dk&disha- part 25,page 35!

Posted: 2006-02-04T08:34:55Z
hey starting a new fanfic....this one i will always (wel....try to) update on....

i dont really know exactly how the storyline is gonna please be patient while i think... LOL

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Posted: 2006-02-04T09:00:52Z
By the way….i will have the usual characters…but any changes I will let u guyz know…


Part 1

At collage: the canteen

Vinit (one of dk's best friend) : yaar dk….tune sub kuch karaab kar diya……

Dk: (u guys know hu he is! LOL ) : vo kaise….(munching on his parantha)

Karan (another one of Dk's best friends): disha tho tumse bahoot nafrat karte hai….ab tu kaise ushe batha payega ke tu ushe kitna pyar karta hain???

Dk: where there's a will….theres a way!!!.....aur vo mujhse nafrat nahi karte hain!!

Vinit (I also need to mention he is kinda dumb!!) : mujhe koi "will" nahin dekta hai

Dk + karan: shut up!

Karan: par dk….meine tho upne pyar ka izhaar kar diya….aur mere engagement tho sirf do din mein hain!!

Dk: aur theri engagement kiske saath hain?

Vinit: Sanya!

Dk: exactly!!!....aur Sanya ki sabse achi dost kaun hain??

Vinit: Pooja!!!

Dk: ok….dosri dost kaun hain!

Karan: Disha!!

Dk: finally!.......theri engagement par mein keh doonga!

Karan: promise

Dk: haan haan….ab mujhe kaane de!

Other side:

Sanya: (disha's best friend…along with Pooja) ahhhh……just look at the way he eats his parantha!!!!

Disha: chi!...theri engagement dushyant ki saath hai ya Karan ki saath…

Pooja: yaar disha…y do u call him Dushyant? You know he hates it!

disha: exactly …..aur mein ushe nafrat karti hoon

Pooja: par quu?

Disha: vo mein koi aur din batha dete hoon….(gets up and leaves)

Pooja + Sanya: ok!

While leaving their table Disha goes past Dk's table.

Dk: hey Disha!

disha gives him a dirty look….

Disha: hi karan…hi vinit!

vinit +karan : hi!

she goes and is seen leaving in a car..

Dk sees….: ahhhhhh (but is also sad she always blanks him)

Karan: (trying to make dk better)…maybe she's playing hard to get!

Vinit: or maybe she just hates u!

dk looks at Vinit and leaves aswell…..

Karan: vinit!!...ure so stupid!!!!!

Vinit: meine kya kiya?

Karan: chal!

That's it…

Hope u liked the 1st part!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-04T09:42:45Z
LOL LOL LOL ....awww man....great start...plz continue!!!! Tongue
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Posted: 2006-02-04T09:46:53Z
yay!!....i got a comment....

i was waiting 4 so long!! LOL Embarrassed

luv u!!! Embarrassed

im so lame! Dead LOL
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Posted: 2006-02-04T09:47:38Z
i will do a Part 2 jus 4 u nibbles!!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-04T10:23:23Z
Part 2 (4 u nibbles)

Disha reaches home…Suhas can tell she looks a bit upset

Suhas: kya huwa?...

Disha: kuch nahi aye….

Suhas: beta..Pooja aur Sanya ko ghar kyun nahi bulati…..tumhara mood bhi teek ho jayega..!

Disha (delighted with the idea): ji aye….mein abhi phone karti hoon!

Suhas: teek hai!

Disha goes to her room to phone Pooja on her cell..

Pooja: disha ka phone hai

Sanya: tho utayo!

Pooja: hello?

Disha: aye ne kaha ke tum are Sanya ghar par aasakte hoon!

Pooja: teek hai…hum abhi aye

pooja ends the conversation…

Sanya: kya huwa?

Pooja: hum dono Disha ke ghar ja rahe hain

Sanya: teek hai!

Both are on their way when sanya tells pooja she will just come back as she needs to tell karan she is going to Disha's house.

Karan: ok….have fun!!!

Vinit is too busy staring at pooja….

Pooja (knowing vinit is staring…….lowering her eyes…)…bye nahi bologe vinit

Vinit: huh….ahh….haan….bye jaan!

Pooja: KYA?

Vinit: mazaak….mazaak kar raha tha darling

Pooja: HUH!!!

She leaves with sanya running behind her (both get in a car)

Sanya is laughing away…

Pooja…: haan haan…haso haso!!! Jee bar ke haso!!!

They both reach Disha's house…

Pooja + Sanya : namaste

Suhas: namaste….disha apne kamare main hain…(points 2 disha's room)

They go up…..all 3 are having fun……pooja and Sanya stay there 4 a long time….

Pooja : shit….nau (9) bajgaye!!

Sanya: o no!

Pooja: don't worry ….i'll drop you home…

Sanya: thanks

disha takes them to the door…. As soon as they set off in their car Dk comes along…Disha sees him and turns around

Dk: disha!

Disha carries on walking as if she didn't hear him

Dk: disha!!!! (very loudly now!)

Disha: shut up!!!! (scared aye might hear him) kyun aye hoon?

dk: mujhe tumse kuch bath kehne thi (very drunk!!!)

Disha: just get lost…I don't want to talk to you!!! ( she can tell he is drunk)

Disha carries on walking…until…!
Dk holds her hand tightly and pushes her against the wall next to the house door…..and blocks her way so she cant leave…..

Disha: ye kya bathameezi hain???

Dk:…bathameez mein hoon ya tum????....kubse keh raha hoon ke mujhe tumse baath karni hain…aur tum???????

Disha is so scared right now…..what will dk do?....will he tell her his feelings….? Will his action make disha hate him more???......all will b revealed in the next part!!
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Posted: 2006-02-04T11:49:22Z
yayyy!!!....a part for me Tongue
gotta say...this is a great FF!!!.....where is everyone?! Angry
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Posted: 2006-02-04T11:57:18Z
i no.......realli upset that no1 is reading Cry

but u are..... Big smile
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