WU-Nov28'11- Honeymoon Day 5. Oo La La n Ferrari..

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*Outside the Hall*

Ram comes out, the waiter gives a shampagne bottle and leaves.Ouch Ram sees someone like apeksha and goes and calls her, but its someone else.ConfusedConfused ram says sorry, she sees the bottle and tells she sent this bottle for emran Tongue, ram says emran has left and gives the bottle and leaves frm there. Apeksha appreciates the gal for good job and pays her.SleepyDead She thinks to herself that she's very close to ram and if she wanted she could have revealed it before everyone,DeadDead but its between us and i don't want to make a tamash between few ppl. i'm waiting for the right moment and how much ever u try to run from ur past, ur past will come near u.SleepyAngry (Kab kulefi iski raaz..)
*RaYa Hotel Room*
Kuljeet and daljeet having breakfast with Ram and Priya in their Room. Daljeet asks y did they not wait for them as he was bringing his car to pick them up and y were u in such a hurry. Ram tells he had to send 2 to 3 emails, so came soon.OuchOuchKuljeet asks that there was dhamaal yesterday and Vidya balan had come.LOLLOL  Ram tells nothing happened, TongueTongue Priya tells y are u looking at me, nothing happened. Wink Phone bell rings and priya picks and gives it to Ram telling call from John. Ram blinks and he tells that they have not booked  for any Ferrari, Kuljeet stops and tells he had booked for one since Ram loves Ferrari.Big smile Ram says y didn't u tell before and he is too excited and pulls everyone out leaving the breakfast mid way. (ShockedShocked He forgot his Breakfast for Ferrari..  :lol: )

*Niharika Room @ Kapoor Mansion*
Niharika at her room tensed. Tongue Mama comes in and niharika asks where was he and she was trying to reach him from yesterday. Mama tells he didn't go on a vacation and he and sid had gone out of city for some important job OuchOuch. Niharika asks was it important to go now, mama tells yes , since ram is not here, only now we can do all ult pult things.AngryAngry Niharika tells u ppl are behind 3,4 lacs, but i'm thinking abt crores.DeadDead She tells we'll sink one day because of ur behaviour LOLLOL(true madam...), mama asks what happ. She tells a big mistake has happened. Mama tells my right eye was whinking for both days and couldn't be cured with medicines too. LOLLOL

Niharika tells apeksha has reached sydney and has met Ram. Mama is shocked ShockedShocked and asks how did this happen. Nih tells i asked u to keep an eye on her, but u are so busy in these small things , Mama tells watever we are doing are becoming reverse, so we have to chk our luck with some pandit. one side ram and priya are getting close and now this apeksha.Ouch Niharika tells whatever has happened is fine, now apeksha shouldn't go near Ram and i won't allow it. She tells when ram and apeksha get together, that day our relationship with ram will break,. (then i would love apeksha to meet ram...LOLLOL)so its better that they don't get back together. I have warned ram from my side, and asks mama to also warn him. Niharika tells about Ram and Priya, she's not worried coz they can never get close to each other for sure. Thumbs DownAngry
*On the Roads Selecting Ferrari Car*
Priya and kuljeet waiting while Ram and Daljeet are selecting the Ferrari. Priya tells i don't understand y guys like cars so much. kuljeet tells they can live without wife but not without cars. (Very true kuljeete...we can never understand them.. :lol: LOL )Kuljeet tells she has got some special thing for priya and takes out a lock and key from her bag. she tells its not an ordinary one, its a lock of luck. Big smileBig smileThere is fence few distance from here where ppl come and ask for their wish, put the lock and throw the key in water for their wish to be fulfilled.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Priya asks are u sure it will get fulfilled. kuljeet tells there will something we wished which we wouldn't have got in our life, so just pray for that. Priya looks at Ram and tells ya, there is no problem in trying it out and thanks her.(i can guess what will u ask for priya..Day Dreaming)

Ram selects a car, priya tells kuljeet that she was right that Ram would like this car. Kuljeet asks Ram to take priya too, Ram says yes and calls Priya. Priya tells that she's not interested in all this,OuchOuch ram says u'll enjoy and compels her to come.WinkWink Both sit in the car. Priya asks y D & K are not coming, kuljeet tells them to move and they'll meet them directly at sea clip bridge. Ram tells ok and leaves.Embarrassed
*In the Ferrari*
Ram enjoys his ride and priya is admiring  :inlove:  him enjoying. Priya asks u like this car so much rite, Ram tells he loves this car, this is different, and he'll buy it for sure but not for him but for sid.OuchAngry Priya asks y for sid. Ram tells this car doesn't suit my image and it suits Sid more.AngryAngry(uss naalayak ke liye ferrari car..ewwwAngryAngry) Priya tells true and btw, the car is small for u as well LOLLOL. Ram asks are u telling me that i'm fat, priya tells no i'm not telling u fat, but the car is small, but u are big, u are bigger than normal ppl ROFL , but so wat bade achhe lagte hai.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHug Ram says u are telling me mota, LOL now suffer for this and starts driving very fastly.:lol::lol::lol::lol:

Priya asks him to slow down.TongueTongue Ram tells if i drive this car slowly its an insult to this car.:lol::lol: Priya pleads him as she's afraid. Ram tells now suffer,TongueTongue priya tells she'll get heart attack, :no: :no: ram tells its ok,ShockedWink priya pleads him again and tells u are not fat at all, u are the worlds thinnest person LOLROFLand she tells she feels like vomiting.Dead Ram tells ok and not to vomit, not for u but car will get dirty. :lol::lol: Priya tells how mean and tells he's  mannerless because when ur wife sitting next to u is pleading to drive slow u are driving fast inorder to make her suffer.LOLTongue Ram asks what wife, who wife.ShockedBig smile Priya waves her hands and tells here i'm, Ram tells u are so tiny :lol: and car is big, i can't see u at all while i'm driving Ferrari and nothing else is seen. Big smileCool
Priya asks if she can asks something and asks how much is the mileage.D'oh Ram tells u have to ask about the speed of the car and u are talking about mileage. Priya tells i just asked for knowledge sake, ram tells i don't know, should be 5. Priya asks only that much, for 1 litre just 5 km.ShockedShocked(only that much??) Ram tells ya its not like u, eating little and talking whole day. This car goes till how much it eats. Priya tells i'm better than this car, its so expensive and no mileage too, petrol rates are high and wat will common ppl do and she tells he shouldnt get this car for sid and how will he drive this car in Mumbai Roads. (teek kaha, no need to buy this car for dat stupid AngryAngry)Ram asks her to keep quiet or else he will shoot himself, u are sitting in a ferrari Tongue and u are going on complaining and what will i do with u..:lol::lol:

Priya tells what Ferrari, see my hair is strangled and its become like a broom.:lol: Ram tells it suits u EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and he tells he'll make it proper and adjusts her hair.Day Dreaming After that he asks if she's ok and Priya tells ya kind of. Ram asks did u get heart attack,Tongue did u die,Wink Priya tells i'm sitting live in front of u.LOLLOL Ram tells dha theri SillyShocked, Priya is shocked and Ram says Next time he'll try Harder:lol::lol:(ye golu bhi na, bechaari ko maarne pe thula hua hai..) and laughs :lol:and drives faster and Priya holds his hands EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming and again starts pleading for driving slow..:lol::lol:




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Awesome update Maria!!!
Great and fantastic job!!!
Thanks ... thanks  a ton dearHug
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Thank You So Much. Big smile

Nice Update  Big smile
The Red Ferraris Looked Beautiful Wink
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thanks for the update!

really awesome episode today. must watch it again Day Dreaming

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 Fantastic update !!..I  enjoy your update as much as I enjoy episodes .. Great job!
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wow thanks a ton for the detailed update...Clap
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thanks a ton for the wonderful update..really awesome episode especially ram's expressions
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