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Posted: 2006-02-24T10:57:49Z

Kehte hai lakho mai ek hai Angad,

Kya kum Emraan bhi hai?

Vese hai to cool Zayed bhi,

And our Jit is on line, next,

Par kabhi kisi ne socha hai who's The Best???


Fan fiction , well I haven't decided what name it but it will start with something like this:

Angad will kiss Kripa on her lip fat their first strange meeting in front of everyone, even though his fans and police.

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Posted: 2006-02-24T11:04:14Z
I love the poem, hehe, its very cool! Clap   Cant wait for your fan fiction! Big smile Btw, my name is Saadia, whats yours? And no need for thanks, we all help each other out here at IF Hug Edited by bollywoodfan - 2006-02-24T11:05:10Z
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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:33:36Z
thanks both of u. hi i'm Tashu
and i will post the story now.
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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:34:38Z
The concert was going on but having on at bigger places it was in the hall, still though fans of Angad weren't lacking. The hall (auditorium) was full with all his fans and ya the one and only Angad, super star were also there to entertain his fans.
The moment to start the concert came and Angad jumped on the stage, he started to sing on kyph title song (wo, I don't even know that) and everyone was enjoying.
Nothing was wrong and suddenly the jeep of a policemen came to the concert and policemen were straight heading to the auditorium , they were about to reach and they turned right and went behind the auditorium in a small cottage, nobody knew about the cottage and police thing going around. But there was someone who knew it and that person was the owner of the auditorium, he had underworld news that smugglers made a deal to trade drugs and diamonds in Angad's show. That was illegal but still the news wasn't giving to anyone and it was hidden information.
The manager (owner) had called the police and they made plan to capture smuggler red handed. So the police was doing their duty.
Angad was not aware of this smuggling thing and was peacefully and excitingly doing his concert.

The concert was going on and the policemen were guarding auditorium with all those securities but still they weren't able to expose the smugglers and were waiting for them.
It started to rain, and the camera focus on a girl, wet in white salvar kamiz, running on the road. It was nor than our kripe.
She was returning form her friends house and her car get punkchured(broke) and was finding , something to protect her body from cold n rain.
She was running hurry and also the thunderstorm make weird noises and she saw a faint of light coming form the building behind the tree and she ran to get there.
Bach to angads concert:
The kyph title song was over and he was dancing and singing on my favorite song called Dil keh raha hai", from Kyon Kii and Angad was dancing on the song.
Kripa was moving toward the building and as she was getting closer to the building she was able to hear all those noise and she stopped. As she stopped the thunder make her scared again this time she started to run and dindt stopped.
Bask to the concert: the song was still going on and the music when the actor from Kyon Kii make is move and Angad also ws trying to copy his move (when maya was walking down the road with her books and Anand came in orange shirt and make the move with his hand) and as he was turning around going to make his another move, he saw someone running, wet, in white shalwar kamiz toward the auditorium. Then the camera focuses on kripa. She was running very fast scared form the lightening and Angad was stood in his place and the show was just like over. Angad didn't care about his show and he jumped off the stage with his guitar being played by him and he started to walk through his fan and he get out off the auditorium.
(You might haven't noticed that the door was opened and policemen had security cameras to check for weapon and Angad saw her from the open door)
He get out of the auditorium and he started to walking toward that girl. Kripa was also coming toward but she was turned around as the distraction was done due to the thunderstorm, a tree fell on the house and she didn't noticed someone was behind her. She was looking at the house and she was about to run back ward to the house, where the tree fell and someone just simply, without any care grab her hand and kissed her making her turning to face him. It was our Angad and all the fans were watching what Angad did to Kripa but everyone was shocked. Kripa, poor girl tried to push Angad and free herself from Angad but she couldn't. she was still being kissed and from behind one policeman saw Angad and he also tried to get Kripa feed but he couldn't( what a hard, lovely first meeting kiss) and policemen came and throw Angad away, pushing him from behind and get Kripa freed. Kripa was like all crying face and Or Angad was smiling passionate. Kripa hits her with her hand but it didn't affect Angad and the policemen took Angad to the jail.
I Know it was bored at the stating and I haven't introduce any characters of the story but I belive that getting to know all the characters at the start of the story is not that exciting when u get to know them as the story goes on.
I hope u understand and ya, I promise that prihvi will never be in my anyof the fan fiction and getting rift between Angad and Kripa. I just hate him, he is a rift valely, always trying to make rift between lovers.
Bye ya!

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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:34:54Z
Originally posted by dil_keh_raha

thanks both of u. hi i'm Tashu
and i will post the story now.

welcome yaar! btw, cant wait Tashu! Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:38:03Z
Clap Clap Clap great start! the kiss made me Embarrassed . Keep going yaar! Clap Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:39:01Z
hey i just did post the story's first shapter.
read it and tell me how was it. i know its a bit long but it will get intere sting after all, thats EMRAAN STYLE!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-24T15:42:37Z
Originally posted by dil_keh_raha

hey i just did post the story's first shapter.
read it and tell me how was it. i know its a bit long but it will get intere sting after all, thats EMRAAN STYLE!!!

it was marvelous!  omg I cant wait till the next chapter!  Big smileClap
ps: whats emraan style? ohhh nvm I got it the kiss, like he kissed diya in the rain...awww!Embarrassed
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