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Posted: 9 years ago

Update List


ArHi Icons (8)

ArHi Siggy (1)

Birthday Requests (2)



Only got this much done this weekend.. With few other things I can't post right now.. Seems Like I'll Have To Do Another Short Update... Embarrassed

 Will post tonight...

Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by -.Preet.-

ArHi is everywhere!!!

you are no where Angry
Posted: 9 years ago
Monku..mein to yahiin pe hoon!!!
Posted: 9 years ago
Shona- shall I butter you up? 

Partner Hug Oh yess!! They have to be. The hug scene <3 It's all on that Embarrassed 

And both of you- your guys' fight will never end kya? Ermm
Posted: 9 years ago

ArHi Icons (8)

(If anyone wants any stacked in any way, let me know. Not doing hard work when not needed =P) 

ArHi Siggy (1)

Birthday Requests (2)

*Bottom two are not Free-Bie's*

And and and! I'm open now!! Yup, today are my last exams :D I still have to go to school for three more days but today is the last study day. XD Now updates more faster Embarrassed Check below for rules of requesting!! 

Edit: CLOSED... Request list full... 


Edited by ..first.rain.. - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Ps: Before requesting, do check if the list is full or not. The post is on page 132

Some rules if you request. All rules must be followed. Or no request Tongue You are free to request even if you are not a regular here. :)

For requesting a sig/banner: 
Give me at least 6-7 HQ pix to use. I might not use all of them if it doesn't blend well with the sig. 

Give a text. That is a MUST. No shorter than a sentence and no longer than three sentences. 

Mention if you want your username on it or not. 

Do you want icons to go with it? 

If you like a specific style of mine and want me to use that style for your request, do mention. 

Only one request per person.

For requesting an Avi:
Only YouTube HQ links please. 

Specify time frame. Max is 10 - 15 seconds. Allowed to request up to 3 Avi's for one link. 

If you liked any of my Avi making style, let me know. Or else I will make them normally. 

Mention any short text if you want any. 

Only one link request per person. 

Stacked? Yes or no? 

For any Text headings: 
Mention text and font style if you know any. 

The color scheme you want me to use. 

For any Video Sigz:
Follow combined rules for Avi and Sig/Banner

Only request if you ARE going to use the requested sig/Avi Embarrassed

Edited by ..first.rain.. - 9 years ago

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