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Posted: 2006-02-12T03:03:02Z

Hey ppl, this is a fanfic idea that has been going around in my mind for quite some time. I recently found the time to write it, so here it is. also, this  is  the first time I am writing a fanfic, so all comments are welcomed. and now to start off:


I am going to start off the fanfic from where the serial is now, I mean Kashish is looking for a job and sujal/tusshar is living wid charu.


The G/R household


Charu is sitting in her room,quiet and staring into space, when veena walks in.

v=veena, c=charu


v: ' What charu? why r u sitting like this? Is everything all rite?'

c: ' Everything is all rite and nothing is allrite….after all that has happened…….'

v: ' I know, but now even if nothing is all rite , we should move on and try to make the best of it , as wid time things might  turn better.'

c: ' Even, if I want to move on, I will be the only one, as tushar ( she still calls sujal tushar) will not. he still loves kashish.'

v: ' I know what u r trying to say, and all I can say to u is that I will try my best to make sure that my son moves on in life as well. I will try to get u guys together.'

c(touched): ' do u rly mean it?'

v: ' yeah, I do. U r not just my daughter in law, but my daughter. I always treated u like my daughter even before this marriage and now, I will try to get my daughter and son together. becuz even I want sujal to move on and settle down.'

c: ' thank you so much, mama'

v: ' no need to thank me. I am just doing what I have to do and…. I almost forgot the reason why I came to see you. u and sujal have to go to mrs. verma's party this evening at 8. and look, it's 6.30 now so u better go and start getting ready as u have to go and pick sujal from his office. I am pretty sure that he has forgotten about the party.'

c: 'okay mama'


Sujal's office


Charu enters but finds it empty as sujal has gone out for a while, but will be back soon. She decides to wait, and as she does so, in walks Akshat.



Akshat and charu see eachother and stare for a while, when finally akshat starts the conversation.

a: ' charu, tum yaha?'

c: ' yeh mere pati ka office hai, mein yaha asakti hoon. mein yahan kya kar rahi hoon, yeh poochne ki zaroorat nahin hai.'

a: ' charu, tumhe ab bhi lagta hai ke yeh tumhare pati ka office hai, ye sujal garewal ka office hai, kashish ke pati ka hai. tushar ka nahin.'

c: ' chup raho akshat, mere liye ye tushar ka office hai, mere pati ka office hai.'

a: ' tum kaise usse apna pati bula sakti hu, jab ke tum achi tarah se janti hu ke who sujal hai jo kashish se ajj bhi pyar kerta hai.'

c: ' bas akshat, ab aur mat bolna. tum kyu mere mamleh ( matters), meri zaati zindagi mein dakhal (interfere) de rahe hu. meri zindagi mein kam problems nahin hai, ke tumhari tension bardasht karon.'

a( in a slightly hurt voice): ' haan, mujhe kya haq hai? tumhare bare mein sochne ka? tumhari parwa (care) kerne ka? ajj ke baad aisa nahin hoga, ab to tum khush hona, Charu Sinha (he is using her virgin sur name, which shows he still loves her and thinks of her as before the marriage and everything). lekin jane se pehle, itna sun lo ke tum uss insaan ko apna pati kehne ki galti kar rahi ho,jo hamesha kisi aur se pyar kerta tha, aur kerta rahe ga....'

c(cutting him off): ' shut up akshat!!!!!!!!!!! tum ye kaise keh sakta hoon ke mein tushar ko apna pati keh ker ghalti ker rahi hoon., mein ne usse shaadi ki hai, pyar kiya hai.....oh ab meri samaj mein aya, tum ye saab jealousy mein keh rahe hu, tum jalte hu ke mein tushar ke saath hoon….'

a: ' jalne ki adat tumhari hai charu, meri nahin. aur hah tum ghalti kar rahi, isiliye nahin ke tumne tushar  se shaadi ki ya phir isiliye ke tumne usse pyar kiya, balke isiliye ke tum sujal ko apna pati keh rahi ,yeh jante hue ke usske beech aur kashish ke beech kaise rishta hai. yaad hai, charu, jab meri aur kashish ki engagement hone wali to tumne akar yehi kaha tha ke ik behen ne dosri behen ka pyar cheena chaha ( sorry guys I am not sure if she said this, even if she didn't say this, in my fanfic let's pretend that she did) …..aur tumne charu, tumne aaj wohi kiya jis ka ilzaam tumne kashish ko diya,charu kashish jo kuch bhi kiya uske peeche ik jayaz waja thi, kashish ne jo bhi kiya uske peeche ik waja thi, woh tumhara pyar cheena nahin chahti thi..lekin tum charu, tum sub kuch jante hue bhi sujal aur kashish ko alag karma chahti, unke beech ana chahti hu.. I hope for u charu, ke jab tumhari ankhen khule to tum apne app ko sambhalo.'

After saying all this, Akshat takes out from his file(he's carrying one), an envelope and lays it  down on sujal's desk and after giving a final sideways glance to charu as he walks out, he goes away. Tushar soon enters and sees charu and is surprised. charu then reminds him of the party. He sees akshat's letter, opens up and finds out that it is his resignation letter. He's shocked  and thinks about it for a while, when Charu again reminds him that they have to leave as it is 8 all ready. Tushar agrees and they leave.

Note: tushar wouldn't have gone to the party if he could help it, but it is a very imp. party, as it will bringing together top execuetives and businessmen from around the world, who still have some connection wid the market in India.


Office ( won't tell who's)

Kashish comes running in and sees to her right where the lounge is, it's almost empty which is not what she expected. she then turns to the receptionist, whose desk is on her right.



k: ' excuse me, yaha per personal assistant ka interview hai na, main ussi ke liye ayi hoon.'

r: ' sorry ma'am, per interview ka time to khatam ho chukka hai.'

k: ' lekin kuch ho sakta hoga ….'

kashish trails off and turns to leave the building with a sad, dejected expression, when the receptionist suddenly runs after her and catches upto her.

r: ' ik min. app prof. sinha ki beti hai na???'

k ( surprised ): ' haan to.'

r: ' woh mere prof reh chuke hai, ajj mein jaha bhi hoon unki waja se hoon, agar unhon ne mujhe free mein coaching classes nahin de hoti, to ajj shayid yeh job bhi naseeb nahin hoti. anyways tum mujhe apni file do. mein yeh dosri files mein rakh dongi.,kyuke mujhe patha hai ke boss ne abhi tak apni p.a appoint nahin ki hai.'

k( giving her the file): ' saach  mein, thank u so much.'

r: ' nahin iss mein thanks ki kya jab mere din bure the aur paise nahin the to tumhare papa ne mujhe parha ker itna layak kerdiya ke mein apne peron (feet) per karhi hoon. aur tum unki beti hu, tumhari madad kerna mera farz hai.'

k: ' theek hai, ab mein chalti hoon bye!'

r: ' bye!'



While they were talking a car stops near the rear of the building ( they were talking near the entrance) and  the camera zooms in on his first class execuetive style shoes. The camera continues to follow him as he enters the building and is greeted wid good morning sirs, as he makes way to his cabin. He presses a button on the phone on his desk and calls in the files submitted by the ppl who came for the interview. He then sits down on his big ,comfy leather chair and starts to play wid a round paperweight  through which light entering the room is reflected in his dark brown eyes A peon soon comes in and puts down the files and leaves. The guy picks up the files and starts to browse through one of them. He soon puts down the file and walks upto the window,when the receptionist comes almost running in.



r (out of breath0: ' sorry sir, actually I forgot to give u this file  from the interview(it is kashish's file) .'

The guy doesn't say anything, so the receptionist puts the file on the desk and meekly goes out. Outside, she thinks to herself: oho, kiran, what was the need to rush in like that???  boss might be really upset, that's y he didn't say anything. but wait. why didn't he give her a mini lecture on such  rude behaviour. he had a reputation for doing so, but then again he did appear distracted….'


The guy goes and sits back down. He picks up the first file he sees and it's kashish's.  He opens it up and sees kashish's picture in the front. He stops, not believing its her. He soon regains composure and very carefully goes through the file. After doing so, he puts down the file and thinks for a while. Then he calls in his secretary and tells her to type up an appointment letter for his new p.a., who is kashish garewal…..


okay, so plz plz plz tell me about what u guys thought?

I also have a question, should I write my fanfic in English or in hinglish ( u know hindi words in English) plz do tell. anyways, so much for so now!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah, this fanfic is called : KASH YE HOTA!

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Posted: 2006-02-12T03:10:18Z
good fiction with good name Clap All the best Clap
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Posted: 2006-02-12T05:09:22Z
great story keep it up Clap
continue soon
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Posted: 2006-02-12T10:12:34Z
Mrs. Verma's party ( the one tushar and charu were supposed to go to).

The party is quite a lavish affair, as all or atleast most of the top businessmen and company execuetives have got together. ppl are meeting and greeting eachother after days, weeks,months or even years. Among the men there is the usual talk of shares, stocks but the spice of most conversations lies in who will be the most successful indian businessman of the year. On the other hand, the women are bzy gossiping or pretending to be nice to each other.
man 1= m1 man2=m2

m1: ' So, Mr. Pandey, what do u think ?who will bag the best Indian businessman award?'
m2: ' Hard to say anything, Mr. Singh, after all, some pretty good businessmen have made their comeback and I am sure that it will be a tough call between the G/R and Soyam Shergill!'
m1: ' Oh yah, heard that Sujal Garewal is alive and back. Well, if he still is the same then I agree with u, its going to be rough neck to neck competition. You know at times like these, I wish I too had an enemy to fight with whom the business world would become an open battlefield. I mean look at the G/R, and Soyam Shergill… so much happened to the G/R yet they r still out there and among the top ranks, and then consider Soyam Shergill, who knew him, b4 his enmity wid the G/R became common knowledge?
m1: ' I know what u mean. Infact when Sujal was still here, there was a time when all the top contracts seemed only to go to either Shergill or G/R. Both these companies wanted to outdo each other and they would end up working extra hard, which would result in only either one of them bagging the contracts.'
The two men continued to talk, while one of their subjects for the conversation, stood by and overheard everything. He took a glass of wine to his mouth and took a sip. As he put down the glass, he looked back to see his, Soyam Shergill's reflection. He thought for a while, about what the men had discussed and had to admit that there was some degree of truth in it.
s= soyam
s( to himself): ' I never thought about my enmity wid the G/R in such a way, but they do have a point. Alrite Sujal if having u alive means my professional success, then u live.Anyways, it will be more fun to see u die slowly and painfully at my mercy. Yeah, I will reduce to such pitiful state, that instead of me, u will kill urself. And to begin wid, ur lady love will have to hate u from the bottom of her heart. or better go away from ur life for good.'
Now seeing Charu, continues to think: ' And I see just the person to help me.'

Soyam walks over to Charu wid a rose in his hand.
s: ' Hello charu, long time no see.'
c: ' What is it, soyam? why r u bothering me?'
s: ' Such impoliteness! and that to the one who helped u get ur love.Oh, sorry I understand u still haven't been able to get Tushar, and I am not surprised. I mean kashish giving u competiton, how will u?'
c( glaring at him): ' It's nothing like that, tushar is my husband and no one can come between us.'
s: ' chaaaaaruuu, u r forgetting that kashish has already come b/w u too. I mean, u still haven't got him and she did.' ( he's implying the fact that kashish and tushar ,umm how do I say it, did it, while charu and him are still living like strangers)
Charu now in deep thought, listens to him and is looking over at Tushar, who is talking to others in the party.
s (he realizes as he sees Charu thinking, that she might not believe that kashish would try to ruin her marriage, and so he continues): ' Charu, u might not believe me, but its the law of nature. All beautiful and seemingly innocent things are dangerous. I mean, look at this rose, so beautiful and so innocent that it is considered to be a symbol of love and yet,' ( now he hands over the rose to her, it pricks her), ' it too has thorns.'
Saying so, he leaves, while Charu looks down and looks on the drop of blood forming on her finger, where the rose pricked her. She looked up and saw tushar, and then decided there and then, that she would remove the thorns between her and tushar's relationship from their lives, for good.

A car stopped outside the party hall, and a guy walked out. The camera follows him, as he enters the party, and then shifts on the surprised faces of the guests there, who recognized him.Wherever, he goes in the party, ppl stare at him in surprise, either of the fact that he was back or the fact that he still was the same, infact better at the same time. The men immediately had a new name to add to their list of businessmen,who could potentially bag the award, while the women had a hard time not to stare at him and discuss him. For the single senior yet young aged female execuetives he was the same guy whose affection was worth vying for, for mothers he was the perfect eligible bachelor for their daughters or nieces, and for the still young girls, he could have soon become an idol. His looks, his demeanor seemed changed, and whether this was an improvement or not was hard to say, as most in there were simply awed by him. What was the change? nobody could pinpoint it, as everything about him seemed to contradict each other. He was cordial yet cold, had unkempt hair yet managed to look completely sophisticated and if all was not enough he wore a small mickey mouse ring on his pinky. He finally made his way to the host of the party and as she turned around, she exclaimed: ' Oh Arun, u r finally here!'
thank you ppl for the comments, and yeah, i might only be able to update on weekends. sorry, if i mess up on the grammmar, i was in a hurry to write this and get ur reviews!........ Edited by nabz8888 - 2006-02-12T10:13:59Z
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Posted: 2006-02-12T12:55:58Z
lovely part...whos Arun btw? cont soon.
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Posted: 2006-02-14T21:15:14Z
umm, ppl when u read my parts, plz leave comments, as it helps me know how many ppl are actually interested in this fanfic, and also boosts my morale......so plz leave a comment!!! thanx
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Posted: 2006-02-15T08:39:59Z
Clap Clap
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Posted: 2006-02-15T21:22:47Z
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