new Kaisa Ye pyar hai fan-fic by vcool!

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Guyz I wrote two boring fan-fics b4 and didn't continue them fr almost a yr……… guyz by reading everyones fan-fiction I feellike I want to write ne too!!!!! But this time I promise you guyz that I will InshAllah continue<<<<it's surely a prmise!.and I hope you guyz will like my fan-fiction an all the parts will be long unless and until I am sick or having examzJ so now here's my fan-fic!!!!>>>>



Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai….


Edited by…vcool…



Character Analysis :Yu Guyz Will Know Them All In The Fan-Fiction…but I will tell wh who iz there n will kind of describe their personality!!!!!!



Angad Khanna:21 yr old guy……the rest of him will be described later!


Naina Khanna: she is positive not negative……


Dilip Khanna: he is also positive…..


Aaliya Khanna:she iz the sweet sis of Angad!..and is 19 yr old….


Kripa Sharma: 20 yr old girl….the rest will be described later


Kripa's mom:she is also positive…..


Kripa's dad: he is also positive…..


Josh Sharma: 22 yrs old ..kripa's sweet brother….


Story Line:

                  Many yrs ago the Khanna's and the Sharma's were really good friends…..and Angad and  Kripa were really close friends…they used to have a lot of fun! And Aaliya and Josh were friends too but not tht much friendship was in between these two……both families are rich!....but one day they had really big misunderstanding  and they fought like anything….and Angad and Kripa were no longer friend and so Josh and Aaliya were also no longer friends…and also their parents….but after so many yrs the misunderstanding is solved and now both the families are again good friends…and Aaliya and Josh now kinda like each other and are friends…but Angad and Kripa are not friends because Kripa blamed Angad for the fight long back and the same with Angad he blamed her for the fight long back….n now u guyz will see the rest in my fan-fiction: oh oh oh oh…they all are in Mumbai! (kripa's mom:km…kripa's dad:kd…Kripa:k…Josh:j…Angad:a…Aaliya:aa…naina: n…dilip:d..nnnn dadi:dd)

                                            PART 1:

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and there's no traffic on the streets!(first time)

And we see a mansion…it's Sharma mansion…and thn the doors open we see  kd sitting on the sofa with some coffee and newspaper……thn we see the kitchen…and see km cooking food for fun…..and thn we see the stairs and the camera moves upstairs and we see a room and the door opens and we see a full blanket covered body on the bed…well the room is messy….cloths are all over the floor….thn suddenly the alarm rings quiet loud and thn the body jumped on the bed …n thn slowly and slowly we see the blanket move off from the person's face and we see non other thn JOSH! He slowly took his clock and looked at the time it was 9:00 am in the morning…he went to take a shower and he came out after 15 mins and he was wearing black jeans and a fire red shirt(I never name which company they r from)…..he comes out of the room and goes to the other room he slowly opens the door and goes near the bed…..he looks at the person sleepin beautifully and peacefully but he gets irritated and goes near to tht persons ear and screams….


K:AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kya hwa?is something wrong?

J cannot stop laughing and finally stops and replies: 9 baj gaye hai uth jao sleepin beauty!!!

K:bhai itna cheekh(scream) ne ki kya zaroorat thi simply keh dete "Kripa sweety uth jao"

J:Kripa vo to tumhara husband hi kehega

K:shut up bhaiya!

J:ok ok!ab neeche ja ke mom ki nai banai hui cheez test karo

K:kya sab ko main hi milti hoon test karne ke liye?

J:of course!cuz u r of no use other thn testing!

K:shut up shut up shut up ok!

J:ok! Now get ready and come down sleeping unbeauty!

Kripa hits josh on his shoulder and thn kicks him out(she is a tomboy)

Kripa ges to take a shower and after 1 hr comes out wearing whitish blue jeans with a tank-top and a white jacket over it!........thn she goes down to eat breakfast after finishing her breakfast she goes and sits with her family for a talk about her university tht where should she go…..

K:mom,dad in which university I am going to?(guyz I don't know much about the universities in Mumbai so I will just write ---------- university)

Kd:beta we are sending u to ---------- university and ur day starts tomorrow!

K:ok dad and thnkx!

************************************************************ ************

In the meanwhile in Khanna mansion…(by the way the Khanna's and the Sharma's live right next door!)

We see the beautiful doors open and thn we see everyone …..almost everyone(Angad iz not there!) sitting on the dinning table eating breakfast except foe Angad ………the camera zooms up and thn we see a door…..the door slightly opens and we see a guy sleeping upside down on his bed slowly and slowly a gal goes near tht person with a big jug filled with ice cold water and she throws it on him……BBOOMM!!!!!!!!..



A:what is all this?

Aa:Angad (the guy is non other than Angad) uthoo aur breakfast karlo!

A:toh Aaliya thanda paani pehenk(throw) ne ki zaroorat kyat hi….simply keh deti… Angad uth jao?

Aa:waise bhai who toh main ek khente(hr) se keh rahi thi par aap apne kwabo(dream/sapno)mein khoe(lost) hue the…

A:Aaliya now get out of my room or else I will kill u!!!

Aa:ok ok!bhaicome down fast and eat ur breakfast and thn talk to mom and dad about ur university

A:ok baba now shoo shooi hate cats in my room!

Aa:ok mein ja rahi hoon

Aaliya iz gone and Angad goes to take a shower he comes out after 30 mins wearing bluish grey jeans with a grey shirt and a jacket over it!....he goes down eats his breakfast and talks to his parents about the university..

A:dad tomorrow is the first day of university and I want a new sports car..plz plz plz plz…

D:as u wish beta… will be the first thing out in the morning!

A:thnkx dad

D:welcome beta


guys if u like my fan-fic thn plz tell me to continue....and by the way Angad and Kripa are going to the same university!........Big smileWink

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Posted: 2006-02-04T12:02:34Z
great plz cont soon. Clap
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Posted: 2006-02-04T16:09:41Z
hey vcool
awesomefan-fic Smile
i have 2 say angad is such a spoiled brat... Tongue iwish my parents were like that Confused anyways cont soon Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-04T16:16:03Z
hey plz cont soon its really gud
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Posted: 2006-02-04T18:12:13Z
sounds great already continue very soon! I luv it!
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Posted: 2006-02-04T22:53:27Z
looks interesting,plz plz do continue
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Posted: 2006-02-05T06:05:26Z
feb plzzzzzzzzzz con soon
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Posted: 2006-02-05T13:59:18Z
continue soon....seems very interesting!!
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