Chal Jile Phir Ek Baar *Part 8 Updated*

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hi guys i no i have to finish my other fanfic, but im having hard time coming up with the few ending parts that are left. i promise to finish it soon.

im starting a new fanfic as u know the Title is Chal Jile Phir Ek Baar. most of this story will be in flask back. hope u guys like the story. here is a little info about the story. also its in first person point of view and if u dont understand something do ask me and i will try to make it as clear as possible.


Ms Khanna(you will know the name after u read the first part): she is the most beautiful thing on earth. she is in love with prithvi.

Mr Khanna(you will know the name after u read the second part): he is a house dad aka chair man of the khanna empires.

Prithvi: a middle class boy who is son of Misty Bose.

Misty Bose: a very good friend of Mr Khanna and Late Mrs. KHanna.

Story line

this story is based on angad and kripa's love and how they lived their life. this story as i told u before will be in flash back. i will let u know when the part is in flash back. Mr Khanna is 50 years old and is now living with his daughter. he loves her very much and keeps an eye on her all the time. he lets her do wat ever she wants as long its right in his eyes. he lost his wife 10 years back. he still loves her very very much. Ms Khanna was 10 years old when Mrs. Khanna passed away. Now she is trying to get to know her mom through the story that her dad is telling her.

first part of the story will be uploaded soon. so keep reading.

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kewl intro...cntinue soon! Smile
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kewl intro...cntinue soon! Smile
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Posted: 2006-02-16T14:28:58Z
thanks prakriti
nice name btw Smile
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Posted: 2006-02-16T15:06:48Z
hey sounds great!! continue soon
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Part One.

"daddy," she said opening the door to my room. i looked up to her and realized she was as beautiful as her mother. i smiled at her and she knew that she can come in now.

she was looking down on the floor. for the first time in twenty years i saw nervousness, fear, sadness and happiness at the same time. she came in and sat on my bed. she still looked at the floor. i put the book away and took off my glasses. i looked at her again.

" what is it?" i asked her. " whats wrong honey?" i asked her again. she looked up at me as if i was speaking alien language. "what makes u think anything is wrong." she blurred. i laughed and said," you seem to be forgetting that im your father." "oh yeah," she smiled and scratched her head. she went back to looking down at the floor.

i made her face amd and asked her wat was wrong. she took deep breaths and begin telling me. " dad.... iminlovewithprithvi." she said so quickly that it took me few seconds to figure out wat she said. after figuring out wat she said. i started laughing and kept laughing. she looked up at me in surprise. i laughed again. she looked down again and got up from the bed and started walking toward the door. i knew she came here to talk about something that was bothering her.

"i knew that," i yelled after her before she walked out of my room. she stoped right in front of the door. i guess she was trying to figure out what to say to me. after few mintues she turned and looked at me. she was so much like her mother. same eyes, same hair and oh of course the beautiful glow on her face reminds me of my time with my beautiful wife. she was the most beautiful woman on the earth.

"dad" she whispered. i came out from my memory land and looked at her worried face. i gestured her to sit down on the bed. she slowly walked back and sat down. she looked at me for quiet some time and talked again.

" so you knew huh," she said blushing. i just sat there nodding my head. " so i guess you also know that he asked me to marry him." she said again this time looking down at the floor. my eyes opened wide when i heard wat she has just said. i froze and the time froze with me. i just sat there on my bed not moving. slowly i moved and nodded my head side ways indicating a "no". she was about to say more but stopped when she saw me nodding a no. then she just fell quiet. i guess it was time for me to speak.

" so what are you going to say to him?" i asked. she groned out loud and got up from the bed. " you know, this talk would have been so much easier with mom." she said quickly out of anger and eagerness to tell me everything that has been going on. after realizing taht she has just mentioned her mom. she sat down on my bed again and put her face in her hands and started to cry. she never mentioned her mom after she passed away. she knew that i miss her too much. i let my baby girl cry on the bed. it was about time she took all the pain out. after all she has lost her mom her only best friend and i lost my better half and my best friend as well.

after some time tears were coming down from my eyes and on to my cheecks.i moved closer to her and put my hand around her shoulders.

" me" she said again and again crying more each time she said taht. " why did god take her away? why dad?" she asked me while crying. it was time for me to stop her from saying any thing. " shhh.... kripa honey.... dont say that....calm down now. sweetie come on. stop crying. beta rona bandh karo chalo." she was stopping and was calm. i begin talking now. " honey, you know its not ur fault. i have told you that many times. it was not in my or anyone else's control."

"but dad..." she begun but i stoped her. " chup bilkul chup. you know your mother would have been very hurt if she saw you like this. honey she loved you and still lvoes you. dont ever talk about blamming your self for your mom's death." she nodded yes.

i had to tell her that she can talk to me about anything even her mom. so i did. " you know that you can takl to me about anythign or anyone right?" " yes dad." " then from now on i want you to talk to me about your mom when ever you want. i dont want you to think that you will hurt me if you talk about her. in fact i would be very happy that you still remember her and miss her." " of course i miss her dad. i always will."

" by the way have i told you that you look so much like you mom." " yes, you have and did i tell you that you are the most wonderful man and dad you are." she said. " oh and i bet if mom were here she would tell u wat a wonderful husband you are." " she always did. she told me that everyday as long as she lived." i finished for her. i continued again" you know what else she used to say?" she nodded no. so i continued " she used to say that im the most handsome guy on the earth." " she was totally right about that dad, you are the most handsome man on the earth." she hugged me while saying that.

we continued talking about our old memories. memories are the only things we have left of her. i went to my track of thoughts. i couldnt believe that my daughter was growing up so fast. 10 years have passed. today im sitting here next to her talking to her about some guy who just proposed to her. "this is not how i imgagined the time would be like. i thought that we would all sit together as one family me, you and kripa. i miss you jaan. i miss you very very much. i love you where ever you are i will always love you jaan. always." i said in my thought. i smiled as her thought came in my mind.

kripa was still talking and i have not heard a word she had said and the thing that was worst then not listening was that she has jsut asked me a question. " so dad tell me what should i do?" she asked me. " about what beta?" i asked beta. now she was mad and yelled " daddddddddd, were you even listening to what i was saying?" she said fuming hot air of anger out from her ears. ofcourse i imagined that happening.

" how did mom ever put up with you?" she said out of anger. " hey hey hey, watch your mouth young lady." i said in firm voice. she bit her toung and said " k, dad. sorry. but plz help me na dad. what should i do? what should i say to prithvi. i mean i wanna say yes but im so scared dad." " hon its abuot time you got to know how me and your mom got married." the minute i said that she was all ears.

so i started telling her as if it all happened just yeasterday.

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Posted: 2006-02-16T15:15:18Z
THANKS POOJA. guys hope you like the first part. dont forget to leave feed back. they help me make my story better. and if u want me to change something or explain do let me no. i will do wat i can.

THANKS for taking time in reading my fanfic.
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Posted: 2006-02-16T15:30:18Z
Originally posted by zarna

THANKS POOJA. guys hope you like the first part. dont forget to leave feed back. they help me make my story better. and if u want me to change something or explain do let me no. i will do wat i can.

THANKS for taking time in reading my fanfic.

hey thanks for whatt? the part was amazzing ...sooosad!!
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