Pyar ka Ehsaas updated pg 33!!!

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Character Analysis

Kripa: a cute, adorable, short-tempered girl, she is in medical college, but teaches dance lesson too. She loves kid, that's the 1 reason she teach dance classes for. She is 20.

Angad: hot, cute, short-tempered just like Kripa, caring. He is a singer, and goes to medical college with kripa. He knows he loves kripa but never said to her and now that he is getting married to her, he is thinking of telling her now. He is 25.

I will introduce the other characters later as the story moves on.

Pyar ki Ehsaas

Pyar, aisa ek ehsaas hain jo sabko enhsaas karne ko nahin milta, I am one of them. I have never been in love, never had the sweetest feeling ever, u can say I am quite unfortunate. Yeah, but there is someone in my life I care for, with whom I am getting married next month. Angad Khanna, I know I don't love him but I know him since high school and as far I know he cares for me a lot. I and sure that he will be the best hubby and will keep me happy. Kya pata shaddi ke baad shayed pyar hogaye

Kripa was writing this when she got interpret by the door knock, she smiled to herself knowing who it was went and open the door

K: Welcome Angad

A: Kripa I am so sorry for whatever happened?

K: Tumhe kuch chayee kya

A: Kripa suno naa

K: Kya, Mujse kuch nahin sunna abhi, I am tired. I have class tomorrow and I am going to sleep. Goodnight Angad!

She was about to close the door when angad hold it tight. Kripa meri baat to suno, I said naa I am sorry, there was something important came up and I had to stay back, I am sorry jaan, aab kaan pakdoon kya?

K: Who toh haar baar hota hain kyun? I don't care ok bye saying she closed the door. Angad knew she is not going to agree this easily. Ziddi kripa and he left. After 10 secs Kripa opened the door expected to Angad to be their and saying sorry to her but the disappointment fell on her face when he wasn't there. Her eyes are full with rage now, what the hell he think of himself? Anyway I don't love him, at least he could say sorry to me, he did but I didn't agree but he knows me naa. A tear trickled down her cheeks. Angad dekhna mein tumhrara kyar karthi hoon  then she went to bed with all those mixed feelings she had for him, thinking about him she fall in sleep.  

Ok guys this is my first attempt to write a story, I was bored and free today in Jym and wrote this down. Hope u guys like it. Lev comment, if I think u guys wanna read more I may continue

With luv


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Posted: 2006-02-10T17:59:21Z
cooooool story continueeee it i am waiting for ur next mail Smile
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Posted: 2006-02-10T18:03:59Z
wow too good re anu. pls contuinue soon.
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Posted: 2006-02-10T18:11:24Z

OOOOO..Nice! Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-10T18:41:00Z
its sooooooooooooo nice Clap
continue plz Embarrassed
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Posted: 2006-02-10T18:47:13Z
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Big smile continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Posted: 2006-02-10T22:22:14Z
really good please continue soon
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Posted: 2006-02-11T02:58:59Z
lovely paert plz con soon
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