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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by nams_arsha

Originally posted by ..first.rain..

Today tomorrow not possible as school's back on and I'm having my state exams as well... That's why said by end of week LOL

oopssie Sholly !!!  Shocked LOL

i thought u said 2mrw or today.. anywzz waiting... LOLLOL

Ahaha no prob Tongue

Yeah I'm home and there's SOOO much stuff to do -.-
Posted: 9 years ago
Thank you!!  Need it... Laptop is giving me dhoka Ouch 
Posted: 9 years ago
Ok People, Those who are waiting for this update... You all gotta wait some more. Tongue No, just about 12-13 hours ROFL See, I got distracted yesterday watching a movie and didn't finish the last batch of AVIs and stacking I had to do. LOL Sorry for that Embarrassed Will do that when I get back today... So yea, till then. It's a reserve. Toodles Embarrassed 
Back to edit. Phinally ROFL


Credit for all the pix go to respective FB pages. Rani one's to none other than Cutiepie Rani and KaJen one's, thanks for Preet for giving me to link :D
I know you didn't have time to find me pix. Hope you still like this one twips Hug Let me know if you want a Redo <3

Nadii!!! I finally got around making your birthday gift. Hope you like it!! 

Uhm.. Special shout out to Ravs.. I know your Bday was before Nadii's Tongue Still, I stay by my promise. Next update will include your's LOL 

And lastly to Nams. I sent you the pm -.- 

Keep on scrolling down!! 

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Posted: 9 years ago
*Free to Use*

With exams running, I only got time to make about one siggy for each couple. Next time will do better..  :P  Some of them, I have NO IDEA what I was doing. So forgive that Tongue

1. KaJen 
Pics credit to respective FB page owner. 

2. ShanKa 
Thanks to Aisho. for the YT link. 

3. RT-MC

4. KriyAnsh 

5. SwaRon 


Stacked Vertically: http://i.imgur.com/YPYf8.gif

Stacked Horizontally: http://i.imgur.com/yi3sJ.gif

6. Mytho 
Pix credit to lola (found them in Mytho Forum Pic gallery)

7. OUAT 

8. MaYur 

Text credit to Mona (idreamaboutyou)

9. RanYa 

10. KaSu 

11. Sukirti


11. Rani
Pix credit: Cutiepie Rani

Currently, I am closed. I will open for a day on May 12th. So look out for that if you'd like to request. From now on, not taking any suggestions either for a while. I wanna make things on couples I like first Tongue That's all for now. Leave your views on how good/horrible this update was LOL 

Khushi <3
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Posted: 9 years ago

New Pm List

Last one is now scratched again LOL I removed those who hadn't commented or liked in the last update. So if you wish to be added again, then gotta comment on the updates! Tongue 


ll --aimy-- ll --Ratna-- ll -.Preet.- ll -Ravjot- ll -Ridzzi- ll -sofiya- ll -Stutz- ll -SweetGirl- ll _Aanchal_ ll ..Anj.. ll ...Pwinch3ss... ll ...Rafid... ll Aahanaa ll ainimonaya ll Aisho. ll anumeha_rajat ll Akshi0019 ll ANTARA-2244 ll AquaBluez17 ll Asha_Arsha ll asmaju ll Ayesha006 ll BhartiKhushi909 ll bones88 ll CIDMaaneetNaksh ll CrazyFans1 ll crazysky ll Cutiepie Rani ll DamonCrazy_D3 ll fri42911 ll hinal_maaneet ll idreamaboutyou ll Jafrina_luvs_KM ll JanakiRaghunath ll Jenifer. ll jyoti_l ll Kasurbest ll KaJen-amaZayn ll kawaii_geet ll kriyansh24 ll midnight.blue ll minuu ll monikaseth ll nams_arsha ll Nivren123 ll neverfadeaway ll Noiiin ll shiningstarz ll shootingstar.xx ll shruja ll shareen ll soni4eva ll spvd ll ssaba ll sweetdesire ll sweetshine ll The007Shivani ll udaymanyata07 ll wadi..doll ll


If I left anyone out, please let me know and don't shout or get mad at me as my net is being limited right now Tongue

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Posted: 9 years ago
edited all above. 

Prishna sigz and Virika avi's remaining from suggestions. Sorry couldn't get that done due to my old age laptop -.-
Posted: 9 years ago

loved them Khushi... sorry but want more of kriyaanshEmbarrassed

they are awesome...

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