Socha na tha 4 Sujal-kashish

Posted: 2006-02-04T01:10:28Z

                          PART-1....Sujal is
                                                      a middle class guy who is
                          crazy about music.his gr8est
                                                      ambition is 2 become a gud
                          playback singer.his friends r
                                                      Chraru & Rishi. Charu is the
                          daughter of a famous
                                                      music director Inderji{Ronit
                          Roy}.Sujal's plan is 2 get
                                                      a chance from him 2 sing 4 a
                          movie.Charu has given him
                                                      hopes.he stays in the outhouse
                          of a rich family.a smart
                                                      old lady called Arundathi
                                                      stays there with her
                          grandchilren Kashish{19yrs old} &
                                                      shamit{11yrs old}.her son
                          Om{KGGK}& wife naina r in
                                                      america.One day in the
                          morning,Sujal hears a sweet
                                                      female voice :dadi,i'm going 2
                          college. Sujal was eager
                                                      2 see her.he looks thru the
                          window.he sees a girl going
                                                      out on a bike.he cud see only
                          her back.short
                                                      top-jeans...silky hair.after a
                          few days,shamit comes 2
                                                      see Sujal with a request:can u
                          do 1 favour? he:yes
                                                      sure. shamit:she told 2 take
                          the book thats kept on the
                                                      top of the cupboard. Sujal:who
                          is this 'she'? shamit:my
                                                      luvly sister kashish. Sujal
                          smiles.he remembers seeing her
                                                      back 1day .he wants 2 see her
                          face. he goes there &
                                                      takes the book from the top of
                          the cupboard.the shy
                                                      girl{kashish} extends her arms
                          from the room 2 reach the
                                                      book. S smiles:cum out of
                          room. she cumes out
                                                      slowly.S was shocked 2 see
                          her.bcoz she was looking
                                                      horrible.she was in a pink
                          salwar.she hs worn a big
                                                      black framed spectacle.her
                          teeth were that
                                                      if its going 2 cum out of the
                          mouth.S gives her the
                                                      book. K smiles:thanku..
                          S goes out
                                                      immediately.he was feeling
                          awkward remembering her
                                                      horrible smile. K &
                          shamit in the room.shamit
                                                      laughs:that poor fellow ran
                          away with his life.he got
                                                      scared. K laughs. she
                          removes her spectacle & the
                                                      duplicate teeth she had worn 2
                          fool sujal. shamit:didi,u
                                                      wear it always.u look better
                          in it. K becomes
                                                      angry:u naughty boy.....they
                          dance 2 the song...its the
                                                      time 2 disco...suddenly
                          hearing dadi's voice they stop
                                                      the music & pretend 2 be
                          studying. dadi cumes:gud,u both
                                                      r studying.every1 knows that
                          u'l study well with gud
                                                      culture if ppl stay with me.
                          K-shamit felt funny.
                                                      dadi:ur dad is online..they
                          become so happy that they
                                                      rush 2 take the Ph. shamit
                          talks.K takes the
                                                      reciever from him:hello
                          daddy,how r u?i'm fine...Sujal
                                                      passes by...he looks at her
                          thru the window with a weird
                                                      feeling.he cud'nt see her face
                          .suddenly K turns
                                                      back.S was surprised 2 see
                          K's normal
                                                      appearance. K did'nt see
                          him.she continues talking:u
                                                      hav a surprise 4 me?whats
                          that?its a suspense? u'l bring
                                                      it when u cum here next
                          time?o!daddy,u r so
                          whispers:kashish,u r also sweet....

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Posted: 2006-02-04T01:19:17Z
great part Clap Clap Clap
but u have posted it before in Kavyanjali forum ....
but in that story the leading characters were Kavya and Anjali .. Big smile
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Posted: 2006-02-04T02:10:55Z
LOL LOL havn't read so u continue Tongue
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Posted: 2006-02-04T10:34:04Z
PART-2...Sjal:kashish,u r also sweet like ur dad....the
                                                      next day when kashish goes near
                          her bike,Sujal was seen b4
                                                      her.she gets shy,bcoz her
                          identity is out now.
                                                      S:so.. were playing a
                          drama...K:what drama?what
                                                      did i do? S:why did u fool
                          me? K:u got fooled
                                                      easily bcoz u r foolish.what
                          can i do 4 that? S
                                                      becomes angry.but he controls.
                          he becomes sweet
                                                      purposefully:why did u hide ur
                          pretty face? K gets
                                                      impressed by that statement.
                          she laughs:bcoz i wanted 2
                                                      tease u? kSujal smiles:but why?
                          she:simply...she takes
                                                      her bike & goes away with a
                          smile on her face. Sujal
                                                      tells himself:i'm going
                 it luv?or simply an
                                                      attraction? he sings & dances
                          around in that spirit:dil
                                                      to paagal
                          hai...Charu:Sujal,who is in ur mind?
                                                      Sujal:music. Charu:no 1 else?
                          he:who else can take that
                                                      place? Charu:i can't believe
                          it seeing u singing &
                                                      dancing like a mad person.
                          Sujal becomes embarrased.
                                                      Rishi laughs.
                          Charu:anyways,2morow,there is a song
                                                      recording.u cum with us.the
                          super singer Swayam
                                                      is the male singer.and the 1 &
                          only Charu is the female
                                                      singer. Sujal:u r so lucky
                          charu...C:1 day that
                                                      luck will cum 2 u sujal. he
                          smiles. he also goes 2 see
                                                      the recording.he sees the song
                          recording & enjoys.he
                                                      dreams -...Sujal singing in
                          the place of swayam.Charu
                                                      intoduces him 2 inderji.
                          Sujal:plz giv me a chance 2
                                                      sing 4 a movie sir. inderji:i
                          can't tell u yes
                                                      immediately.1st let me hear ur
                          song. S gets
                                             his voice does'nt
                          cum out properly.he was very
                                                      weak in singing. inderji
                          becomes angry:this is ur song?&
                                                      u r so prowd.u want 2 sing in
                          my movie?rubbish.he
                                                      does'nt even listen 2 Charu's
                          words. C:sujal,why r
                                                      u getting tensed?u were so
                          energetic. he:i dunno how it
                                                      happened. she:anyways,u hav 2
                          take practise. he:ok...    Sujal goes 2 see inderji's
                          house.he becomes angry:why r
                                                      u here again?i told u no,u
                          can't sing,so no chance 4 u.
                                                      he becomes sad.but he does'nt
                          show that. he:no problem
                                                      sir.plz giv me sum other
                          job.i've financial problems.
                                                      inderji:can u do cooking?
                          S was confused. C
                                                      shows action 2 tell yes from a
                          small distance. so Sujal
                                                      shakes his head. inderji:u no
                          cooking? S:yes sir.
                                                      inderji:so 2day onwards u can
                          do cooking here. he:ok
                                                      sir. inderji goes.cHaru cumes.
                          S:charu,i dunno
                                                      cooking at all. C:its
                          ok,i'll help u.sujal,its a
                                                      gud chance 2 get close 2 my
                          dad.u'll get a chance 2
                                                      prove ur talent. S
                          smiles:thats my hope.   S
                                                      serves food.he was tensed
                          about inderji's reaction.
                                                      inderji tastes it:u r a gud
                          cook. S:thanku sir.i'm
                                                      also a singer. inderji
                          teases:that i no.that day i had
                                                      heard ur song no.
                          S:sir...thats bcoz of my tension.
                                                      inderji does'nt mind it.he
                          feels funny. C consoles
                                                      him. S goes back.he sees
                          Kashish's bike.he goes &
                                                      touches it smoothly.he kisses
                          it.he hears a
                                                      was shamit's.S gets
                          embarassed:full of dust.i was
                                                      cleaning it.. shamit smiles &
                          goes out with his cricket
                                                      bat. Kashish brings a plate
                          full of gilebies & ladoos
                                                      without others' knowledge &
                          keeps it on sujal's table
                                                      thru the window.she hoped that
                          seeing this he will
                                                      search 4 her.kashish hides
                          herself 2 see sujal's reaction
                                                      seeing it. Sujal had seen
                          it,but hid himself from
                                                      Kashish.he cud guess anjali's
                 he pretends 2 be
                                                      crazy about these sweets.he
                          does'nt look 4 her,instead
                                                      of that he eats it fast as if
                          he was starving 4 1
                                                      week.K becomes angry &
                          goes away.seeing it,S
                                                      laughs.he felt funny.Kashish
                          keeps a paper piece on Sujal 's table thru the window &
                          goes.he sees the
                                                      paper,takes it &
                          reads.."fool,bloody fool...." Sujal
                                                      becomes angry.

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Posted: 2006-02-07T22:16:45Z
nice story...gud job...
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Posted: 2006-02-08T01:38:00Z
Part-3....Kashish & Kanan were cuming back from the
                          college. Kanan:how was 2day's class? K:oh,boring
                          yaar...i was not at all listening.
Sujal with tuff face
                          stands b4 them. K whispers 2 kanan:this is that
                          fellow..Kanan laughs.Sujal cud'nt stand them teasing.
                          S:kashish,i want 2 talk 2 u.plz cum 2 the park.i'll
                          wait 4 u.
K:i'll think about it{with
S waits 4 K at the park.she does'nt
                          cum.he gets really irritated. but after sumtime she
                          cumes. S was angry:why did u becum late? K:i was
                          not late..accoding 2 me..i cum only when i feel like..
                          S:ok..he takes out the piece of paper K had kept
                          on his table:whats this? she:can't u see?its a
                          paper.very funny..S:i no that.but whats written
                          here? she:can't u read english? he:yes,thats why i asked
                          u. she:i've written that u r a fool,bloody fool!
                          loses his control:stop the beginning itself i new
                          that u r naughty.but i took it as a funny thing.but now
                          u r crossing ur limit.u don't no who i am.u no,when i
                          was in the college,i've done many notorious things.
                          K laughs:so u r adventerous.let me hear ur
                          adventures.tell me...tell me....S:i won't tell u.but
                          i'll show. he keeps her tightly close 2 his chest &
                          kisses her. K screams at him:u brute!how cud u do
                          this 2 me?this is the way u hav 2 behave 2 a girl?
                          becomes upset:i'm sorry..i did this 4 fun. she:this is
                          how u shud hav fun?i'll tell this 2 dadi...& 2
                          every1...she runs away.S becumes upset & goes 2 see
                          Charu & rishi. he:i did a blunder.
C:what did u
S tells everything.they were shocked.
                          R:sujal,this is not a silly thing.u hav insulted a
                          girl in a public place.if she files a sexual harassment
                          case,u'll be put into the jail. S gets tensed:then
                          what can i do? R:go there during the nite.u take
                          all ur things & escape without their knowledge.
                          sujal,charu & rishi go there.only S gets inside.he
                          goes 2 his room & takes all his things.suddenly he was
                          shocked 2 see kashish standing b4 him. S gets
K:so,u r planning 2 escape from here.
                          S:no,i was arranging everything. K:don't lie.u
                          can't escape now.i've called every1 here 2morrow.let
                          them cum & giv u punishment. S:its my request.plz
                          don't spoil my future. she:this u had 2 think b4. he:i
                          did that,bcoz u made me angry. K:so when u bicum
                          angry,u kiss others?   S:no,i kiss only u.bcoz i
                          thot u...K:what did u think about me?u thot i luv u?
                          S:leave it plz..u can giv me any punishments.but
                          don't insult me b4 others. she:u're willing 2 accept any
                          punishment that i giv u? he:yes. she:then u extend ur
                          right arm.
S extends his right arm after closing his
                          eyes.K felt funny seeinh his tensed face. she kisses
                          his arm.S opens his eyes with surprise.he cud'nt
                          believe it. k was shy.S kisses her arm.then they
                          hug each other.
R:where is this sujal?i doubt
                          whether he is caught by them. C:let me go & see.
                          she goes..she was shocked 2 see both of them hugging
                          each other.she smiles & goes back 2 Rishi:don't expect
                          him now.he won't cum.bcoz they r n luv.
R was
                          surprised. k runs away from S with shyness.S
                          smiles at her.

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Posted: 2006-02-08T04:00:38Z
woooooo jasmine Wink ....loved it!!! Embarrassed cont fast
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Posted: 2006-02-08T04:41:19Z
jasmine gr8 sttory Smile Clap Clap
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