Posted: 2006-02-03T15:49:13Z

Hi guys this is my first ever fan-fic I hope u guys like itJJJ

Its name is DIL KI BAATEIN

This story deals with the emotional feelings of two of yr favs yes those r kripa and angad!!!!

Hope u guys like it!!!!!!!!!!

The introduction of characters will be posted soonTongueWink

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Posted: 2006-02-03T15:50:56Z
Darling i'm sure we will love it go ahead post your first ever fan-fiction i'm sure it would be great and best good luck? can't wait?
nazia Wink
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Posted: 2006-02-03T15:52:42Z
thanx nazia
i am goona post it soon Smile
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Posted: 2006-02-03T16:21:20Z

here goes the introduction

plzzzz leave commentsCry

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Posted: 2006-02-03T16:21:30Z

 Khanna FAMILY
Dilip Khanna: A famous business tycoon. He is very kind and generous man.
Naina Khanna: A very beloving wife
Kartik Khanna: Elder son of Dilip Khanna. He looks after the business also and is secretly in love with Kamya(kripa's sis)
Angad khanna: Younger son of Dilip and Naina Khanna. He is going to start his B.C.A. He has very secretive sort of nature , doesn't like crowds and Kripa is the only girl he talks to.
Sharma FAMILY:
Nikhil Sharma:
He is also a business tycoon. He is partner of Dilip khanna.
Rekha Sharma: She is Nikhil's wife
Kamya sharma: she is studying medical(she also secretly loves kartik).
Kripa Sharma : She is very outspoken sort of girl and still in 12th grade. Bur when she has to talk to Angad she can't utter a word. Though they talk a lot but there is always a distance between them.

Relations between the families
They are very good friends . They know that kamya and kartik love each other but haven't told their children. They want their children to sort out their feelings themselves. They are planning for a surprise for kamya and kartik.
well guys i know this one is boring but next one is going to be good

1st episode promo
Kripa gets a shock

2nd episode promo
something revealed about Kripa

P.S:more characters will be introduced soon.

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Posted: 2006-02-03T16:46:01Z
heyyy!!!....tht was a gr8 and amazing beginning!!!...i cant wait to read more!!!....good luck on in the fafic!!...everyone including me will like it!!...
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Posted: 2006-02-03T16:54:14Z
Episode #1

The camera zooms over a girl sleeping on her bed. You can't see her face. Then a voice is heard "kripa utho jaldi college ke liye der ho jayegi"
Then kripa gets see her face she is looking very sleepy and agitated. she is still sitting on bed "mama thodi der aur sone do".she then fallsback on the bed.

Then the camera zooms over a guy combing his hair U cant see him then he turns yes that's Angad.
a female voice is heard "angad tum uth gaye?????jaldi neeche aaaaaao tumhare papa tumhara intezaar ker rahe hain"
A: ji mummy abhi aaya
He runs down the stairs and sees his mother, Naina, serving breakfast to her father ,Dilip, when Angad comes down the stairs she looks up.
N: beta tumhare papa ko tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hai.
A: kya baat hai papa
D: beta tumhari London ki tickets aa gayi hain
Angad has a puzzled look
A: mera to collage start hone wala hai. Main London kyun jar raha hoon
D(smiling) :well without telling u we applied for u in Oxford University and u r accepted.
Angad(jumps with excitement):oh papa (he goes and hugs both of them)thanx a lot
After that they all settle down for breakfast
A: maa mujhe kab jaana hai
N: agle hafte
A :oh my god !!!!!!!!! I have to start packing.
(After a pause) maa bhaiya kahan hai ??
N: well woh ghar se jaldi nikal gaya
A: papa kya apne Nikhil uncle ko ye baat batai?
D: nahi maine isiliye aaj sab ko party pe bulaya hai
Angad quicly remembers about kripa and then he feels as if his happiness was taken place by an empty feeling.
Later that evening kripa hears the news for going to party at Angad's house. She is very excited but then angad calls her and says the good news.
After hearing the news Kripa is shocked She cuts the phone and sits on her bed
Tears start rolling out………..

That's it for now guys I'll soon post the next part
Coming up: why is Kripa sitting and crying????Is Angad just a friend for her or something more Why is angad having an empty feeling ??????????
Check out in the next episode


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Posted: 2006-02-03T16:55:10Z

Originally posted by angadlover<3

heyyy!!!....tht was a gr8 and amazing beginning!!!...i cant wait to read more!!!....good luck on in the fafic!!...everyone including me will like it!!...

hope u like episode 1!!!!!!!!!!!

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