Dhoka aur Bewafaii(Valenti. Spec. on Pg7)

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this is my first time writing a fanfic so please forgive all my errors

now this story combines these two leading shows: Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai(Sony Channel) and Kavyanjali(Star Plus Channel).

The Character Outline:

Nanda Family

Mayank: sweet, outgoing, romantic, and rich buisnessman who loves his big family very dearly.

Pallvai: Mayank's wife who takes care of Mayank's schuedlues and the household as well. And also loves her children equally.

Kavya: The eldest son of Mayank and Pallavi. He is very shy, he mostly spends all his time helping his fathjer with the buisness, and his brother and cousin bro are his life.

Angad: Being the youngest child, he is loved by all in the household. He is a typical rich spoiled brat and a playboy. Girls go nuts after him but soon he will discover who he goes nuts for.

Shlok: He is the son of Mayank's dead sister so he is treated as equal as Angad and Kavya. He saves Angad from every diffuculty and well from getting in trouble at all the bars and parties. He always covers up for Angad. Shlok and Angad are beloved to Kavya and Kavya loves both of them equally.

Dida: Mayank's mother who pampers her grandsons all day and loves to bug her daughter-in-law.

Bauji: Dida's husband who is paralysed and is almost like a living laash.

Josh: a loyal friend of all 3 boys(Kavya, Angad, and Shlok) he makes sure that nobody's creating havoc in the family.

Romilla: the other sister of Mayank whose family lives in Delhi but frequently visits Mumbai to meet her brother. She speaks with Hindi and English mixed and really doesnt now wut shes sayin. 

Aliyah: the nurse who takes care of baujii and is like a family member.

Khanna Family:

Dilip: a rich, arrpgant buisnessman who hardly spend any quality time with his family.

Naina: Dilip's wife who goes through hell by handling all of Dilip's tantrums and keeping a happy face in front of her two beautiful daughters.

Anjali: She is the eldest daughter and is very smart and intelligent. She loves to go to the library and read the latets romantic novels and secretly loves her fathers buisnees rival's son, Kavya. She as a loveable relationship with her sister.

Kripa: She is the youngest daughter and is very outgoing and always bunks classes at her college. Unlike her sister she hates studies and all that loves to hangout with her friends.

Dadi: The oldest and wisest member of the family who understands her bahus pain.

Virani Family:

Meera: a divorcee who's only goal in life is to see her children happy.

Yug: Meera's eldest son who supports her in every decision.

Prithvi: The second eldest soc eho is normally in the middle in every situation.

Misty: Eldest daughter who lives with Meera's ex husband Amit

Pammi: Youngest Daughter who loves her dad alot and lives with her and doesnt like spending time with her mother that much.

so I hope u guys like this fanfic

do u guys think I shud continue with it


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n the setting is in Mumbai
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Posted: 2006-02-07T15:44:11Z
doesnt anybody like it
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Posted: 2006-02-07T15:53:11Z
thats really good please continue soon Edited by gagoo - 2006-02-07T17:31:05Z
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Posted: 2006-02-07T16:03:31Z
sounds interesting continue soon
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Posted: 2006-02-07T17:41:49Z
hey do continue b/c this sounds awesome! Im a hige angad kripa fan so this is the perfect fan fic for me! Cont. as soon as possible and i hope theres a lot of angad nad kripa scenes. lol. bye. cant wait for the 1st part!
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Posted: 2006-02-07T17:42:40Z
good continue soon

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Posted: 2006-02-08T06:25:27Z
gr8888888888888888 con soon plz
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