Kaheen pyar honagaeyFan fic

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Posted: 2006-02-13T04:00:33Z

Can sum body plzz tell me da link of my fanfic Kaheen pyar honagay???I lost it!!



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Posted: 2006-02-13T04:10:55Z
Part 3
Next morning
angad an kripa r sleepin in ngads ferrari kripa is totally cuddled in Angads arms wen her cell rang
K:hello! yes Kran wat OMG is already 9am mom must b waitin 4 me tell her last night i stayed at Piyaz house an i will cum bak in afternoon!!
Kripa cuts da phone an sees Angad sleepin pecaefully wid his half mouth open an holdin kripas waist! Kripa smiles an kisses his cheek
K:Gud morning Angad (sweetly)
A:eyes till closed Sonay do na Kripa!!
K:Angad its already 9 an we hav a class at 10!!
A:I dunt care!!
Kripa thinks of sumthin an smile spreads on her lips!She presses da horn very tightly!Angad jumps wid a jerk an sees a laughin Kripa!!!!!
A: wat da hell Kripa u scared me!!!!
K:I am sorry Angad but i cant help myself i ws angry seein u sleepin so peacefully!!an they both share a hug!!!! Next part cumin in 15 minsss!!!

Hope u Like it!!
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Posted: 2006-02-13T04:34:22Z
tht was gud plz cont soon
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Posted: 2006-02-13T04:58:07Z
feb Clap con soon plzzzz
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Posted: 2006-02-13T05:11:37Z
Part 4
ThEY enter in da college hand in hand an went to their seperate classes .Angad wazz misin Kripa in whole class an wazz lukin forward 2 meet her On da other hand same situation wid Kripa!!At 4pm The class ended Everybody waz headin to their home .Angad was waitin for kripa so that he can drop her home Finally she came an Angad hugged frm bak
A mujhe miss kiya??
K Umm Nahii!!
A thora sabhi nahi?>
K nahi
A heartbroken Ok bye i m goin home!
K Anagd wait!!
A Hann bolo
K woh dekho!!
A kya? be4 Angad can answer Kripa gav a wet kiss on Angad kiss!!after sllowly breakin da kiss....Kripa said
K Main nay tumhay itna sara miss kiya!!(opening her arms)
A I LuV U Kripa
K I LuV U 2!!
A agli baar aisa mazaak nahi karna!!!
K Yes sir!

Hope u like thsis part!!
Preview Sum more AK SCENES!!

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Posted: 2006-02-13T05:13:18Z
I meant she kissed him on da lips!!! Embarrassed
Miss writing
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