:::ONE SHOT::One Moment can Last a Lifetime::

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:::A moment can last a Lifetime:::

It was one of the worst nights of Khushi's life and also one of the best nights she'd ever had. The nigh was a cold chilly night and Khusi had veered out on a long walk to clear her mind. A little fresh air would do her good she thought to herself. Her mind was a maze thanks to Arnav whip lashing her like she was some kind of a boomerang. Those eyes never allowed her to rest. Would she ever be over him she thought thickly playing with her long hair around her fingers. Finally she decided to sit down on the bech in the park she must have strayed a little further than she'd anticipated. The ring on her finger made her sad. Damn it she thought angrily at herself. This was a mess. Her life went from bad to complicated.

Ahand started Khushi out of her deep thoughts as she jumped up to see the man she'd tried to escape from. Arnab. He appeared so troubled and those eyes again drew her in. She glared at him angrily folding her arms.
Arnab had followed Khushi. It wasn't right for her to be out so late at night alone. He couldn't stop himself from following her-I'm sorry if i started you Khuashi. (Cleared his throat) You should be at home not here.
Khushi averted her eyes away from Arnav. They were searing through her soul almost-Its ok. (Trying to shift her attention elsewhere holding her body rubbing them with her arms to feel warm.) You didn't need to come looking for me. I wasn't running off to any where Arnav.  As you can see i am perfectly fine. (Her voice sounded shaky as her words chattered with the cold.) I just needed a little air.
Arnav got his coat he'd had on him putting it around Khushi while she flinched-I am just warming you up Khushi. You are shaking. I know right now you can't stand to be in the same room as me.
Khushi felt the sting in Arnav's voice running deep making her heart thump-Arnav i erm sorry. I have been trying my best to move on. I can stand being near you but it...
Arnav wanted to hear from Khushi what she felt for him. He needed to hear it so he knew it wasn't all in his head-But what Khushi? What? (He stroked his hair running his fingers through them feeling like he'd explode. Tonight had shaken his foundations. Watching Khushi be betrothed to another had killed him inside) I can't even be near you. Am i this repulsive to you now? Do you loathe me this much? You may say you don't but your actions speak louder than words. Stealing yourself away in the middle of the night and then ushering me away like i'm nothing.
Khushi stopped hugging herself defensibly now she had a coat on. Arnav was taking away all of her defences she'd had up. There was so much anger and despair in Arnab's voice. It made her vulnerable to see him this vulnerable. Arnab was the strongest emotionally and mentally sane man she'd ever met. Nobody got to him. Nobody. She laid her hand on his arm-Why are you doing this Arnav? Why? Can't you just let me be? Its difficult to maintain control over myself but you just won't let me move on. i can never hate you Arnav. Not really. You make me so conflicted. Can't you see what you are doing to me? It hurts so much in here. (Touches her heart) I can't keep going round and round in a never ending circle with you. We seem to hurt each other. This is not the definition of Love Arnav. Its not enough. If i am with someone else then maybe we can finally...
Arnav gave Khushi a dark look like she'd slapped him across the face-Am i that dispensable? I know we keep hurting each other but we also love each other. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it in your trembling voice. Don't do this to us Khushi. 
Khushi saw the misty eyes in Arnav's eyes looking right at him unable to resist eye contact-Do what Arnav? U are engaged to another woman and i to another man. U started this whole thing. U and your attitude. I have finally learnt what U are Arnav. And all i can say is you will never change. U can never love me like i...We are not compatible. It all boils to this. Its best for everyone in the long run. You have to deal with this Arnav just like i have to harden my heart and not feel because if i let the floodgates open i'm scared what might happen. 
Arnav would be damned if he let Khushi go even if she insisted on it because he didn't know how to let go. He knew Khushi was trying to keep her emotions from brimming over but he'd break her. He had to. No way was she going to marry another man not on his watch-Khushi U can run all you want but theres no hiding from what we've got. Its not fair on your fiance. 

The sky began to spit rain and glisten their face with the droplets all around. Khushi felt the pent up emotions all flow out of her with relief. Her tears betrayed her. They freely flowed. Arnav touched her cheek wiping them away with his hand softly. Those tears meant the world to him. It showed the Love she'd tried to bury inside of her but how long could she hold them back? Arnav in return was swayed with his own turmoil to take away her pain. He saw her quivering lips and those deadly eyes lock his. In this one moment he'd lost the will to not touch her lips with his fingers trailing them. Arnav brought Khushi close to him as his face tilted to one side and brushed his moist lips with hers softly. Khusi eventually melted away at his warm touch forgetting to keep Arnav at bay. All she could do was feel. It was all she could do. Khushi savoured Arnav's mouth with raw emotion taking over her. He made everything seem perfect like they fit. Arnav wanted this moment to last forever because living in the now was an eternal bliss. Their future looked bleak. Their past marred by conflict but their present was all they had. 
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ooo! liking this. will wait. :)
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interesting do continue
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sounds interesting!!!
please pm me when you update
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interesting...waiting to read 
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terribly interesting continue soon
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continue soon plz

add me to ur pm list
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