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Hi frnz'I think I have got habituated of writing' ;-) that I cannot resist any more' so here I am starting with a new FF.

FF: Bandhan ' Pyar ka'

Ram Kapoor:  well known business tycoon in his early 40's' staying with his real family (Unlike serial) ' ' mom, natasha, ishika, rishubh, sid, mamaji'

Being the eldest son' ram decides' not to marry until his sisters... get married and settled'

Priya Sharma:  a happy go lucky 33 year old' has climbed the mountains of life' broke her marriage with Ashwin to support her family' decided to get married only after karthik the youngest of Sharma'z' takes responsibility of family' she and karthik won the youngest entrepreneur award'

Niharika: only aim is to see.. her elder son settle quickly in life'

Sid: is the adarshwadi'beta' who hates Ram.. as his family is always seen running after ram and not after him'

Rishubh: the youngest hunk'of kapoor's is a flirty' but has never crossed his limits'for him..ram's words is last word'

Ishika: the intelligent kapoor with business tricks' in her blood' is the owner of Kapoor cosmetics'is married to her' lover/ business partner Rishi. For her ram is the guru of her life'

Natasha: spoiled brat in kapoor family' ram's doll' she knows all tricks of fooling ram' but yes'loves him the most'

Vikram and Neha's charaters and roles are the same as in BALH' except' vikram is business partner of Ram's business and owns 30% of share.

Ram is the centre point of their family and friends vikram-Neha ' loved by all' but still single'

Sudhir Sharma: a yoga guru' after retirement decided to teach yoga'

Shipra Sharma: owns a boutique..tries to manage things'

Ayesha: a famous model' who has got couple of movies for lead role'

Karthik: An MBA from IIT' started his own small business from home' after MBA' is the youngest successful businessman' for him..priya is everything' and priya is the owner of his two firms and all shares'

The kapoor's are in top 3 leading industries' the sharma's raised their status from upper middle class to higher class status thanks to their business run by Priya' down the line both the families are unhappy'because their elder son and  daughter are not married and have crossed their marriage age'

Niharika: is looking for a suitable match for Ram and on the other hand' Sudhir/ Shipra: looking for an unmarried.. and good person..for priya'

Natasha and karthik first met in London' are  in love with each other' since 3 years'..and their familes are unaware of it'

Natasha' waited for 3 years so that  ishika gets married first'

Its D-day' Ishika is married'

Natasha' happy.. calls karthik'

Nutz: hey' Krazy' finally' its my turn' ishz got married'

Karthik: oh nutz' now just diii' has to get married' then it will be our turn'

Nutz: oh no..pehle ishz and now ur diii'.hum kab' shaadi kar paayenge' Krazy'

Karthik: pata nahi'.

At kapoor office:

Ram: I want these files immediately' sid' get the work done' and where is vikram..

Sid: bhai.. he is coming'

Vikram aware of sid's nature towards ram.. always'tries to protect ram' whereas ram has blind faith on sid.

Ram: sid, vikram ko bata dena 'main hamare construction site pe jaa raha hoon..aur usse waha bulaya hai..ok

Sid: yes bhai'

Ram driving his car' on the way to construction site met with an accident ' Ram speaking on his phone' could not concentrate on road.. and hit a old lady.. walking on road 'priya..walking on other side of road'comes and helps old lady'

Ram: oh shit' gets out of car'

Priya: on road' starts shouting'on ram'

Priya: andhe ho kya? Dikhayi nahi deta? Sees phone in ram's hand and says..phone pe baat karke gaadi chalate ho' akal nahi hai'. Dikhne me toh ..sharif aur padhe likhe lagte ho lagte ho' lekin..harkate'  anpadhon jaisi'

Ram: hello'mind your language' aap jo man me..aaye bole jaa rahi hai..plz'

Ram: goes near old lady  and says..aunt aap thik toh hai na?'

Lady: haan beta thik hoon..

Ram: gives her 500 bucks and says' aap plz'ilaaj kar lijiyega' and is about to leave when.priya starts again'

Priya: hello' aap apne aapko kya samajhte hai' honge aap amir aapke ghar me'paiso se matlab nahi hai'inhe' inhe'zaroorat hai hospital lejaane ki' so plz' take her to hospital'

Ram: dekho' mujhe urgently ek jagahpar jaana hai' isliye maine aunt ko ye paise diye'

Priya: leke jaate ho yaa'police ko bulau' and shouts..police'

Ram: enough' main khud leke jaata hoon'

Priya: aappe bharosa nahi hai' kaunse hospital leke jaayenge aap inhe'?

Ram: Apollo

Priya: ok' I'll follow your car' maine apni gaadi waha park ki hai.. hold on.. and gets her car' and follows ram

Ram: gets the lady medicated and says sorry to aunt'and drops her at her place.. turns to priya..who was still following him' and asks kyun aap baat ka bakheda kar rahi hai? Samajhthi kya hai apne apko miss universe? Aayina dekho'chidiyaa ka ghosla lagti ho'

Priya: thik hai na ' aap bhi kuch kam nahi hai' bilhul'genda lagte hai' genda aapse jyada khubsoorat hoga'.and what  bakheda? Aap kisiko thoko' woh thik hai' lekin..hum aapse sahi kaam karwaye..toh woh bakheda'?

Both start fighting again' finally' leave the place and get back to their respective work'

In evening' at kapoor mansion'

Ram: maa'. Woh'aaj mujhe Navjeevan NGO jaana hai' waha pe' aaj blind kids ka function hai'toh mujhe chief guest karke bulaya hai'

Niharika: ok..ram'lekin khane pe toh ho na beta?

Ram: haan maa'

Ram at NGO'talking to trustee'

Ram: Mrs.. Seth' aap kaise manage kar paati hai ye sab.. I mean'

Mrs. Seth: actually' I am just trustee..managing the funds' but rest all things are managed by ms. Priya Sharma' a very lovely lady' I must say' Mr. kapoor' a very soft spoken, happy go luck lady' unmarried'she broke her marriage so that she could support her family' and today' her family is one of the well known families. you must be knowing them' The Sharma's

Ram: oh I don't know' may be maa must be knowing Ms. Priya Sharma'

Mrs. Seth: oh that's not possible' no one could make out that priya..is priya Sharma'

Ram: oh y ?

Mrs. Seth: she is not the one who would' do that'she is a very down to earth person.. her living, way of life is just a normal middle class person ' you know what Mr. kapoor' she belives in simple living and high thinking' well when you meet her you will understand her' but don't tell her that you know her story' actually you are giving a donation of 1 crore' so I revealed it to you.. otherwise this thing is kept confidential

Ram: oh yes' I will keep it confidential and I would surely like to meet her' is she coming today?

Mrs. Seth: no' she just left sometime back.. as she does not want to reveal her identity'

Ram: oh such a nice person' varna..aajkal toh.. log' in sab ke liye kya kuch nahi karte'I mean do anything to be in limelight you know'

 Next day:

Ram: with vikram' in meeting'

After meeting is over'

Vikram: ram..tune kya socha hai' shaadi ke bare me'

Ram: arre vikram'tu jaanta hai na' jab tak..natasha ki shaadi nahi hoti..main shaadi nahi karunga'

Vikram: arre atleast tu ladki toh dekhna shuru kar' aisa nahi hai ke' nutz.. ke shaadi ke baad' tujhe immediately ladki mil jaayegi'

Ram: nahi'yaaar'

Vikram: mujhe nahi pata ye sab.. aunt ne kaha hai'aaj tujhe' main Mrs. Kabooliwala ke yaha leke jau' aur main apni duty nibhaunga'

Ram: nahi.. main koi ladki dekhne nahi jaanewala'

Vikram: ram'

Ram: tu dost hai na mera'tu jaanta hai na'ke main aise ladki se shaadi karunga'jise main pyar karta hoon'aur main aisi ladki khud dhundhunga'

Vikram: phir..toh tum sanyaasi ban jaaoge..ram'

Ram: aisa kuch nahi hoga..and you tell this to mom..ok

Vikram: arre lekin'shaadi ke baad bhi toj pyar ho sakta hai na'

Ram: vikram..plz' samajh yaar'plz'

Vikram: ok' done' main aunt ko mana lunga' but atleast ek baar ladki se mil toh le'

Ram: no .. no milna and all you talk to mom now. And leaves office'

Nutz and Karthik at the caf paradise' having coffee together'

Nutz: krazy'tell me .. dii ko kaise type ka ladka pasand hai so that you know I can search'

Karthik: nutz yehi toh problem hai' dii ki shaadi ek baar break ho gayi hai ashwin ke saath and that too was a love cum arranged marriage'and now dii wants to get married only when she finds a suitable person' whom she likes and is approved by family'

Nutz: matlab kuch kuch love marriage hi hua naa'

Karthik: hmm haan bhi aur naa bhi'

When vikram..calls nutz'

Vikram: nutz kaha hai tu?

Nutz: woh vikram bhai' caf paradise me.. kyun?

Vikram: ok be there I'll be there in 5 mins..

Nutz.: woh bhai' and the call gets disconnected'

Karthik: kya hua nutz? Y r u so tensed ?

Nutz: vikram bhai aa rahe hai'

Karthik: so?

Nutz: he is bhai ke liye sab kuch'and if he finds out me with you'toh humara milna naa mumkin ho jayega krazy'

Karthik: don't worry nutz'

Vikram: enters caf and finds' nutz with a boy'

Vikram: hi nutz'

Karthik: hello bhai..i am karthik' karthik Sharma'

Vikram: oh you are the one who won the youngest entrepreneur award rt?

Karthik: yes sir'

Vikram: looks at nutz..and says' good choice chotti'

Nutz: are you serious bhai?

Vikram: teri har aahat se mujhe samajh jaata hai chotti' toh ' ye toh chotti baat hai'

Waise' ram' ke liye ladki dhundni hai..asap'

Nutz: kis liye' ?

Vikram: shaadi ke liye..ab tumhari shaadi ho jaayegi'toh uska no. hai na' and that duffer wants to have a love marriage' is umar me.. I mean' @ 40 yaar' ab uske liye waisi waali ladki kaha se dhunde?

Nutz: hmm dii hai na

Vikram: now who is dii?

Nutz: karthik ki diii!!!!!!!!!

Karthik: oh yes' meri dii' ki shaadi ke baad hi hum shaadi kar sakte hai'

Vikram: yes but what about love marriage?

Nutz: vikram bhai' mere liye'bhai zaroor arrange marriage kar lenge.. and winks' and says' shaadi ke baad pyar toh ho hi jaata hai'

Vikram: yes' I agree' aur waise bhi india me' jyada tar' arrange marriages hoti hai'

Vikram- nutz- karthik- ok then 'mission  pyar ka bandhan ' starts'

Next day at ' caf paradise'

Karthik comes with priya' as per plan..to introduce her to Ram kapoor'

Vikram and nutz.. bring ram with them' so as to introduce' them to priya'

Ram: ye tum mujhe yaha kyun laaye ho?

Vikram: ladki dikhane..

Ram: gives an angry look'

Vikram: arre baba ladka dikhane'

Ram: tum kya mujhe gay samajhte ho?

Nutz: bhai..woh maine ladka pasand kiya hai' apne liye'

Ram: oh..toh tum mujhe pehle nahi bata sakti thi?

Nutz: woh bhai'

On the otherside..

Priya: hmm.. karthik..kaun hai woh ladki haan?

Karthik: diii aapko kaise pata'

Priya: badi hoon tujhse'jab tu sajh dhaj ke tayar hoke'mujhe caf le jaa rahe tabhi samajh gayi.. bata kaun hai wo?

Karthik: aap mil lo usse' abhi'.

At caf paradise'

Ram: tum log jao..main zara washroom ho aata hoon'

Priya: karthik tum jao.. mainabhi aati hoon'

All three (Vikram- nutz - karthik) at the table..

Vikram: ye lo.. jinko milana hai..wahi..dono nahi aaye abhi'

Ram and priya come face to face' on their way from and to washroom respectively' and collide with each other'

Ram: I am sorry'

Priya looks at him and says.. you must be'

Ram: you again' I take back my sorry' ache kaam pe jaa raha tha..tumne billi ke tarah mera raasta rok diya'

Priya: oh hello' aap kaun hai' bhagwan kare mera kaam successful ho' bites her teeth and leaves'

Ram upset.. comes towards table..meets karthik' and enquires him his details'happy with him..says..nutz' good choice haan'.

Ram: tum akele aaye ho karthik?

Karthik: nahi sir' woh meri diii aayi hai' she will join us' here she comes'

Ram gets up and turns to greet her' when she finds priya..and says'tum' tum karthik ki behen ho?

Priya: oh fish' aap is Natasha ke bhai hai.. oh god not again'

Ram: chotti utho' tum tum is karthik se shaadi nahi kar sakti' ye acha hai lekin..iski ye behen oh my god' I can't bear' chalo.. and pulls vikram and nutz'

Priya: karthik chalo'aur bhul jao ' is rishte ko'

At kapoor mansion:

Ram: main ye kuch nahi jaanta'

Nutz: bhai' aapko thodi karthik ke dii se shaadi karni hai' mujhe karni hai.. karthik se'and you were so rude' upset closes room'

At Sharma house:

Priya: karthik'thoda'family dekhke ladki pasand karta na'

Karthik: dii' kya aap bhi..hamare ghar Natasha aayegi'uska bhai nahi' gets upset'and closes himself in his room

Next day... Ram tensed about y'day's episode comes to NGO' sees' priya' playing with kids' and singing songs' thinks'ye toh wohi ladki hai na jisse maine' jhagda' aur yaha par' she is just enjoying with kids'. Aise kaise'kamala hai

When' the NGO lady staff' says.. ram saab' ap bhi jaayiye..kheliye na'

Ram: nahi ..thik hai' waise woh' aurat yaha kyun aayi hai?

NGO lady staff: woh'toh priya hai.. priya Sharma'. Hamare NGO ki sabse active member'

Ram: kya' ye priya Sharma hai' shocked..and recalls' the fight and then the NGO trustee's words' sach kaha tha..trustee ne' you cannot make out priya Sharma'. And smiles'

Priya' stops playing' and sits on the stone chair.. in the park' lost in her thoughts' recalls' her mom's words' priya beta.. ab tujhe shaadi kar leni chahiye..aise toh nahi hai..ke'koi ladka aayega..tere kandhe pe tap karke bolega..

When..Ram moves towards priya' and taps on her'shoulder and says'.excuse me' priya tears in her eyes' (thinks.. her maa's words excuse me' mujhse shaadi karogi?)'

Priya: wipes her tears and says'aap?

Ram: haan main yaha' actually I thought' ke aapko yaha dekha toh sorry bolta chalu.. woh actually.. sorry for that accident and for y'day's episode'

Priya: oh no.. it'ok and waise I am also sorry..for behaving rudely.. maine kal bahut socha why should i interfere in karthik's life and spoil it'

Ram: I too thought same about chotti'  sorry' toh kya hum phir se mile..rishte ke liye..officially'

Priya: yes plz. Do come to Sharma house' today evening 5 pm'

Ram: that's fine' main ghar waalon ko leke aata hoon'

Priya: ok' I'll do the arrangements.. waise maan na padega aap aur yahaan NGO me?

Ram: yes..woh actually' I donate'. And stops himself' from doing self praising'

When..the trustee..joins and says.. oh Mr.kapoor'. so you finally met priya'

Ram: oh is she priya? Says' hum abhi' teesri baar mile hai'lekin.. naam nahi jaanta tha'

Trustee: oh really'..she is priya' right hand of our trustee' and the owner of Sharma industries'she has won the youngest entrepreneur award'.recently'helps the NGO in all aspects'

Trustee: Priya, he is Mr. Ram kapoor' the owner of kapoor industries'

Priya: a bit shocked.. oh oh..sorry Mr. kapoor' same here' aapka naam nahi malum'

Ram: oh that's ok' and pata nahi tha..mujhe..ke you are the one to receive the youngest entrepreneur award.. I mean' appreciate you priya.. you are beauty with the brain haa'

Priya: smiles..oh plz.. Mr. kapoor' jhoothi taarife nahi plz' I know I am not Ms. Universe'

Trustee..excuses herself'

Ram: sorry us din ke liye' I really mean'it'

Priya: its ok' I 'll leave' sham ki tayari bhi toh karni hai..

At Sharma house'

Niharika ' Shipra happy for nutz- karthik' Vikram-Neha too happy'

Vikram goes to nutz and karthik.. and says'scene yaad hai na'

Nutz: yes bhai'

Karthik:" I am ready too'

Karthik: sir.. mujhe aapse important baat karni hai' woh jab tak priya diii ki shaadi nahi ho jaati main tab tak nutz se shaadi nahi kar sakta

Ram: shocked' lekin ' before ram speaks..nutz interrupted..

Nutz: I support karthik for this decision bhaiyya' agar mere aur ishika ke liye ye decision le sakte hai toh karthik kyun nahi?

Ram: listening to Natasha' smiles..and says' waqai.. meri behen badi aur samajhdar ho gayi hai'

Everybody happy' with nutz- karthik decision'except priya'

Priya: in balcony.. ye sab kya hai'agar meri shaadi nahi hui toh..kya karthik.. kabhi.. shaadi nahi karega' pata nahi ye kismat bhi kaise'.din dikhane waala  hai'and tears roll out of her eyes'

Ram: notices priya alone..and walks upto her'.taps..priya's shoulder and says' don't worry' we are a family now' tum apni shaadi ki chinta mat karo..i'll find out the best person for you'

Priya: wipes her tears and says' plz. Ye jhoote dikhawe band kijiye' and yes.. aapko 'kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai..ye mere parents ka haq hai..so don't take it away from them' and moves to the living room'

Nutz..gets up from.. her place..to sit besides' shipra'when she faints and falls' over'

Shipra: Natasha beta.. ye isse kya hua? Koi paani do'

Vikram: calls doctor' ram comes running..tensed'

Doctor comes and checks Natasha'

Doctor: Mubarak ho' Natasha is pregnant'

All are shocked'

Sudhir: slaps' karthik..ye tumne kya kiya beta? shaadi ke pehle'apni maryada kyun todi'

Priya: papa.. plz'

Everybody is tensed' what to do' when nutz says' bhai kyun naa aap aur priya shaadi kar lo.. phir usi din hum bhi shaadi kar lenge'

Ram: main ye nahi kar sakta' and leaves Sharma house'

Priya: iske liye main bhi tayar nahi hoon' and goes to room and locks herself'

At night:

Niharika, sid, vikram neha'convince Ram' but ram does not move from his stand'

Leaves to his room'

Vikram: dekh ram' ye situation..bahut naazuk hai..ghar ki izzat ka sawaal hai'

Ram: toh thik hai na..let nutz- karthik get married..

Vikram: ram agar tu karthik ke jagah hota to kya karta?

Ram: lowers his eyes'plz'don't emotionalize me' pehle toh main aage hi nahi badta'.

Vikram: ram' plz' dekh.. india me..jyada tar' arrange marriages hi successful hoti hai'

Ram: lekin'vikram'

Vikram: tu soch ram..teri wajah se..agar nutz ko kuch hua toh' plz..tu ek baar priya se baat kar'sun'

Ram: ok..

At Sharma house'

Priys is convinced by her mother'

Karhik: comes to priya..holds his ears and says..sorry dii' main behek gaya tha..us din'

Priya: chup tu' tu aur nutz.. shaadi kar le'

Karthik: nahi dii' jab tak' main aapki kasam khata hoon'jab tak' aapki shaadi nahi hoti..main' nutz'se shaadi nahi karunga..

Priya: nahi karthik'plz'ok..main Mr. kapoor se milungi'

At caf paradise'

Ram and priya' meet each other'

Ram: woh priya' hamare desh me..kitne..arrange marriages hoti hai' aur pyar baadme ho hi jaata hai' toh .. I feel'

Priya: yeah.. you are right' toh hum kya kare?

Ram: will you marry me' and puts his right hand in front of her..to hold it'

Priya: gives a confused smile' and gives her hand to him'

At Sharma house: Everybody is awaiting priya'

Ram drops.. priya..at the Sharma house' and when priya is about to leave the car'

Ram: woh ' priya..thanks'

Priya: thanks..to you too..ke aap bhi maan gaye'

Priya enters..house.. and everybody run towards her'

Shipra: Kya hua priya? Kya faisla kiya tum dono ne?

Priya: kya hona tha maa' aakhir' unhe bhi' Natasha ke liye'  jhukna pada,' hum dono shaadi ke liye tayar hai'

All are happy'

At kappor mansion'

Shipra calls Niharika: Hello.. niharika ji'mubarak ho.. ram aur priya shaadi ke liye maan gaye hai'.

All are happy at kapoor mansion' and welcome ram.. with a surprise'

Ram and priya'were happy to see their families happy' and think'

Hamare parivaar ke liye' ye ' samjhauta'I mean,' arranged marriage.. is worth' chahe.. aage job hi ho.. lekin abhi ke liye.. hamare parivaar waale khush hai.. aur kya chahiye' and smile happily'.

Next day: at kapoor mansion' Sharma family with priya joins at kapoor mansion'

Panditji: behenji' ye ram aur priya ki.. kundli me..36 ke 36 gun milte hai..maano jaise ram aur sita ji ki Jodi hai'. Aur ye..natasha aur karthik ke 30 gun milte hai'

Everybody happy'

Dono'Shaadi ke liye shubh mahurat 12 baad hai'

Niharika- Shipra: hume manzoor hai' aur mangani ke liye din?

Panditji: mangani ke liye..aaj ka hi shubh muhurat hai.. sham.. 6 baje'

ShiprA: aaj?

Niharika: don't worry ' shipraji.. ram'can do it' aur waise bhi abhi '  subah ke 10 hi toh baje hai'

Niharika: ram..plz.. do the arrangement..

Ram: calls up the event manager and gets the things done'. On phone... and says.. maa.. sab ho gaya hai'

Rishubh: lagta hai..bhai ko'bahut jaldi hai'shaadi ki' 5 min me..tayari kar di'

Ram: embarrassed..shut up..rishubh'

Niharika: toh the raha' aaj sham 6 baje.. sagai hamare yaha'

ShiprA/ Sudhir: haan ye thik hai.. aur shaadi ka venue' hoga' the westend'

Niharika: that's superb'

Niharika: ram beta' tum aur priya.. sagai ki ring, kapde aur shaadi ke kapde kharidne ke liye'abhi jao'

Sudhir: haan priya beta..tum dono jao' aur karthik' tumbhi' Natasha ko leke jao'

Karthik: ji papa'

Both the would be couples are about to leave in the same car..when vikram and neha' interrupt'

Vikram: hello.. dono couples alag alag jaayenge'

Priya: nahi 'woh'

Neha: arre priya' karthik aur nutz..ek dusre ko kaafi saalon se jaante hai' ab tumhe apne'honewale pati ko jaanna hai..toh plz..sit'

Ram and priya..make move'

Vikram and neha' go to karthik and nutz,.. and give high 5.. yes'mission..pyar ka bandhan almost 50 % successful.. bas aaj sagai ho jaye..and then shaadi'

All scream' yippee'.

Nutz: bhai kya ab hum I mean.. karthik aur main jaye'. Hamari bhi toh sagai hai'.

Vikram- neha: yes sorry.. tumhe rokne ke liye..

Vikram: lekin..nutz..yaad rakhna..this pregnancy is just naatak' tum dono apne hadh me rehna'

Karthik: don't worry bhai'

To be continued' Edited by Lucky_2012 - 2012-11-05T09:49:08Z
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Wonderful...plz update soon
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Wonderful update and in flow...waiting for next..

pls PM me..
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Posted: 2011-11-06T10:27:26Z
Awesome update..
continue soon..
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nice update...
plz continue
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Wonderful start. Please add me to your PM list.
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they such cute family  i m waiting next 1
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very nice. looking forward to next part. thanks
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