Two Little Birds..A Poem(Treat for the weekend!)

Posted: 2011-11-25T03:05:02Z
Another weekend will be here shortly and for next three days we will  keep reminiscing about BALH..Leaving aside all our discussions and commenting on old posts; here is a treat for you all, my friends..A poem from me after a long hiatus..Read, enjoy and do please comment.. Thanks..

Two little birds they were

Living to please others.


One named Priya

Another named Ram.


Birds of different feathers

Yet destined to fly together.


A chance encounter on that date

 A Meeting arranged by fate.

 Fighting and shouting in a bother
Matching and opposing each other.


Skirmishes and arguments

Bickering and spats


Order and Norm of Day

Vexing and annoying each day.


Both never looked the same way

But couldn't avoid the other, anyway


Two little birds they were

 Living to please others.


 A sudden marriage of compromise

For families' wishes and needs to concede.


Together they came, yet apart

Living and adjusting for a start.


Paradox and antithesis; two poles in spectrum

Irony and sarcasm enliven their daily humdrum.


A day of close call, fast and celebration

A day of anew regard and admiration.


Slow but steady, sure yet lasting

Unknown feelings started sprouting.


Flying away to Down Under

Honey and moon still asunder.


Together the birds, soared their feathers

Their hearts now seemed to flutter.


Exploring the unexplored; a tender love sublime

Two souls united; emotions played in pantomime.


Roots of love strong and deep

Will withstand the tests of time.


Joys and sorrows, happiness and content

Shared and enjoyed till an eternity.


Two little birds they were

Living to love and care.


Each for the other; together as one

 We like and love them as none.







PS: Dont ask me " How could you equate Ram to little Bird?"..Its a poetic liberty..

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Posted: 2011-11-25T03:07:45Z
wow superb poem maris
thank you
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Posted: 2011-11-25T03:13:23Z
kudos to your liberty... very nice
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Posted: 2011-11-25T03:14:55Z
Beautifully penned thoughts about our love birds..Embarrassed

Much needed for the weekend survival..thank youHug

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Posted: 2011-11-25T03:25:55Z
Clap Clap Clap

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Posted: 2011-11-25T03:44:08Z

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Posted: 2011-11-25T05:31:21Z
nice poem
thank you
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Posted: 2011-11-25T05:42:15Z
Awesome work Maris!Star
You have covered their journey in fabulous poem.Kudos to your talent.
 Do you think a lot about RaYa ? Embarrassed
On weekends we miss RaYa terribly.Thanks to IF we discuss, share our feelings about our lovebirds so weekends become easy with friends.Big smile And when I see the posts like this, totally dedicated to RaYa...their emotions heart starts Dancing with joy.
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