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Hello all you beautiful people, how are you guys doing on this beautiful Valentines Day weekend.  Well, I'm sure that most of you guys read the fan-fiction DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA, By Kritika.

Her old ID: kool_gal

Her recent ID: ~*kRiTu*~

If you guys didn't read the fan-fiction and would like to read the first half of it here is the link:

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=60511&PN =1&TPN=1

And, I will be writing the second half of the fan-fiction.


The fan-fiction will not be continued everyday.

I DO NOT want PM's or Messages telling me to continue everyday.  I'm sorry its annoying.

And last, it won't be a long fan-fiction.  Maybe 10-15 parts Max.  I would make it longer if i wasn't writing two other fan-fictions.

Now if you guys don't want to read the first half here is a nice short summary.

Angad Khanna and Kripa Sharma are rock stars, and well known.  They meet eact other at the beach, after Angad topples on her.  He instantly falls in love with her.  That same day they meet again at dinner, and share a dance.  New feelings are inserted to their hearts for each other.  A week passes they continue with their lives.  They don't meet again until they are both singed for a concert.  Naina Khanna, is not happy about Kripa and Angad working togeather.  Angad's feelings for Kripa rekindle as they spend time togeather.  He just doesn't realize them, until his sister, Aaliya Khanna, tells him he is madly in love with Kripa.  He tests Kripa, by telling her that he is love with someone, not her.  Kripa is hurt, and from there they both start to talk less and start to ignore each other.  Angad tries to tell her many times that he loves her but she never allows him to.  Angad knows she loves him equally, but she doesn't know he loves her much more.  After their concert, Angad goes  to meet her.  Kripa angry, sad, despreat, confesses that she is in love with him.  She at the same time tells him that he doesn't have to feel sorry for her, and he should carry on his life with the girl he loves.  Angad also slightly angry with her yells out tha fact he is in love with her just as madly as she is.  He also tells her how many times he has tried to tell her, but she never would let him.  All in all, they end up hugging each other.

That's exactly were the first half ends, with a hug.  And, I'm back with the second half.  I will post the next part today or tomorrow.  So get ready for this ride!

Hugs and Kisses


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WOW thanx A LOT for giving that summury lol i know i've read the first hapf of the story but i couldnt remember wat happend lol thanx now i dont have to read it all over agin!!!
im looking forward to ur 2nd part!!! so post soon as possible
lots of luv and sugar
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waiting Wink LOL
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Originally posted by ~*kRiTu*~

waiting Wink LOL


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Next Part will be up tomorrow evening.
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Originally posted by neha9

Next Part will be up tomorrow evening.

can't wait till tommTongue

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yipee some1 is continuing this fan-fic cant wait!
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"And that is how I met your Mom." Angad looked to his side and found his eight year old daughter closing her eyes in his arms.

"Where is she now, Daddy?"

"I don't know jaan."

"Will she ever come back?"

"I don't know."

"Good Night Daddy, I love you."

"I love you too bachaa." He kissed her forehead and tucked her away. As he reached the door, he turned and looked at her. She looked just like Kripa with her eyes closed.

Priya Khanna. Angad Khanna's eight year old daughter, who has lived with only her father for as long as she remembers. Angad and Priya now live in New York City, and have been for the past seven and a half years.

Angad never hid from Priya who her mother was, but then he couldn't tell her where he was because he himself didn't know where Kripa was. They hadn't seen each other in over seven years.

Angad placed his heavy body in a rocker and heaved a sigh. Angad had told this story to Priya for the millionth time tonight, and after that she had asked him the same question, where was she and would she ever come back.

Priya knew what Kripa looked like. She had seen pictures of Kripa and Angad's wedding, and many other pictures. Priya was saddened about the fact that she didn't have any picture with her own Mom.

Priya was an eight year old, mature , and only for her father. They both lived for each other. Angad was the owner of many lavish hotels in NY, and managed everything from his house. Priya was home school for the time as well, but she had many friends around the neighborhood.

Angad owned a house that was built on a 3 acre land . He gave Priya everything she wanted, everything. It was almost like she knew magic. She would open her mouth and what ever she needed would be in front of her within 24 hours.

She was his princess and he was her king. Priya loved Angad more than anything. She was not spoiled but just loved too much by Angad. She was pampered by him almost every second of her life. But then, when Angad thought it was important Angad would also scold her a little. It was important, as Kripa had told him when she was pregnant with Priya.

Kripa and Angad were expecting a boy, so when Angad had went shopping he had brought every blue item from ever shop in Mumbai. But when Angad found out it was a girl, he went back and brought every pink item available.

They were so much in love eight years back, they couldn't live without seeing each other for a hour. And here they were. They hadn't seen each other, or heard from each other in eight years now.

Eight years. Angad thought now. Eight entire years, 2920 days, 70080 hours… he stopped calculating in his mind and stood up and walked back to Priya's room. Every time he had to tell her this story, he would go back to Priya and fall a sleeping beside her, crying. Asking himself, why does he love her so much? Why did she love him so much? Why were they separated? Why did he leave her? Why did he abduct Priya from her? Why? The question of all these why's would only be found once they both met again.

Next morning, Angad woke up with Priya trying to get out of bed. He opened his eyes and looked at his daughter, who was trying to get out of Angad's embrace. She smiled. "Morning Daddy."

"Morning Love." He left her and they both sat up in the comfy bed.

"Why are you sleeping in my bed?"

"Oh, I was just slightly scared last night."

She giggled, and he winked. "Come on, I'll send a maid so you can take a shower, and then we will have breakfast together."

"Yes Hun."

"You're forgetting."

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, "I love you." She kissed his cheeks and repeated the same words. It felt good to know that she was there for him.

Priya Khanna, Angad Khanna's daughter was his everything. And, maybe somewhere she had made herself more place in Angad's heart than any other person alive. Or maybe it was because Kripa wasn't with him. But what ever it was, he loved her so much he was ready to do anything for her.

About an hour later Priya finally walked down stairs dressed in jeans. She was a girl yet hated wearing skirts. Her entire wardrobe consisted only of jeans and shorts. Angad walked to her and picked her up in his arms. "My daughter looks beautiful today."

"Daddy you say that every morning."

"Because you are the most beautiful person."

"More than Mommy?"

Angad laughed, "Um… maybe a little less than her, but still you're very sweet." Priya kissed her fathers cheek as he set her down in the chair.

She grabbed the box of cereal from her tiny hands and poured it in a bowl. Then picked up the jug of milk and poured it carefully. Angad watched her precise actions, like almost every morning. She was so careful, so perfect, so much like Kripa. Every part of her reminded him of Kripa. Was that why he loved her so much? Nah, she was his daughter and he loved her because she was different in many ways.


The stage was dark, and the crowd was screaming one name.


The music blasted and she turned around to face the audience. The music changed, to a soft tone; she slowly walked up front. The fog around her cleared and she could be seen properly. Each accept of her glistening due to her outfit. She took a deep breath when she realized that they were screaming only her name.

This was her first stage show since Angad had left her. This was her first stage show alone since she had done her first concert with Angad. Unexpectedly, suddenly she was nervous. She picked up the mike to her lips and slowly started to sing without any music to accompany her.

"Kaun Sa Mod Aaya Zindagi Ke Safar Mein
Bas Gaya Tu Hi Tu Ab To Meri Nazar Mein
Dil Ki Har Ek Dhadkan Tujhko Pehchaanti Hai
Meri Chaahat Hai Ab Kya Tu Nahin Jaanti Hai
Main Tuhje Jaan Gayi Tujhko Pehchaan Gayi
Phir Bhi Teri Haan Hai Baki
Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki
As she sang her eyes filled with tears, the words were for her and Angad. He came into her life like a gust of wind, and then left in the same way. Leaving wounds, sad memories, happy memories, love, friendship, captainship, and many other things behind. He had left everything with her but taken her most precious thing, her life, her daughter Priya.


"I'm so glad you did this show Kripa."

Kripa smiled weakly at Aaliya. "You know why I did this show Aaliya. It's not for me. I want Angad to see me where ever he is today. I want him to know I still love him. I want him to come back to me." Aaliya reached for her arm. Kripa closed her eyes and soon hugged Aaliya.

"Hey guys." It was Prithvi. He walked to Aaliya and kissed her cheek. "Well Kripa, your show was a hit."

"Did they agree?" She asked impatiently.

"Actually they did. Zee T.V and Sony are willing to air your concert on T.V. around the world."

Kripa stood up and smiled. "Angad will know where I am now. He has to come back to me now. He has too."

Aaliya looked at Prithvi once Kripa was gone. "Why did you lie to her Prithvi?"

Prithvi, putting one arm round his wife told her. "Because she would have been shattered if I told her we can't do that. Because we know where Anagd is."

Aaliya sighed, and hugged him. "I want him back just as much as she does Prithvi. I really do/"

"I don't know what's going to bring him back."

"Kripa is."

Prithvi looked at Aaliya, "How?"

"She is willing to do anything since she has found out why Angad left her. She will do anything to get her back."

"I hope she can, because I miss him too. We haven't seen him in almost eight years now,"

"We haven't seen Priya either."

Prithvi nodded as he held her close. "Hopefully everything will be fine soon."
"Hopefully." Aaliya repeated.

Hey guys, well what do you guys think about this??? Confused 

Coming up:  Kripa meets with an accident.

I don't know when I will continue this fan-fiction next.  I'm trying to make it slightly shorter, but at the same time good.  Lets see...

Hugs and Kisses

Neha Smile

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