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Posted: 9 years ago
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~credit me if used
~donot claim it as yours.
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(Let it load..there are many pics)


There are really two methods of selecting the picture here-

1. Using Free hand that is u select by selecting the picture u want using free hand drawing by dragging mouse- it may not be perfect.

2. Using "Anchor Points". It's like connecting dots to select a picture around it at regular intervals and it will be more clearly and nicely selected than free hand since u are connecting the picture at regular dots.






a.)Lasso Tool:

In simple words lasso tool is like cutting a person picture from a photo using a scissor and it may not be perfect. Lasso tool is simply drawing the outline of the picture u want to extract with your free hand continuously and then simply after that right click>Feather/Refine Edge>Copy and Paste in New Document. Even for the below mentioned ones…once u select>Use feather>Paste in New Document.






b.)Polygonal Lasso Tool:

As the name suggest it really helps in selecting those pictures which have a specific shape -like square,rectangle,polygonal,hexagon,straightlines..etc because of "ANCHOR POINTS".


Anchor points are simply like connecting dots which will help us complete a picture or a path as it is called.."we have to click" at regular intervals/gaps to form a outline around the picture u want to select.

Its very easy if it is with specific for example like square where all u need is just 4 anchor points/ will easily connect fromfirst to second straight lines easily.But if u want to select a person..u need many dots at small intervals which u have to repeatedly click to select the whole picture.It just follows the path u show it.U can switch from Polygonal to just lasso tool by pressing SHIFT+L.


[Holding shift while clicking with the polygonal lasso tool creates straight lines and 45 degree angles. This is a handy tip to create specificshapes like diamonds, rectangles, or triangles.]


U can press DELETE key at any time to remove a Anchor Point/Dot.



U can form shapes/vectors using this tool  and stroke or fill them.




Take above picture for example with four connecting dots i made a square shape then i filled it with black color(Edit>Fill)..u can makeshapes,vectors with this one.


Use it same to extract the picture with connecting dots around the picture..then join back to first point and it will make selection. Then use feather with right click and then copy n paste in new document.




c.)Magnetic Lasso Tool:

It works similar as Polygonal Lasso will have dots/Anchor points...but unlike before we don't 'click' to form a point..if u just drag u mouse on outline of picture after the first will itself form anchor points around like a magnet.U can add anchor points in between if u feel it is not correct and then Photoshop will continue selecting.The technique behind it is it will select distinct or separate object from the picture..but if ur object and background have same color it might also select background too.It will be very useful in those pictures where there is different background than the object or it has a bit different color than it.




When u select this tool..on top menu u can see Width,Contrast,Frequency they are about the distance between Anchor Points and the background contrast ..u can change  them as per ur wish.


[The first input box is title width this box allows you to change the number of pixels the magnetic lasso tool takes into account for finding contrast. Use a large pixel value for high contrast areas and a lower pixel value for tight low contrast areas.


Next is the contrast edge amount which is a percentage that is taken into consideration as you drag the mouse cursor about the selection.Photoshop will uses this percentage to help calculate the selection. Adjust this setting if the width adjustment doesn't cut it.


The frequency box determines how often points are placed as you continue to drag the mouse cursor. An integer between 1 and 100 is required. A setting of 100 is the highest setting creating pin points faster than you can delete them.]


Here also,U can press DELETE key at any time to remove a Anchor Point/Dot.


Here deepika's hair and ranbir's suit matches with black background in the tool may select black background also..make sure u click anchors point there and then continue.




Add selection,Subtract selection,Intersect selection..also works here similar to previously tools.






a.)Free Form Pen Tool:

It is very similar to Lasso Tool...selecting using Free hand drawing.


b.)Pen Tool:


It helps us to select objects at very precise and clear manner especially when u have curves/bends shaped ones.

Before we start..when u select and see on top menu..u see 3 options - SHAPE LAYERS, PATH and FILL..we need to select PATH .

A path is simply put connection or joining of two or many points.Since here we are not shaping the path so we don't need 1st option nor we are filling the we also don't need 3rd option.





We need to choose select and make a path around the object which u want to select hence we use PATH option - the middle one(In RED).


There are many things u can do with pen tool.Now this is very similar to Polygonal Lasso Too.U can use it the same way by connecting dots/anchor points at regular intervals to select the object...but the extra advantage here is unlike the said tool where u can only do either straight or connect dots with litle spaces between to select...u can also make "curves/bends " using it.We will come to it in a while.

U can "Add or Delete Anchor Point" using the options in Pen Tool or convert/change  a Point using "Convert Point Tool".(Similar to add/subtract/intersect)














Lets start with just a basic curve.First click with pentool on left side and drag downward little enough to form a curve shape.. then click a little bit away on the same line distance and drag upward.




A "U" shaped curve is formed.




Leave it and now click again at a little distance and drag downward again.A sideways "S" shape is formed.Click again anywhere and press Delete to remove that last anchor point and ur path is done.Now Right click>options ..choose from it.






Another one..first select PEN tool and then click first point and then click second point - u can chose how this second point is used..if u want curve "drag when u click" and adjust it as per ur wish ..if u don't want curve don't drag just click and leave - here i dragged it little side downways - how i want the curve to be and left it.












Now click third point(u will get a curve) and drag again - how u want - and leave at a little distance upways this time.Now click fourth point and drag downways again for little distance and leave.Fifth click anywhere and press DELETE key to remove last anchor point and end path.




This is how final curved path will be.


In short u can use the "anchor point" to make the shape of the path.Click DELETE key to remove any point which u don't like.Once a path is completed how u want click one more time and DELETE it ur path is completed.




U will have options to move the curve with the two directions it shows.. it will be DIAMOND shaped..why?Because Diamond shows that u can drag/bend/curve it in "any direction" this.




Once path is done..rightclick and u will get some options choose any .




If u open Windows>Paths..u will also get many options for paths..

-Fill path with foreground color -just will fill path will color on foreground

-stroke path with brush -will see how down in a while

-loading path as selection - will make selection of path-marching ants.

-Make work path from selection - if u have made selection it will make again it into path

-Create new path-New path is created.


Apart from it if u double click the "Work path" u can save path for future use.



U can form shapes/vectors/paths using this tool and stroke or fill them like above with curves etc.






U can stroke(paint) a path using pencil,brush i will be showing how to stroke with brush.Once ur path is done..rightclick it and select STROKE PATH.

U will get a box..choose "Brush" option.(Choose brush setting,brush size - generally a small one like 8,color before stroking)..also check "Simulate Pressure" box-it will make the ends thinner like a paint brush stroke effect.

Once stroke is done..rightclick>Delete path.Ur stroke will remain.








When we are here i will also tell u about two options..which is just below the PEN tool..with a arrow mark - Path Selection  Tool and Direction Selection Tool.


Path Selection  Tool-It simply moves the "whole path" to any ways just like Move tool.






Direction Selection Tool - It will help u change the path u already made..when u click on the anchor point .




It will show u options to which direction u can move it.




Now I want the sideways "S" shaped a little i select "Direction Selection Tool" and choose the middle anchor point and move a little sideways to right and the direction(see red box) and path is changed.






Sometimes u may have seen text flowing from end to other in waves or spirals is done with pen tool.

Simply put ...form a path and click T or select TEXT tool and click on the start of path u will get "I" shaped icon -  click and type text in shape of path.






Then goto Windows>Path and right click on work path and DELETE it.Ur text will remain the same but path will be deleted.






Sorry for delay was having net and PS problems.

Forgive for any typos and mistakes!Embarrassed

Hope this helps to anyone who wanted to know about it.(-CuteSomi- hope it helped you).

Please let me know if this helped will be appreciated for the time i put on it..a simple LIKE will do wonders to me.Big smile



P.S: I am thinking of opening my shop but in dilemma *confused*Confused..any suggestions?


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Posted: 9 years ago
@sri,u sud open a shop:-)
Posted: 9 years ago
can sumone show me how to stack a video avatar ?

Posted: 9 years ago
@ sri...
awesome tutorial di...Clap
very useful...
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by mansi_47

can sumone show me how to stack a video avatar ?


check this video it is helpful...

check this link
written by sri di...
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Posted: 9 years ago
How can effect be put on an avi??i m enable to select all the layers and put effects:)
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long time guys

made 10 textures

free feel to use them
credit me
dont copy my style
dont steal or claim them as yours
download link:

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