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Hi guys... I'm back again and i'm starting a new thread on public demand. The last two threads went on fabulously. Thanks to all the readers and writers.Clap

Links to the previous fun threads: The fun begins 1

                                               The fun begins 2

Since the current track is about the stalker and he is doing a fabulous job, i thought this thread could be dedicated to the stalker. Lets see how the thread unfolds and whoever wants to write the next part is most welcome to continue. Just let us know that you are posting the next part.This is an opportunity for all the budding writers as well as beharams like us to put in our imagination. This is totally a fun filled post so there will be no negative feedbacks whatsoever, so budding writers need not be apprehensive.Smile

But before that, all those assosiated with this thread, whether reading or writing, need to take an oath and the oath is as followsWink

"We the besharam maneetians, promise to remain besharam and uphold the values of besharmi with all our heart and soul until the end of this thread."LOLLOL

So hereby i open the thread... Let the fun begin...Big smile

I hope we have more and more writers joining the thread this time.Smile

Part 1:

His eyes watched her every moment as she served herself food from the buffet and sat down with her friends. He had an insane urge to drag her away from her friends far far away, where her only access would be him and just him. He was insane about her and he did not know how his liking had turned into obsessiveness. 

He still remembered the day when she looked at him with anger saprkling from her eyes. It was in an Italian restaurant where he was just trying to ward off his over clingy ex girlfriend. In an attemp to get her off him, he pushed her and she fell on the floor with a thud. 

In order to create a scene, she started hugging his feet and started crying. He was tired of her and she was wasting his time. He pulled her by the shoulders and pushed her away, but she was caught by a young girl looking at him with anger in her eyes.

Her eyes, Oh her eyes, they mesmirized him. The spark in those eyes just had him staring at her and he couldnt catch a word of the abuses she was hauling at him.

Now, now! He was used to girls drooling over him, falling at his feet, but a girl shouting at him was a first time. She walked away after giving a disguisted look at him but he followed her outside the five star hotel.

She was walking through the parking lot when he grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She struggled against him, but his hands were like iron around her waist and her repeated fisting against his well built chest, did not make any difference to him.

She stamped his feet and he winced in pain only to be rewarded a tight slap and a kick where it hurt the most. 

"How dare you touch me? " she screamed at him. " I could kill you with my bare hands for touching me. You stupid loser. What else can be expected from you who thinks that the opposite sex are toys to be played with. But you are mistaken cause i'm definetely not one of them. Just pray to god that i never see you again, or i'll have your bones broken and your face damaged beyond repair. Did you get it you son of a b*****?" she walked away from him and his blood was boiling.

Did she just do what she just did? Oh, she had not idea whom she was up against. She would have to pay a heavy price for treating him like that...

He could still remember the day when she walked away from him. Soon after, he hired detectives to track her every movement and keep him informed. He himself began following her and the more he saw her, the more insane did he become. His anger turned into love and love turned into obsessiveness.

So obsessed was he, that he started sending her flowers everyday, only to watch it being thrown out of the window by her. He made someone or the other deliver gifts to her when she was outside, but she had the nerve to reject it. If she thought it was diffusing his interest in her, she was wrong. He was getting a little more pchyced about her.

And that was the reason he was here today. To keep an eye on her. To watch her every movement. To do something more. To do everything he wished. Afterall he was Maan Singh Khuraana.


Geet was enjoying herself after many days. The constant fear with which she was living from the past few days was getting on her nerve. She had no clue who was bent on ruining her. She was even scared to go outside the house alone, leave anywhere else. 

But today, she was glad she had come to this party. She worked for Chopra industries and they were hosting their annual function today. At first she was reluctant to come, but her friends forced her and her parents had to agree. They promised to take care of her and not leave her alone anywhere.

So here she was, enjoying herself and meeting with new acquaintances. She had an eerie feeling that she was being watched, but she decided to ignore it, thinking that she was dreaming. He would not dare come to the party in front of so man people and in any case, she would not go into hiding because of one mad man.

The music started and she joined her friends on the dance floor when somebody spilled a drink on her dress.

Excusing herself, she asked one of the waiters, the directions to the washroom which was situated at the far end of the hall. She walked outside the hall and searched through the corridors for the sign of a washroom, when she felt a hand on her mouth and she was roughly dragged into a dark room. With horror she heard the click of the lock on the door.

Author's note: lol... Did i surprise you guys? Hope the beginning part was gripping and intense. Over to you guys to continue...Wink Let the besharmi begin...LOL


Part 1:pg1,by Kathie_berns

Pat 2:pg 7,by Nazmaa

Part 3:pg10,by Mishty..sakii

Part 4:pg16,by Kathie_berns

Part 5:pg19,by mishty..sakii

Part 6:pg19,by -afsha-

Part 7:pg22,by princess163

Part 10,pg29,by sweetysumaiya

Part 11:pg41,by angili

Part 12:pg 42,by mrs.msk

Part 13:pg46, by sona-rai

Part 14:pg50, by XXaquafireXX

Part 15:pg55,by kawaii_geet

Part 16:pg62,by mrs.msk

Part 17:pg69,by angili

Part 18:pg70,by kawaii_geet

Part 19:pg 72,by XXaquafirXX

Part 20a:pg74,by Kathie_berns

Part 20b:pg75,by Kathie_berns

Part 21:pg77,by aarthirajendran

Part 22:pg84,by-afsha-

Part 23:pg87,by sona-rai

Part 24:pg87, by shilalipi

Part 25:pg90,by aarthirajendran

Part 26:pg92,by -afsha-

Part 27:pg95,by mrs.msk

Part 28:pg99,by -afsha-

Part 29:pg103,by mrs.msk

Part 30:pg110,by mchopra

Part 31:pg116,by bangalores

Part 32:pg119,by mrs.msk

Part 33:pg122,by -afsha-

Part 34:pg128,by mchopra

Part 35,two versions, 35a:pg136 by mrs.msk
 & 35b:pg138 by aarthirajendran

Part 36:pg141,by mchopra(continued from aarthi's part)

Part 37:pg 143,by mchopra

Part 38:pg147,by tanei

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eagerly waiting dear
this tme also lovely concept of stalker which is currently be employed in the serial
waiting for the start
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Posted: 2011-11-12T07:40:45Z
yippie...kathie..keep up the good job
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awww Kathie...part 1 is awesome...
moi loved reading it...Embarrassed
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Kathie: Kam se kam story start toh kar..and congos madame..
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Posted: 2011-11-12T07:58:07Z
Waiting for part 1 kathie
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Posted: 2011-11-12T08:29:54Z
part 1 was aesome dear so here maan is an obsessive lover Wink
loving it
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Posted: 2011-11-12T08:35:13Z
thank you kathie for creating one more creative thread 

i enjoyed last two threads thoroughly Heart

& intended to it with this also...thanks to all the writers Wink Hug

ok a new thread where MSK is a stalker Shocked

looking forward to it Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

P.S. when are you going to update Strange Desires & Thirst of Revenge  Confused
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