Wed-LIFE: An/Kr, Dk/Di, Dh/Ved, K/Kumud..

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so i will continue it...

but it includes....


SO THE STORY WILL BE AROUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Wedding life.... What happened after they got married!! Actually after Rano and Ved's Wedding!

Part 1

Sum is so happy

For Dk and DIsha got married and now Rano and Ved got married!!!

She has her two bahus in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the morning

Both couples are sleeping all nicely and peacefully

Disha opens her eyes

Looks at the clock...

SHe sees its 8

She's like omg!!

She quickly sits up

SHe's thinking i have to cook!!!!

Dk feels the shaking

He opens his eyes....

Dk: Disha.. what are you doing up in the morning??

DIsha; Dk... its 8!!

Dk: So?? It was 8 yesterday too!!!

Disha: I have to cook and make breakfast!!!

Dk: Disha go back to sleep

He comes closer to her and hugs her

Dk: You were away for 1 night from me... and now you are talking about leaving me again!! i wont let you leave!

Disha; Dk?? stop!!!

She tries to get up

But he grabs her

And she falls back down!!!

She is looking at him

He is looking at her

She smiles and blushes!!

He is smiling at her!!!

DIsha: Can i go?

Dk nods his head no

Dk: I feel like looking at you like this forever!!!

They stare into each other's eyes

And then Disha is like oh no!!

Then she wakes

Dk is like ahhhhh!!

So close!!!!

Disha gets out of the shower

Her hair is all wet...

She goes into the kitchen

And she cooks breakfast!!

Rano and Ved are cuddled up w/ each other

She opens her eyes slowly

ANd she smiles at him!!!

She comes closer

And she carresses his face

He smiles

And he holds her hands

ANd he kisses it!!

She blushes!!!

Both of them are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rano gets up

And she gets ready and comes out!!

Sum is awake

She was in the mandir

And praying and thanking God for giving her to wonderful Bahus

They take her blessing!!!!

She smiles!!!

The End!
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Posted: 2006-02-22T10:58:23Z
Part 2

DK and Vedant are finally up

These two never wake up on time!!!!!

Disha; You are finally up!!!

Dk: Yes!!!! I am!!!

Disha: U know everyday i will put an alarm clock everyday for 7!!

Dk Please dont!! I beg you!!

DIsha smiles

Sum: Bahu thats a good idea!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: Ma.. please dont encourage her!!!

Sum: why not?? Rano you should do that too!!

Ved: Arre.... we didnt get married so our wives can torture us!!

Disha" Torture??? Did you say Torture????

Ved: Umm.... Brother you handle it!!

Dk: Hey i didnt say anything you did!!

Rano: I will show you torture!!!

Ved is like i am dead!!!

Dk is like look at what you got ur self into!!!!

Sum is telling them when are they going on their honeymoon

Disha is like we someone needs to stay here w/ you

So one will go

And when they come back

Then the other will go!

Sum: You guyz all go!!! Its okay!!

Disha; No!! SOmeone needs to be w/ you

Dk is like can we go 1st!

He's thinking that to himself!!!

Disha insists..

That Rano and VEd go 1st

Dk is like no!!!

Dk is nodding his head no

ANd giving DIsha signals!!

Disha is like would you stop!!

DK is like aww man!!!

He wanted to go!

But Disha tells them that they go 1st

Then when they come back

Her and Dk will go!!!!

The End!!
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Posted: 2006-02-22T10:59:19Z
Part 3

Today is Dk's birthday!!!!!

Disha is thrilled to pieces!!!!

The sad part is

That Dk doesn't even know!!!

He's been busy……

And plus both weddings and what not

He has totally forgotten

Disha has realized it?

So she's like this is gonna be interesting!!!!

She wakes up Dk in the morning

Dk goes to sleep under his pillow!!!

Disha; Dk get up!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: Why????

Disha; Becuz you have to go to work!! And I have lots of things to do today!!!!

Dk: Like??

Disha: Like? Get people like you to wake up!!!! Come on!!

Dk is like okay okay!

He takes his sweet ole time!

He gets ready.. and goes to work!!

Disha is like phew he's gone!!!!!

She gets everything ready

The house is nice decorated and what not

Dk is at work!!!

He is thinking about Disha!!!

He calls her up

Disha; Hello??

Dk: How are you doing jaan?

Disha smiles!!!!!

Disha; Dk? Shouldn't you be working???

Dk: I cant stop thinking about you!!!! I feel like coming home now!!!!

Disha; No!!!

Dk: Why??

Disha; Becuz!!! You should work!!!

Dk: But?

Disha; No Buts…….

Dk smiles!!!!

Dk: Whatever my wife says I have to listen!!

Disha; That's right!!!

She smiles

Then afterwards they hang up

She finishes decorating!!!!!!

She is excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 2006-02-22T11:00:23Z
Part 4


She goes to Kanaka

Dk is surprised!!!!

While she is there

The guests start to come!!

Dk: well how can I help you today?

Disha: just decided to stop by!!

Dk: Well I get off in like 15 mins!!!!

Disha: So what?? I cant be here!! Okay then!!

She starts to leave

Dk: Arre?no no no no!!!!! U can stay!!

Disha: No its okay!

Dk hugs her from behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?.

She blushes!!


They both go home together!!!!!?

They are in the car

Disha gets a call

Its from Angad?

Disha; Hello!!

Angad: Is everything set? Are you coming?

Disha; Yes!

Angad; Okay we are ready!!!

Disha: Okay bye

In the car

Disha starts a convo?

They have a nice chat!!!!

Disha; Dk!!! Lets go out today!!!!

Dk: Why??

Disha: Becuz! We haven't gone out once!!!!

Dk: Where do u want to go?

Disha; I don't know!!!

Dk: Whats the occasion?

Disha: No occasion!! Why?? Does there have to be an occasion???. come on today is Friday!!!! The 11th!!!!…… (Parties not fun on weekdays)?.

Dk: 11th????

Disha: Yes the 11th!!! Why anything special??

Dk: Omg its my bday today!!!!!

Disha; What??

And they arrive home!!!!!

Disha: Its ur bday today!! And you didn't even know!!!!

Dk: No!!!! Oh man!!!!!

They get out of the car

Angad sees them

He tells everyone they are here!!!!

Disha: Then I think we should do something!!!?.

They both go to the front door…….

She opens the door

Dk is right there



Dk is speechless!!!!

Everyone is there

The whole gang in there!!!

Dk is totally surprised!!

Disha: Happy bday Dk!!!

He looks at her

DK: You did this!

Disha nods her head yes!!!

Dk: you mean you knew!!

Disha: Of course I knew!!!?

Dk is touched

She smiles

He comes in

And everyone wishes him!!!

Dk is like wow!!

He was so shocked!

Dk goes quickly

And he changes into something nice!!!

And So does Disha!!!!!

Before they come down

Dk thanks Disha

And he hugs her!!!

And kisses her!

The End!
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Posted: 2006-02-22T11:00:58Z
Part 5

They both come down

Everyone looks at them!!!

Everyone is enjoying the party!!!!!!

Then Some of Dk's old friends come

Who he hasn't seen for ages

And who couldn't make it to his wedding are there

Dk is like omg!!!!

Disha smiles!!

Disha; Surprise!!!

Dk goes to them

And it's a nice little reunion

Dk is speechless today!!!!!

He cant believe it at all!!!

It feels like it's a dream!!

But it isnt!!!!

All the guys are together

All the gals are together

Disha is going on

And is making sure everyone is enjoying the party

It's the best party on the block!

Then they bring out the cake?.

Candles are on there

Everyone gathers around……..

They bring it in front of him

Disha tells him to wish for something

Then he looks at her

Dk: I don't have to!!!!!!! Cuz my dream already came true!!!

She blushes!!!!

Everyone is like aww how sweet

He blows out the candles

And they start singing

They all clap

Disha takes the knife?.

And gives it to Dk

They both cut it together!!!!!

The End!
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Posted: 2006-02-22T11:01:33Z
Part 6

Disha is the 1st one to feed him……

Then he feeds her!

Sum, Ved, And Rano feed him!!!

Only family

Then it becomes too much when everyone feeds you!!!!!……

Then everyone goes and starts dancing and what not

Dk and Disha are standing and watching everyone dance

Dk: I don't know how you did this!!!

Disha smiles!!!

Disha: It was easy!!!!

Dk smiles!!

Dk: All of this?? Just for my bday!!

Disha; OF course!!

Dk hugs her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: U don't realize how happy I am today!!!?.

Disha: You should be!! Its your day!!!!

Dk hugs her!!!!

Disha: Its all for you!!!!!!!!!!!

He kisses her as well!!!!

Then a slow song comes……

Dk takes her hand

Dk: Will you come and join me??

Disha smiles

Disha: I will be glad to!

They both come

And start dancing?

All the other couples are dancing as well

aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye

dilon jaan se joh mujhpe mare
sirf mujhse mohabbat kare
mere khwabon mein khoya rahe
mere kaandho pe soya rahe
mere liye duniya bhulaye
mere dardo gum bhi uthaye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye

lamha lamha umar baat le
meri tanhayian kaat le
har ghadi bas mera naam le
ladkhadayon joh main thaam le
mere saare sapne sajaye
meri palko mein ghar banaye

aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye

While dancing to this song

Dk and Disha are looking into each other's eyes

Both of them are lost in each other

Its only them two!!!!

Through out the whole song

They only look at each other

Its like no one else is there!!!!

Then you see there is no one there just them two?

And he spins her around……
She is smiling

Then he has his arms around her

And are the dancing

Disha has her eyes closed

He has his chin on her shoulders

And both are dancing to this song……..

Then the song finishes

And both of them snap out of it!!……..

They enjoy the rest of the night w/ everyone!!!!!!

And this was the best gift that Disha could've given him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!!!
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Part 7

Part 4

After the party

Dk is like wow!!!

He was so happy!!!

And all becuz of his sweet wife!!!!!!

DK: thank you!!!!

Disha: Dk??? No more thank yous!!!!

Dk: Okay sorry!! No more!!!!

Disha: remember i did this from the bottom of my heart!!

Dk: You have a very big heart!!!

Disha blushes!!!

Couple of days later

Dk takes Disha out

On a nice romantic candle light dinner!!!!!

She deserves to have something for her

So Dk arranges it!!!!!

Disha doesnt know!!

He takes her

Disha is thinking where are they going....

He takes her......

She sees a nice table

decorated w/ flowers and what not.....

And candle in the middle of the table....

She's like omg!!!

Dk: U gave me a surprise!! So i thought i have something for you

She's like wow!!

Its outside

And the there's a full moon 2nite!

Disha is really touched!

Disha: U didnt have to do this!!!!

Dk: Yes i did!!!! I did this for my wife!!!1 You mean the world to me!!!!

She smiles!!

She hugs him

They both sit down

They both enjoy the night together.....

Dk gets up.....

He puts his hand out

She holds his hand

And gets up to dance

But Disha is like no music

But then a song starts to play

She's like wow!!!

kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
hamare dil ki tum thodi si kadar kar lo
ham tumpe marte hain thodisi fikar kar lo
fikar kar lo
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

tune o jaana deewana kiya hain
deewana kiya is kadar
chahat mein teri bhulaya jahaan ko
na dil ko kisiki khabar
rago mein mohabbat ka ehsaas jara bhar lo
ham tumpe marte hain thodisi fikar kar lo
fikar kar lo
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham

tumse hain saansein tumse hain dhadkan
tumhise hain deewangi
rab ne hame di hain tumhare liye zindagi
tumhare liye zindagi
wada sang jeene ka tum jaane jigar kar lo
ham tumpe marte hain thodisi fikar kar lo
fikar kar lo
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham
kya jaan loge hamari sanam
kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham............

She smiles

He kisses her!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They both take a nice long walk from there....

And it starts to rain

Both get wet

Disha tries to go under something

So she doesnt get wet

But Dk stays there

Disha is calling him

But he's enjoying himself....

SHe's like he's crazy!!!!

Dk is like come on!!

She's like no way!!!

Dk: Okay then i will enjoy by myself!!!

Disha is looking at him

Then he looks at her

He puts his hand out

Disha is like i dont know!

Dk is like come on!!

Then she runs

And she just hugs him

And both of them are getting soaked!!!!!!!!

They both come home

Both are wet

Go to their room.....

They dry off.......

Both change their clothes

Disha comes out

Dk comes from behind

And picks her up

Disha blushes

He puts her down on the bed.....

Disha: Dk... its late dont you think??

Dk: Disha the night has just begun.........

Scene fades away slowly

The End!
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