Dream Studio [C] First Step.

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Posted: 10 years ago

First page under reconstruction =P (Shop finished and abho tak reconstruct nai kiya.. It's fine now =P

Welcome to Dream Studios! !

Name's Khushi =D Call me anything you like BUT NOT Khush Stern Smile As others, obviously here to share my creations ROFL Sometimes they turn out horrible but oh well. Practice makes perfect :p 

I make everything and anything on anyone. I have my likes and dislikes too, just like others. But I don't judge. Even if it's a person I don't like, I make creations on them. Cuz somewhere in this world, I'm sure someone like them Correct? Wink

As always, few inspirations: 

Noor di - helped me with PSP
Ash - my bhena Hug 
And Monal - I would sit behind her pretending to do my homework but actuall peep at the computer screen when she would be making siggie's. So have to give her credit for it. LOL

My textures are mostly googled. So credit to original uploaders. And I'm not much of a big creator. But with your supprt, I will become one soon Embarrassed 

What I can make: 
Non-animated Siggies
Video Siggies
AVI's (of all sizes) 
Animated Texts

Making a request? Follow these rules!
Request only when Open is OPEN Embarrassed

All requests should be made in thread. PM a request only when it's birthday surprise. 

Some rules if you request. All rules must be followed. Or no request Tongue You are free to request even if you are not a regular here. :)

For requesting a sig/banner:
Give me at least 6-7 HQ pix to use. I might not use all of them if it doesn't blend well with the sig. 

Give a text. That is a MUST. No shorter than a sentence and no longer than three sentences. 

Mention if you want your username on it or not. 

Do you want icons to go with it? 

If you like a specific style of mine and want me to use that style for your request, do mention. 

Only one request per person.

For requesting an Avi:
Only YouTube HQ links please. 

Specify time frame. Max is 10 - 15 seconds. Allowed to request up to 3 Avi's for one link. 

If you liked any of my Avi making style, let me know. Or else I will make them normally. 

Mention any short text if you want any. 

Only one link request per person. 

Stacked? Yes or no? 

For any Text headings:
Mention text and font style if you know any. 
The color scheme you want me to use. 

For any Video Sigz:
Follow combined rules for Avi and Sig/Banner

Only request if you ARE going to use the requested sig/Avi Embarrassed

Current Shop Status : CLOSED

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Posted: 10 years ago

1) Everyone is free to use my siggies. But please don't take the copyright off.

2) If there are any mistakes, do point them out so I can get better.  ;)

3) Also, if you'd like to recieve a pm every time I ud, post a comment in Red Caps in your comment so I know.


Dream Studio

If it's a request, then it'll be: Dream Studio/For XYZ

On AVI's : DS



Update 1: Below

Update 2: Page 9

Update 3: Page 13

 Update 4: Page 24

Update 5 : Page 31

Update 6 : Page 36

Update 7 : Page 41

Update 8 : Page 55

Update 9 : Page 66

Update 10 : Page 75

Update 11 : Page 81

Requests: Page 95

Update 12 : Page 100

Update 13 : Page 109

Update 14 : Page 124

Requests : Page 142

Next: #2 DiamondPearlz Welcome! 


 Pm List

 The list I had here before got hijacked and I got confused :p So please tell me again if you want pmz. Embarrassed

Mention in comment and I'll send you buddy request


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Posted: 10 years ago




Here are bits and pieces..



Again, let me remind you, not all my creations are from actor/ress who are my favorite. Some, I would just hate.  ;)













I've just learnt them and still progressing on getter better each time.






This isn't all I've made till date. But saving them and will update next time incase I can't make any new one's at that time..


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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by simi91

sorry for coming late 

beautiful mesmerizing  spectacular creation
keep the good work
yu rocky shona

bless yu 

waiting more to see

Like said before, wanted their comment first Embarrassed
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Posted: 10 years ago
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Posted: 10 years ago


Im not going to tell you to add me to the pm list cuz I will be honestly offended if I am not on there alradyAngryLOLLOL

Luv the work girl. You always put yourself down but your work is always top notch!!!! Amazing as always!!

Make more stuff and pm me.

Happy that you finally found the time to open this!ClapClap
Good job SillyClapLOLParty
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Posted: 10 years ago
Congos on your shop! and nice name Dreams Studios :)

really nice creations, i know you are really getting better at it. keep it up

Posted: 10 years ago
Do I have to tell you to add me in your PM list? Of course, not! Add karlena! LOL

Great stuffs! Specially for a beginner! Oops.. Congrats karna toh bhul gayi! LOL Congratulations yaar for your brand new shop! Party

Anyways, as I said, awesome start! Liked the siggies and avis! Could have been better, but never mind, I know you'll rock in this field one day for sure! Wink

Khushi ji, abhi yeh dukaan khulaa hai? Can I request for an avi if you permit me ma'am? ROFL
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