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Posted: 16 years ago

Rules and Regulations

Channel Moderator: Kiran
Viewbie: s.sanj90
All members are free to start a new topic or post replies or comments under existing topics, relating to WRWMK. However, the following rules should be strictly observed:
New Topics. Before posting a new topic, make sure that no one has posted the same topic otherwise your topic would be deleted or closed. DO NOT POST TOPICS ASKING FOR VIDEOS OR UPDATES! The member who does so would automatically get an increase in warning level, as we have brought this up several times already!
Proper Language. Respect everyone's point of view, opinions, suggestions and ideas. Avoid using offensive or foul language when posting a message. Do maintain a friendly atmosphere. Do not create fights or conflicts. If you come across any offensive post or bad language you can PM any of the development member of WRWMK
Articles from the Net. When posting an article from another site, do give proper credit to it by posting the site name or address. If the source is not mentioned the article will be deleted. Articles from  Telly Chakkar and Indian Television should not be posted on IF.
No Comments. Do NOT post replies or comments under topics, which bear the phrase, 'NO COMMENTS' in its title. As the title suggests, it is not meant to be replied to. If you wish to comment or reply or thank the author, you may PM the author of the post or topic. Anyone who does not follow this will be dealt with seriously! You shall receive warnings for every post and the warning level will be increased. 
Caps Lock. Do not post an entire message in CAPS LOCK. It implies 'shouting' or emphasis on something and it is not proper. Haven't you heard of 'Netiquette'? (Seriously, people, don't make it a habit to type in all caps. It wouldn't prove beneficial to you in long run, especially in corporate world.)
Emoticons. Do not type a message full of Emoticons alone! Emoticons are used to emphasize how you feel when words alone aren't enough. They serve as "add-ons" to your message BUT it doesn't mean that you are to type a whole line of Emoticons alone, without a single word or phrase (e.g. '')! Messages containing only emotions  will be deleted. 
Advertisement. You are not to advertise for any particular web site or group site in the forum. Advertisements of any form are strictly forbidden at India Forums!
THANK YOU button - If you'd like to thank a memebr for a particualr post, please hit the THANK YOU button located at the bottom of the post instead or posting a one-line 'thank you', 'thanks', 'tfs', etc. reply
'Picture Gallery-No Comments'. All Pictures are to be posted under the sticky topic, 'Picture Gallery-No Comments'. Make sure that the image/s you are to post have not yet been posted before. Remember, 'No Comments' means that you are not to comment under the topic! Do not post offensive images, else you will be dealt with strictly by the IF Administration Team.
'WRWMK Archive' - This topic contains all the important links of the forum.
'Written and Video Updates'. Written and video are posted under this topic. Video links from internet groups, other sites or forums are not to be posted. Once again, do not reply under this topic. You may thank the person who uploaded the video or who wrote the update by sending him or her a PM or simpley by hitting the THANK YOU button. Please do not post separate messages asking for links to previous updates, as all of them could be found in that sticky topic.
'WRWMK Queries and Suggestions'. All questions about the forum or show and suggestions for the forum are to be posted under the sticky topic, 'WRWMK Queries and Suggestions' to avoid repeated topics. Make sure that no one has posted the same question or suggestion before you decide to post.
'Fan Creations'. This thread contains links to siggies, avis, video mixes, audio files and other things made by members of the forum. Post all of your collections under this thread.
'Me, Myself, and I-Members Slam Book'. All members are to introduce themselves here.
Member of the Week. Every week, a member is selected as an MOTW (Member of the Week), which is considered a privilege by every member. Please do post your questions for them to get to know them well. Avoid very personal, offensive, embarrassing or uncomfortable questions.
Participation. Everyone is highly encouraged to participate in forum discussions or games to create a lively atmosphere in the forum.
Unrelated topics. You are not to post topics that are not related to WRWMK, to its casts or crew members. Do not posts messages addressed to the stars or crew members either (e.g. 'Hi Reena! You are pretty!', or 'Hi Karan I love you!'). IF is a fan site only. It is not directly associated with the show or its actors. Your message would not get conveyed to them!
Spamming: Do not spam the forum with same topics or spam any topic. Spamming might lead to raise in warning level.
Games: 3 Games at a time ONLY! The topic will be closed whn it reaches 50 pages and then a new game can b strted
These are all for now. New rules and regulations would be added from time to time. These rules are to be STRICLTY OBSERVED. Violators would be dealt with seriously. If you have any questions, clarifications, comments, or suggestions regarding the rules, feel free to post them here or you can PM any of the dev team member of WRWMK.
Thank You.
WRWMK devt teamSmile
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Posted: 16 years ago

Yo go kudiyan!!! LOL LOL LOL

ok, i have a question....can u reply to a topic and rite "No Comments"? Wink jkz... LOL

but yeh, gud things have been pointed out and it'd be nice if every1 pays heed to them! Big smile

Posted: 16 years ago
thx tina for posting thm i will surely follow thm n hopefully others will tooo

hahaha ena ....love ur humour
Posted: 16 years ago
Please follow the rules and any suggestions are always welcome!
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by bewafa

ok, i have a question....can u reply to a topic and rite "No Comments"? Wink jkz... LOL

LOLLOL doesn't violate any rules, so why not, dear..? WinkLOLLOL 

Yeah, ppl, do follow these rules & regulations..It took time in coming up with them!!

Posted: 16 years ago
okay i will strt posting NO comments from now on:PEmbarrassed LOL LOL LOLTongueEdited by woow - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
got the message Tina58,, will stick to it coz I love this website / roxen
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by roxena

got the message Tina58,, will stick to it coz I love this website / roxen

Thanx, dear...Oh, u can call me Tina..

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