts red chilli in it. She gives everyone ladoos and when Angad is about to get it and picks the ladoo w/ marchi up and giving Angad one of sweetest smiles gives the ladoo to Angad. Angad who has mixed feelings about the Ladoo Kirpa gave him is about to put it back down when Karthik gives him a look and whispers eat it and angad reluctuntley puts it in his mouth.
Everyone was eating ladoos when suddenly Angad screams.

Dilip: bata kya hoa

Angad: woh dad.....mera ladoo mein marchi hai

Naina: ladoo mein marchi....yea kya kha raho ho

Angad: mera ladoo mein marchi hai

Kirpa who is trying her best not to laugh says: tumhara matlab mein na marchi paai hai laddoo mein

Angad: haan

Dilip: angad shut up and eat ur ladoo

Angad: but dad

Kirpa meanwhile takes the ladoo with marchi from the plate and tells Angad to open his moute and Angad does. Kirpa puts the ladoo in his mouth and he has no choose but to eat it. He has tears in his eyes and runs to the kitchen to drink water and vowing to feed Kirpa all the marchi in the house. Meanwhile Kirpa is trying her best to controll her laughter and sees Misthi giving her a look. Kirpa asks her parents if they should leave since its very late thinks to herself that its best to leave before Angad comes back.

next part: Angad: Kirpa will you marry me

written by - miss_innocent

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part 4

It's been six months now since the Sharma's have moved to India. Misthi and Karthick got married, Adiitya and Dilip decided to merge their business, Angad joined the family business and Angad and Kirpa successfully avoided each other, but cauldn't stop thinking about each other.

Dilip, Naina, Aditya, and Gayatri were sitting out side the Khanna house.

N: mujhe lagta hai humma Kirpa aur Angad ki shaadi kar dani chayi

G: aap aaj shaam ko humara ghar dinner ka liya aai aur hum Kirpa aur Angad ki shaadi ki baat unn sa kartha hai

D: yea that sounds like a good idea

A: ok so decided tonight's dinner at our house


Angad is in a resturant w/ his friends Akash, Vinay, Rick and Aryan

V: Angad your so lucky....har ladki tera aaga peecha ghoom thi hai.....aur yeha hum ladkioon ka peecha ghoom tha hain aur who hummari tharaf dekh thi bhi nehi

A: that's b/c there is only one Angad.....aur koi mujh jaisa nehi baan sekhta

Akash: but Angad you have dated so many girls....and the longest you have been in a relationship was one week.....wasn't there one girl that with who you wanted a long term relationship

Angad: nope.....i still haven't found a girl with who i could spent the rest of my life with

Vinay: Angad i forgot to tell you something..guess who is came back from New York

Angad: who

Vinay: Manya

Angad totally shocked: WHAT

Ayan confused: who is Manya

Vinay: she is Angad's old girlfriend......totally crazy about him.....when Angad broke up with her.....she found out about who Angad was dating and somehow she found out where he was taking her on a date.she went to that place and started slapping and yelling at the girl....after that she followed Angad everywhere

Angad: she thinks we are meant to be togeter....ek number ki paagal hai....she scares the hell out of me

Vinay: she has been looking for you since she came back

Angad: damn ab mein kya karoo.....woh to mujhe bhi paagal kar da gi

Akash: anyways......forget about that.....want to go to the disco today

Angad: can't i have to go to Aditya uncles house for dinner

Aryan: come after dinner

Angad: fine


It's eight o'clock and everyone is sitting in the Sharma house talking Kirpa just came back from here friends house.she greets everyone and than coldly says hi to Angad and Angad returns her hi just as coldly

Aditya: Angad, Kirpa mujhe tum dono sa zaroori baat kar ni hai

Angad: ji

Naina: woh hum chata hai ka tum dono ki shaadi ho jaya

Kirpa: kis sa

Dilip: tum dono ki

Angad: what.i'm not marrying this chipkali....nerver.....ever

Kirpa: like i wanna marry u.....will rather marry Raja

Angad conjused: who is Raja

Kirpa: my dog

Angad: what the hell ur comparing me with your dog

Kirpa: of course not......i'm not going to insult Raja by comparing him to you

Gayatri: shut up Kirpa...baat karna ki tameez nehi hai

Kirpa: but mom

Aditya: enough both of you

Dilip: i'm giving bout of you two weeks.....in these two weeks both of you will try to get to know each other...and after these to weeks if both of you decide not to marry each other than......

Naina: than both of your marriage will be fixed with someone else....with sho we say.......an arranged marriage

Angad: mom i don't even you on a blind date with a girl i don't know adn u want me to marry someone who i have never seen or know about

Kirpa: i know i'm not marrying someone i don't know

Naina: well you both know each other

Kirpa: but.......

Dilip: shhhh both of you.....Angad you were doing to go to the disco after dinner.right..take Kirpa with you

Angad: dad i just changed my mind i'm not going to to the disco

Naina: when it you change ur mind

Angad: right now...i mean

Dilip: shut up.....both of you are going thats final


Angad and kirpa arrive at the disco they hadn't said one word to each other thru out the whole ride to the disco

When they enter all the attention is on Angad and Kirpa's pair......some are commenting on how perfect they look together....Kirpa heres some of them and thinks to herself: what the hell happened to their taste...me look perfect with Angad.....whatever

just then four guys come up to them

Angad: these are my friends Aryan, Akash, Vinay andRick

they say hi and all of them keep on staring at Kirpa

Kirpa: pehla koi ladhi nehi dekhi kaisa dhek raha hain mujhe...then again they are Angad;s friends what can you expect

Angad: shit.hide me.....hide me

Kirpa: what happened

Angad: manya

Kirpa confused: manya

Aryan quickly tells her about Manya's maddness for Angad

Manya comes up to them

Maya: Angad......omg.i've been looking for you since i came back......than she hugs him very tightly......i missed u soooooooo much........i'm soooooo happy now we both can finally be together.....right

Angad: woh.........mein........woh

Manya looks at Kirpa: who is she

Angad: woh hi toh..yea meri fiance hai.....we are getting married

Kirpa totally shocked was about to punch Angad when she see's Pintoa guy who had a crush on her since elemenary school......and still does.......thinking to herself: only way to get rid of him is to make Angad my fake fiance

Kirpa: yea....Nagad's my finace and we are getting married....she than holds Angad's hand

Angad who is totally shocked since he expected the opposite reaction from Kirpa just says: yea

Manya who now has tears in her eyes starts to yell at Kirpa and pulls Angad towards her and says Angad mera hai.....Kirpa see's Pinto walking towarrds her.....takes Angad's other hand and starts to pull him towards herself

Kirpa: Angad mera

Manya grabs his other hand and says Angad mera hai.....now Manya and Kirpa are playing tug o war with Angad each pulling one of Angads arms

Manya: nehi Angad sirk aur sirf mera hai

Kirpa: tum na khaha aur who tumhara ho gaya

Manya: haan

Kirpa: shut up.....me is only mine

Manya: lets ask Angad

they re still pulling him

Kirpa: Angad tell her u and me 4ever

Angad who is close to tears b/c of the pain....manages to weakly say Kirpa

Kirpa: see i told you......she then leaves his arm and sees Pinto approching her.....she goes up to Manya who is still holding Angad's arm tightly

Kirpa: let go of his hand

Manya: no....never.....Angad is only made for me

Kirpa: din't you hear me...lave his hand right now

Manya: gets scared and lets go of his hand

Manya: kirpa.Angad is only my......we will never be yours

Kirpa thinking: what the hell does she see in this bandar.....anyways mujhe kya lana than out aloud: sweety he is only mine and if i ever see you near my man again...than....

Manya: than what

Kirpa: trust me...you don't wanna know

Angad is just standing there with a shocked look on his face

Kirpa sees Pinto crying...... grabs Angad's arm and whispers in his ear: lets get put of here

outside the disco

Angad who is back to normal says to kirpa: Kirpa i didn't know u were that possisive of me

Kirpa: shut up Angad.....i'm very mad right now......the next time i see that Manya..i'm going to smack her face..who hell she thinks she is...threatened me Kirpa Sharma...and than she looks at Angad with a deadly look...and you what kind of girlfriends do you have

Angad: she wasn't my girlfriend...paagal hai woh

Kirpa: shut up

Angad decides its best to shut up and the whole ride back they both don't say a word

Once in side the Sharma Mansion they see everyone sitting laughing and eating sweets

Angad: what happened

Dilip: i'm so happy u both agreed to get married

Angad and Kirpa with a shocked look: what

Gayatri: now don't try to denie it ur friend Aryan called and told us what happened at the disco

Naina: i'm so glad

next part: Angad, Kirpa marriage date is fixed and both in jail

written by - miss_innocent

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part 5

Kirpa was sitting in her room thinking of a way out of the marriage since her and Angad's marriage date was and now she only had two months to make a plan to break the marriage. Kirpa thinking i will run away....but what if mom and dad disown me or i get kiddnapped bad idea...think of another one........i know i will go on a hunger strike....what if mom and dad still don't break the marriage i will die from hunger.....antoher idea....hmmmm......lets see.....damn i can't even think of one good idea
after one hour of thinking sshe decides to call Angad

Angad on the other side was also thinking of a way out of hte marriage when his cell started to ring

A: hello
K: hi....it's me kirpa
A: hey chipkali.....it's only been 4 hours since...aur tumha meri itni yaad aii...ka phone kiya
K: shut up angad.....we have to meet and think of a way out of this marriage
A: fine...i'll pick you up in an hour
K: fine

Angad adn Kirpa in a resturant

K: we have to think of something....mom and dad are already thinking anout ur engagement

A: i know.....kuch bhi ho jaya mein tum sa shaadi nehi karoonga

K: angad yea kya khe rahaho ho...yeha mein to tum sa shaadi kar na ka liya maari ja rahi ho

A: oh really..luck me

K: shut up.....and come up with a plan

A: fine how about we go along with this wedding stuff adn then after afew days we will pretend that we got into a fight and break the marriage

K: r u sure it will work...i mean mine and your parents are hell bent on getting us married

A: it has to or else i will commit sucide than marry you

K: really.......if you are thinking about commiting a filmy sucide then.....

confused Angad: filmy sucide

K: you know where they stand on a stool and tie there next to a fan or somethinng like that....after that they oush the stool and you know the rest....

A: oh just shut up.....u actually think i will commit sucide....stupid chipkali

K: and here i was think of pushing the stool

A: kirpa just shut up

K: whatever..lets go back


Angad and Kirpa com to the Sharma house and they see Angad's parents there to

A: mom, dad what r u two doin here

Naina: fixing ur engagement date

Kirpa: what

Gayatri: yeap its next week

Angad: but u gys could have at least asked us

Dilip: y should we ask you........u both said yes.....and now its our duty to arange everything

A: but

Aditya: no but wut....Kirpa u wanted to go shopping right......Angad will take you

Kirpa: i can go by myself

Gayatri: we know u could.but we want you to go with Angad...tumha koi problem to nehi

Angad: mujhe kya problem ho sakthi hai......chalan

Kirpa: chaliya ji

in the car Angad is driving

Angad: so hona wali patni ji......whats up

Kirpa: shut up...........mujhe tumsa baat nehi karni.....

Angad: kya nusibaat hai....i hate shopping aur woh bhi tumhara saath....god help me

Kirpa: mujhe bhi koi shaookh nehi hai tumhara saath shopping jaana ka

Angad: what ever chipkali

Kirpa: quit calling me a chipklai warna......

Angad stops the car in the middle of the road

Angad : warna kya

Kirpa: warna mein tumko

Angad: mujhko

Kirpa: tumko

Angad: kuch bhi nehi kar sakthi......adn then he starts calling her a chipkali non stop

now they have sreated a traffic and people are totally pissed off

Kirpa: quti calling me a chipkali u......bundar........lofer.......idiot.....monkey.....

Angad: itna kuch khaa tumh na mujha..apna hona wala pati ka liya tumhara liya koi bhi respect nehi hai.......chipkali kahi ki

Kirpa: pati my foot....tumsa shaadhi kar na sa to accha hai mein kisi bhudda sa shaadi ka lo

Angad: to kar lo na.....whos stopping you........mera peecha to chooda ga tumsa

Angad and Kirpa start pulling each others hair and yelling at each other...unaware of the traffic jam they created

suddenlly a police officer comes..he is the same officer who caught than fighting when they met for the first time

police oficer: u both.....again

Angad: officer we were just..ahhh

police officer: shut up.....he than takes out hand cuffs and arrest both of them


in the jail

Kirpa and Angad are in teh same jail

Kirpa thinking to herself: Angad once i get out of here...i will make ur life hell....damn mom and dad are going to kill me........and it's all because of this stupid bundar

Angad thinking: because of you chipkali i'm stuck in this stinky old jail....dad won't even get me bailed out of here...damn......all because of you chipkali......choodoga nehi tumko mein

next part: Angad and Kirpa come up with anther plan to stop the wedding
written by - miss_innocent

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                                    part 6

Angad and Kripa sitting in the jail looking as if they are going to kill each other

Police officer: i have called both of your parents and they are coming

Angad: gr8 dad's going to disown me....and it's all because of you

Kripa: what the hell do you mean its all my fault....ur the one who started the argument

Angad: what the hell do you mean i started the arguement

Kripa: well your the one who stopped the car in the middle of the road and then you started calling me a chipkali

Angad: you were also calling me bander

Kripa: thats becaue you are a bander

Anagd: and you are a churail no a chipkali wait actually you remind me of bhootni

Kripa: mein tumko aaj nehi choodongi

Kripa gets up and was about to punch Angad whwen she see's her and Angads dad

Kripa: Angad tumhara aur mera dad aagya hian

Angad: damn

Aditya: POlice officer why did you arrest Kripa and Angad

Police officer: they were fighting like idiots creating a traffic jam

Dilip: fighting you must have mistaken they love each other and they are getting married

Police officer: what do you mean getting married and love each other..i have seen them two times and both times they were fighting like jaani dushman

Angad: dad he's lying......we both were just talking and he thought that we both were fighting

Dilip: if you both were talking....than what was the point of stopping the car in the middle of the road

Kripa: actually we were talking but than Angad turned it to a argument

Aditya: argument

Angad thinking: what she meant is that i asked Kripa where she wanted to go on a honeymoon....and we disagrred on the place...and after uhhhh......oh yea....she told me to stop the car...and i did...she got out......and i got out of the car to ask her to get back in the car......when the police officer came and started to accusse us of having of creating a traffic jam and then the next thing i knew was that someone had handcuffed me and kripa.....and locked us up in this stinky jail....yea so thats about it.....understood.....(nad than to himself) because i didn't

Dilip: well i guess than it was all a misunderstanding and here are the documents for their bail

police officer: well fine...but i'm telling you they are jaani dushman

Angad and Kripa are released and they are in the car.....the whole drive back Kripa didn't say anything and Angad was quite surprised.....when all of a sudden Kripa screams: IDea

Angad: what

Kripa: i have a idea and i promise you that our parents well break our marriage

Angad: really and whats this plan

Kripa: how about if your girlfriend who you loved alot....wait still loves alot left you because of some misunderstanding but now she realized that it was just a misunderstanding and she wants to get back together and she finds out that you are getting married and she comes and clears the misunderstanding and you both decide to get married again

Angad: babe my dad will kill me for cheating on you or the other so called girl friend

Kripa: dumbo....she will come when mine and your parents are there and she will make up a story about how you both fell in love and some villian created some misunderstandings between you both and she left you cause of that and now the misunderstandings cleared and you and angad want to get back together again

Angad: and if my parents decide that i should get married to you because you were supposed to be in love with me.......and ask the girl to sacrifies her so calle dlove then

Kripa: but we will add a twist to the story and mine and you parents will have no choose but to break our marriage

Angad: and what will this twist be

Kripa: your girlfriend doesn't come by herself....but with your child....now your parents wouldn't want you to seperate from your love and child cause of me

Angad: yo this sounds more like a typical bollywood movie or a serial rather than something that will happen to someone

Kripa: shut up and just do what i say....and wait till tommarow when your girlfriend comes at the family dinner

Angad: who will my so called girlfriend be

Kripa: don't worry about that....i will ask one of my friends....but if you want one of your girlfriends to come and claim her place than you are wellcomed to do so.....

Angad: shut up

next pat: family dinner
written by - miss_innocent

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part 7

a sitting in her room calls her bestfriend Sanjana and asks her up and tells her about her latest problem in life and if she will be Angad's fake lover to which Sanjana agrees because she can't see her bestfriend sad.

Kripa: thanks so much Sanjana

Sanjana: ur welcome Kripa and by the way I have something very important to tell you

Kripa: what

Sanjana: that's a surprise

Kripa: you are finally going to let me meet your boyfriend

Sanj: yap..he's coming back tommarow

Kripa: what.....omg.....finally i get to meet him

Sanj: i'm so happy....i haven't seen him for 2 months

Kripa: awww...anyways bye see you tommarow

Sanj: yeap bye

on the other hand Angad is in his room watching TV when he gets a phone call, he looks at the caller id and smiles seeing the name of his bestfriend/ cousin

Angad: hey Prithvi

Prithvi: hey Angd how are you

Angad: gr8....when are you coming back

Prithvi: tommarrow

Angad: what thats gr8 news

Prithvi: yeap....and i want you to meet my girlfriend

Angad: finally your introducing me to her...can't wait to meet her.....at least you could tell me her name

Prithvi: Sa....suddenly someone calls him and he has to hang up


at the family dinner everyone is sitting down talking....Angad takes Kripa to a corner

Kripa: what

Angad: whens ur friend aka my love of my life coming

Kripa: soon....btw why are you so desperate to meet her

Angad: why do you wanna know....kahin tum jealous to nehi ho rahi

Kripa: jealous and me whatever

Angad: Kripa did i ever tell you that you look so cute when you are mad at me....bilkul ek cute si chipkali

Kripa: Angad how many times do i have to tell you to not call me a chipkali

Angad: sweety....i could call you whatever i want....meri marzi

Kripa: damn you bundar......did i ever tell you that you are the most annoying guy i have ever met

Angad: you forgot to mention the most handsome to

Kripa: whatever

Angad: so you that i'm the most handsome huy you have met

Kripa: Angad shut up....khud ki thareef karka tum ko sharm nehi aati

Angad: sharm.....chipkali....in case you have forgotten you are my fiance and fiance sa kasi sharm

Kripa: Angad theres no point in talking to you

Angad: than why are you

Kripa: you just shut up....and she goes and sits next to her mom ......and Angad sits next to Karthick

suddenly there is a knock on the door and Kripa goes to open it

she comes back with a Sanjana who is holding a kids hand who looks 70 pounds over weight he was holding a bag full of candies, chips and coke cans....he looked between the age of 6 or 7

Gaytri: Kripa is she your friend

Kripa was about to say yes when she remembered that she was supposed to be Angad's fake lover

Kripa: no mom...i don't know her....she said she wants to meet Angad

Angad who was busy playing a game on his cell looks up and looks at the girl standing beside Kripa

Angad: oh so she is my so called fake lover....she is pretty but not as pretty as Kripa.....hey what the hell am i think....i was supposed to hate Kripa....anyways forget....and let the show begin....man if this plan screws up dad's gonna kill me

Naina: beta who are you and how do you know Angad

Sanjana: i think you should ask Angad that

she whispers in Kripas ear when no one is looking at them: who is Angad

Kripa: in front of you

Sanjana looks in front of her and sees three guys standing in a row (they are Dilip, Karthick and Angad)

Sanjana thinking: Damn there are three guys how the hell was i supposed to know which one is Angad....lets do some guessing.....hmmmm let see....it can't be the 50 year old oldy....kripa's parents can't be that cruel to get her married to a bhudda....now that leaves us to two guys (she looks towards Angad) wow that guy is hot.....something must be wrong with Kripa if that guy is Angad and she is doing al this drama to stop the wedding....man that guys so hot and sexy....if i didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't madly inlove with him i would have agreed to marry him right now anywhere....than that leaves us with the other guy.....well he is good looking but looks very boring(karthick)....don't blame Kripa for not marrying him....how the hell could you marry a person....who is boring.....so that must be Angad

Sanjana: jee aap Angad sa poochiya ka mein koun hoon....and she starts to walk towards Karthick thinking he is Angad

Kripa thinking damn sanjana thinks Kharthick jiju is Angad....kuch ka na padaga
than she gets a idea and puches Sanjana towards Angad making it look like a accident

Kripa: sorry...than she looks at Angad and says his name extra loudly.....ummm ANGAD do you know her

Sanjana thinking: that guy is Angad...wow

Angad: yea she is....ummm she is.....woh....her name is
thinking: Kripa at least you could have told me her name....now what do i do

Dilip: who is she Angad

Angad: woh.....than he looks at the coffee table which had a magazine with Rano Mukharjee's picture on the cover

Angad: her name is Babli

both Sanjana and Kripa look at him and think BAbli

Sanjana thinking: out of all the names.....the only name he could give me was Babli......cheeee

Aditya: koun Babli

Sanjana: ji woh mein hoon....Angad won't you introduce me to everyone

Angad: yea....ummm why not....this is my bro and bhabhi....and this is Gaytri aunty and Aditya uncle...Kripa's parents and this is my mom and dad

as soon as Angad said that Sanjana/Babli goes to Dilip first touches his feet and then goes to Naina and touches his feet

Naina: how do you both now each other

Angad: actually mom....woh....we .....me and babli....we....ummmmm

Dilip: whats wrong with you Angad....why can't you answer one simple question without saying ummm

Angad: she is actually mine

Sanjana: i will tell you who i am...i am well lets see ummm yes....i am Angad ex girlfriend....we both were madly in love.....but someone you know like those typical bollywood romance movie villans.....couldn't see our happiness and created misunderstandings between us.....and i went back to California where my parents live with a broken heart.....thinking Angad betrayed me....and after those misunderstandings were cleared....and i came back to India.....and apoligise for not trusting Angad.....but i got a shock that he is engaged to someone....so i found out that everyone was here for dinner and i came here to say sorry to Angad....and ask for a second chance....so yea thats my story

Aditya, Gayatri, Naina and Dilip were shocked after hearing the story and Misthi and Karthick were just standing there enjoying the drama since they know its another of Angad and Kripa's plans to get out of the marriage

naina: i didn't expect this from you and then Dilip joins her and start to yell at Angad and Angad is just standing there with his face down listening to everything

Dilip: well you both can't get back together

Sanj: why

NAina: b/c Angad is marrying Kripa....what ever happened between you and Angad was the past and Kripa is his future

Sanjana: but you can't do this to me

Aditya: why

Sanjana: because.....well because....what will happen to mine and Angad's baby

Dilip: angad what the hell dies she mean by babby

Sanjana: i mean that i'm the mother of angad's child

Dilip who is ready to kill Angad: Angad tell me all this is a lie

Angad scared of his dad: dad woh no it isn't

Naina: wheres the baby

Sanjana points to the kid who has chocolate all over his face and hands filled with junk food

Sanjana: thats mine and Angad's sweet little baby Pinto

Angad thinking: Pinto why thehell would i name my kid Pinto....and how the hell could that fato be my kid....even if is my fake son....still look at me and look at him...Kripa i'm gonna kill you after all this is over

Naina with a shocked expression on her face: he is Angad's son

Sanjana: and mine

Dilip: Angad what the hell is all this....yea tumna kya kiya....mein tumko abhi disown kardoonga

Angad thinking: ooops this is gone abit to far.....if he disowns me i will become a street romeo.....gotta stop this fast....hmmm but how.......kripa i'm gonna get you for getting me in this mess

he then looks at kripa who is sitting on the sofa eating one of Pinto all so known as his fake sons candy....and looking at everyone like they are performing in a play that is dedicated just for her

Sanjana was about to say something when she stops and is baout to scream when she sees the person who just entered

Prithvi who had just entered was shocked at the sight in front of him there was Gayatri who was trying to clam a angry Aditya....Karthick and Misthi were just standing there laughing...Naina was sitting on the couch talking to herself and crying.....Dilip looked as if he was ready to kill Angad and threatening him that he is going to disown him.....Kripa was trying to steal the kid(Pinto's) chocolate and there was a girl who had his back towards him

Prithvi: hello everyone

Angad: hey....finally you are back

Prithvi: yea....whats going on

Naina: beta i will tell you....she than tells him everything that happened

Pr: whos the girl

Kripa points at Sanjana who still had his back turned towards him

Angad: babli ji can you please turn around Prithvi wants to meet him

Sanj: NOOooo

Angad: what

Sanj: i mean i don't want to turn around

Angad: why

Sanjana: because

Angad: because why

Sanjana: because....well i don't want to tell you....meri marzi

Prithvi thinking: that voice sounds fimiliar.....no it can't be her

Pri: can you please turn around

Angad grabs sanjana's arm and turns her around

Prithvi is shocked and yells: you....since when did you become Babli and you have a kid.....how come you never told me about it....and we have known each other for two years.....you said i was your first and true love....than where the hell did Angad come in from....and and yu want to get back with him....you didn't even think about me once

Everyone has a shocked look on their face

Angad: what are you talking about

Prithvi: remember i told you that i was in love

Angad: yea

Pr: well that girl is Sanjana

Angad: yea so

Prithvi: well she is sanjana

Naina: what are you talking about her name is BAbli

Pri: so that mean syou even lied about your name didn't expect this from you

Kripa thinking: damn even this plan went down that drain....shit now what well happen.....dad's going to kill me ......damn now i have to marry Angad

Prithvi is about to leave when Sanjana(Babli)run to him

Sanj: wait Pritvi everything you say is a lie

Pr: what you mean

Sanj: well what i mean is that i did all this for Kripa

everyone looks at Kripa who is hiding behind Karthick

Gayatri: is this true

Kripa: mom well i i ask Angad

Dilip: Angad expalin

Angad: dad its not my fault....it was Kripa's plan

Sanj: well i will explain you see kripa called me yesterday and said that she doesn't want to marry Angad and that she came up what a plan htat i had to come here today and pretend to be Angad's lover and than you guys will break the wedding

Aditya: is this true

Kripa: sorry

Gayatri: i didn't expect this from you

Kripa: sorry

Dilip: i think we should get them married before they both come up with antoher stupid plan

Angad and Kripa at the same time noooooooooo

Angad: i would rather marry a witch than marry this chipkali

Kripa: and i would rather marry romeo my dog than marry this bundar

Dilip: shut up before i disown you angad

Aditya: Kripa if i hear you say one more time that you don't want to marry Angad than i will disown you
Kripa: but

Angad and Kripa have no choice but to agree to the marriage

Sanjana and Pritvi leave and take Pinto with them

next part: Angad and Kripa's marriage
writtwn by - miss_innocent

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part 8 

OK- well the last part:

Angad and Kripa's parents decided to have a small wedding in a mandir only with their relatives and close friends since they didn't want Kripa and Angad to come up with another stupid paln and embarras them in front of everyone

Angad and Kripa get married and to everyones surprise they didn't do anything to stop the wedding and hadn't said a word to each other.

Angad's cousins take Kripa to her new room and make her sit on the bed and they went to call Angad

After awhile angad enters and sees a pissed off Kripa sitting on the bed he goes up to her

Angad: Kripa....sweetheart why do you look so pissed off you should be happy you got married to me

Kripa: whats there to be about

Angad: whats there not to be happy about.....you are officially Mrs. Kripa Angad Khanna.....you know how many girls are sitting in their houses with a broken heart because their dreams of marrying me are shattered

Kripa: lucky me

Angad: of course you are

Kripa: just shut up bundhar


Angad: (angry) who u callin a bundar? u chipkali!

Kripa: (also angry) UUUUU!!!!

Angad: me wat huh? me wat?

Kripa: just 4get it!

She throws him a pillow.

Kripa: now go sleep on the couch.

Angad: xcuse me!!! y shuld I sleep on the couch- it is my room u know!
Kripa: well, now that im Mrs. Angad Khanna, its MY room 2!

They keep on arguing about it until sum1 knocks on the door. Angad goes and opens the door. Its none other than Naina and Dilip.

Naina: U 2! its not even been a day since uve been married and already u are fightin. Now shut up and let us go to sleep!

Angad & Kripa: (meekly) yes maam.

Naina and Dilip leave and Angad gives Kripa a mean look. Kripa also gives him a mean look. THen she sighs,
Angad is a bit taked bak by her sigh.

Angad: wat happened?

Kripa: angad im sik and tired of argiun with u. Lets just think of a plan so that we can divorce each other and nobody can stop us....

Angad thinks abt this....

Angad: (excited) I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!!!

Kripa also becomes excited and stands up.

Kripa: WUT WUT???

Angad: lets act like we lub each other in front of everyone and then wen every1 believes that we lub each otha then well argue alot and every1 will think tat were not made 4 each otehr and wil get sik of out arguing and will finally agree to let us get a divorce.

Kripa was lukin at Angad skepitcally.

Kripa: r u sure this will work?

Angad: ya! dont worry abt it.

Kripa: ok so well start this act 2morrow. Right now im sleepy. U go on the couch and let me sleep.

Angad: wat??!! i thought we just talked abt this! IM IN NO WAY IN HELL SLEEPIN ON THE COUCH!!!

Kripa: u have too!

Angad thinks 4 a bit and cmes up with a idea.

Angad: Kripa, wen ppl c us sleepin in different places, wat wil they think?

Kripa is too tired so she just says yes.

Preview: they wake up in each others arms and he games begin!

written by : parkritiClap

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