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Wow Fanstic Parts. (:
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Ok me psoting but small part agnLOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2011-11-14T11:52:02Z
wow!maan deserves dat slap..!hw cud she hold more..
she felt humiliated na..
awesum update..!
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Posted: 2011-11-14T12:01:07Z
Originally posted by -afsha-

Ok me psoting but small part agnLOLLOLLOL

why small part dear...?we want long....Cry
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Posted: 2011-11-14T12:01:34Z
I liked the way geet slapped maan but somewhere i wanted geet also to enjoy that kiss .
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Posted: 2011-11-14T12:08:33Z

It was gng all too serious

I made it lil easy
Hop ull like it
If nt plz let me knw
Part 8
Just then he yelped in pain as she took advantage of his dazed state and hit him where it hurt the most, pushed him away, and the next thing he knew was that a slap had been planted on his cheek.

He culdnt react n digest the fact that a gal jus a mere gal had slaped The Maan Singh Khurana
Infrnt of whom evn his family didnt raise a voice here a mere gal slaped him
That slap was not on his cheek but on his ego
How dare she does that
Its true that he is obssed by her but she didnt have any ryt to do that
Anger took over his thnking n he himself didnt knew what he will do with her
He looked at her who was glaring at him with same intensity of anger
She was sumone Maan hav to agree evn in that anger state, after slaping him also she was standing there seeing him in anger
Maan walked toward her but she didnt inched back but stood there now her hands crossed over her chest
M: U U U U
G: Is ur tape recorder stuck on U or will it go ahead she said with the attitude that Maan never knew she had
M: U lil chick u slaped me The Maan Singh Khurana n now u have the audacity  to talk with me lik nthg happened u did big mistake
G: Yup I The Geet Handa slaped The Maan Singh Khurana who had the audacity to Kiss me without my premission
Maan was liking this now
His obsession was taking turn to liking But stil the slap cant be forgotten
He put his hand in her hair n jerked her face toward him but Geet didnt move
Jus saw him with the same anger
M:Ull pay for that very badly Miss Geet Handa he said through his clenched jaw n picked her up on his shouder n took her towards the stairs n strted climbing
Geet didnt knew this wuld happen she thought after her slaping him he wuld jus leave her n go away as she still remembers that he cant hurt her n see her in pain
What is he gonna do now
Some vague inages came to her mind n she jerked herself thnking how in the world was she thnking lik that abt her that too with him
Now whoevr wants can describe the vague images heheheheWink
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Posted: 2011-11-14T13:16:36Z
part 7 n 8 ...

awesome ... superb ...

continue soon ...
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part 9

how can she think about him like that .she cursed her self but her thought again went to her vague images.the flashback of their kiss came in front of her eyes .she drown in her thought.she instantly feel like he was leaning against her and took her lips in his.kissing her with more intensity.his hand roaming all the forbidden part of her body making her insane with need.she felt like his tongue slipped in her mouth and taste her sweetness carnally.she felt like she is in trance.

maan now getting confused seeing her calm in his she thinking something or became numb after his act.he couldn't understand her act.what that girl is...?she reacted in a weird way with his every act.he is now getting more interested in her.

geet came from her thought when he throw her in the bed gently.what was she thinking.
i think i m gonna mad..itni saare shock k wajaise main pagal ho gayi hu...main iss akru ko lekar aise kaise soch sakti hu..she thought in her mind.

maan was looking at her like he is seeing a alien.he just don't able to read her.she is sitting in the bed like waiting for him to do whatever he want.he smiled in his mind.then got back again his stern self.

how dare u hit me...?now i will show u what else i can do..and it's your punishment to mess with me.

geet became more frightened.she inched backward.maan took a step towards her.she try to look confident.she don't want to show him her fear.geet is now thinking how can she stop him.then an idea click in her mind.she gave him a evil smile.

she came down from the bed and came in front of he got confused.she didn't afraid of him.what was happening...he took a step backward.

i know u can do anything...jaab apne maan bana hi lia hai kuch karne ka to khamkha fight karke kya faida...chalo we can do it mutually...she winked.

maan just gaped at her not understanding her word.what the hell is happening.what was she upto...

kya hua aap chup kyu hao gaye...?she asked with attitude.

maan looked at her with disbelief.then manage to say,

what are u saying?u have no problem..?he asked with irritation.

problem kyu hogi...iske ilawa mere pass aur koi rasta bhi why make it taff...?she said hidding her smile.

she is enjoying his confused state.her idea is working.

matlab..?he raised his voice.

main aap ke lie ek kaat putli ki tarha hi to hu jisse aap jaab chahe apni marzi se nachate rehte i have to do what u want...she said with sadness.

maan became more furious listening her word.he never thought her like that.he loved her.alwas want to make her his but not that way.he always want her to accept him,love she is taking everything wrong.

stop ur nonsense talkinng.main ne tumhe kabhi aise nahi pana chaha.if i wish then i can do it earlier.but i don't want it.why don't u understand dam it i love u.i just wanted u to be mine.

it's not the way u could win anyone...she said with anger.

okey i will prove u that i was not wrong...i can win u that way...ekdin tum meri hogi...tum mujhse pyar karogi,jarur karogi...he said with determination and walk away from the room leaving geet

...i think i am addicted to this thread...LOLLOLLOL
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