Socha Na Tha(Angad-kripa Fan-fic)

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In this FAN-FIC these are the characters

Angad- 21 years old goes to college, Really hot!!!! he has had loads of gfs changes them a lot. But has never really loved any of them. Belongs from a Rich but traditional family.Lives in Bombay.

Tanya- Angad's gf

Josh- 21 years old. Angad's really good friend, goes to college with him. Flirty guy who tries to get every girl and sometimes is succesful too. lol.

Prithvi- 21 years old. Is frnds with Angad and Josh and goes to college with them. Sweet guy. Is single rite now.

Aaliyah- Angads loving younger sister. 20 years old.Goes to the same college as her bro. Sweet nice girl.

Naina- Angad's mom. Nice and always hopes for the best of Angad.

Dilip- (Not a character tht is seen much in the story but anyways) Angad's dad A really rich guy he is a well known business man, always busy and out of the house for business.

Kripa- 20years old.Sweet girl. Really cute she lives in Nainital goes to college. Believes in love at first sight, and tht it is a really sweet emotion. She is currently going out with a guy who she likes.

Shahid- 20 years old. Kripa's Boyfrnd, goes to the same college as her. Nice guy, Pretty hot. Played by rajeev khandelwal.Likes Kripa (remember they r not in serious love with eachother or anything, they just like each other and are more than frnds )

Sania- Kripa's Bestfriend 20 years old. Goes to the Same college as Kripa. Really Nice girl.

Sahana- Kripa's younger sis gonna go to college in 3 weeks. She is currently in Canada...... She is really sweet, loving, bubbly and funny type of girl.

She is 19 and a half years old. She was adopted but she is given just as much love as is given to kripa and the fact tht she was adopted doesn't bug her.

She loves her parents and sis.

Suryabaan- Kripa's dad a really nice guy. He loves his daughter's a lot, he is a rich guy, Has a business Of his own they are spread out all around the world currently living in Nainital.His weakness is his daughters puppy faces, he gives them watever they ask for or don't ask for.

Gayatri- Kripa's mom really nice too loves her familly and 2 daughters. She has her own buisness in boutiques. She is nice and wants her daughters to be nice and traditional too.

At khanna House in Mumbai

Angad is sleeping sweetly in his nice big comfy looking bed.......he doesn't know tht it's 8 30 am already... you hear someone's payal ringing and you also see the feet the payal is in the camera is slowly moving up and u see a nice urban style cyan coloured skirt and and bright white top and then you see tht the girl is Aaliyah.

Aa- Bhai utho college ke liye late ho jaayenge!!!!!!!!!

A(sleepy tone)- Kya shubha shubha utha rahi ho, sone do na!!!!!

Aa-Bhai it's 8 30 already!

A- Kya?

he gets up and starts to get his clothes out from the closet....

A- aaj to mein gaya!!!!SHIT!!!SHIT!!SHIT!!!

Aa- aaj aap college mein late pochne ke liye itna kyu daar raha ho?

A- mujhe college nahi aaj Tanya ke saath bahar jaana tha aur mein pehle bhi kitne baar late pohocha hoon.

Aa- to kya aap Tanya se daar the hai?(in a naugthy tone and gives him a surprised look)

A- nahi to! Fine mein aaj usa pick up karne jaonga hi nahi aur keh donga ke aaj mein busy hoon kisi aur din chalte hain

Aa- Bhai dun be sooo mean!

A- Well sry can't change my natural talent! ok ok now let's go!

Aa- ok, we will pick up breakfast on the way from Mc Donalds or something.

A- ok

They both leave. And get into Angad's Great looking Red sports car....

Preview- You hear a girl begging her parents bout something.

Hope you liked it tell me if i shud cont.Smile


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Posted: 2006-02-05T11:28:30Z
I'll be waiting for you comments. Smile Smile
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it is really good!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz continue!!!!!! i am looking forward to it!!!!!!! wow i think i am really going to like rajeev as shahid!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-05T12:03:22Z
its really good plz continue
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Posted: 2006-02-05T12:04:16Z
thanks alot!!!!Nabz... Ye i will continue soon...
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Posted: 2006-02-05T12:06:21Z
I will have the next one updated soon probably in like an hour or something... thnx for ur comments Smile

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its good continue soon
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.At Sharma house(kripa's house)

She has a day off from College. So she is at home on the phone talking to her boyfrnd Shahid.
They don't show her yet though. You just she a girl twisting the phone wire with her fingers, and hear their coversation.

K- Jaan i am sooo bored......I am gonna go now k

S- No!!! dun plzzz stay

K- I have to go take a shower!

S( in a cute tone)- mein bhi aaon?

K- shut up! Shahid i really have to go mom datengi!bye love you jaan

S- love u too baby!

Kripa goes to take a shower. Then she comes out. Now you see her with her hair wet and she is combing it looking at herself
in the mirror.(thinking to herself) Oh shoot mein ne mom aur dad se pucha bhi nahi 2 weeks wala trip ke bare mein.

G- Kripa jaldi naste ke liye ah jao.

k- aayi ma.

Kripa running down the stairs fast.... she is bout to trip but doesn't fall (luckly)

G- Dheere beta, dheere niche aao.

K- Dad gaya?

G- Nahi naste ke baad jaenge.

K- oh ok. (Thinking to herself- yes now is my chance to ask both r here)

Suryabaan- goodmorning beta kya soch rahe ho?

K- Woh....(pause) kuch nahi dad

S- kya huya beta kuch chahiye hai?

K- Woh dad mein aur mere kuch dost soch rahe the ki.... since exams bhi abhi khatham huye hai hum two weeks ke liye ghoom ne out of country ja sakte hai?(she makes the irresistable puppy face)

Su- Sure beta. Kaha jaana hai?

k- Um kahi bhi chala ga.. socha nahi hai abhi tak.

Su- Tum kiske saath ja rahe ho?

K- Um Sania(Thinking Shahid to nahi bol sakti) Aur bhi kuch log ja rahe hai... um Rita, Sowmya wagera

Su- sirf larkiyaan ja rahe hai?

K- haan dad

Su- To tum log Canada kyu nahi chala jate?

Gayatri coming out of the kitchen says

G- haan waha pe humara ghar bhi to hai... wahi par raha sakti ho aur waisa hi Sahana ko mil ke usko apne saath wapas india la sakte ho, waisa bhi uska fashion ke woh course bhi khatam hua hai.

K- theek hai Mein mere baaki sab doston se bhi pooch lete hoon waise bhi hum sab aaj shopping ja rahe hain na.

They all eat and kripa gets to her car a silver convertable mercedes.

Preview Angad with his Gf

Thnx for all the comments guys and hope you like this part too i'll post the next part tom I have to finish my h.w.
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