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Posted: 14 years ago

The characters will be updated if they need to be, as the show goes along.

Ayushmaan -  Ayushmaan is a doctor and he works at a hospital called Vardaan, but there are a few people at Vardaan who don't want him there, because as the story goes he is a genius.  He tries his best to keep his family happy and out of problems.  Ayushmaan and Tani were in love, but unfortunately she was murdered [shot] by a person who everyone suspects that's its Bodi, his older brother. So currently there is a love interest between him and Sonya, his childhood friend, but due to circumstances he is married with Kayva (another doctor)   The show basically revolves around him.

Sonya - Sonya is Ayush's childhood friend.  Sonya always used to be depressed when she saw Ayush and Tani together . Infact she also blamed Tani for trapping Ayush into the kidney scam!  When Tani was shot, Sonya tried her best to find out who the murderer was, but she had a hard time convincing Ayush to make him believe that Bodi killed Tani.  Sonya is also liked by Bodi.  Sonya is happy for Ayush and Kavya because now they are together, but we know that in her heart she still loves Ayush and Ayush still loves her.


Bodi - In the show Bodi is Ayuhsmaan's older brother.  He is also an autistic, but as the truth reveals, just a few episodes ago we found out that we was pretending to be an autistic.  Currently Mayank and Bodi are working together.  Bodi, is crazy behind sonya and he will do anything to get her.


Usha -  Usha is the mother of Ayuhsmaan and Bodi.  She is always there to help out and listens to every problem that her family has.  She encouraged the relationship between Ayush and Sonya, and when Ayush lost Tani, she was always there to comfort her son. 


Om- Om is Ayush's dad who never accepted both as his son.  He first removed Bodi from his house since he was austic ,then always blamed Ayush for anything that went wrong in his house.  Om is a very short tempered person, but currently he is very affectinate to both of his sons.


Dr.Dalmia - the person in charge of Vardaan.  When Tani died, he accused Ayushmaan of her murder, but now he knows the truth.  As Dr.Dalmia's nature goes, he is serious when he needs to be, and something can also have fun.  He loves kids.


Mayank -  Mayank currently plays the role of a villain in the show. 

To be a successful villain you need, villainous disregard for other people, so that a villain may talk to his or her victims impolitely, ignore their pleas for mercy and even behave violently toward them if the villain is in the mood for that sort of thing.  Another thing villains require is a villainous imagination, so they can spend their free time thinking of treacherous schemes.  And villains need to develop a villainous laugh to celebrate their success.  Mayank has all of this and he also has the villainous look.  Mayank is married to Dr.Dalmia's oldest daughter, Sunaina.  Mayank is the person at Vardaan, who does not like Ayushmaan.  He takes every chance he can to accuse and fill up Dr.Dalmia's ears against Ayuhsmaan, so he will get kicked out of Vardaan.


Dr Seth-The first daughter of Dr Dalmia and Tani's older sister. Seth never used to like her father at first because he could not accept the relationship of Seth and Sonya's Dad,  but as time went by when she married Mayank and now she accepts her dad.  Seth always helped out ayush in tough spots when he first began Vardaan. She was the one who proved to everyone that he was indeed an genius, but as Tani's death shocked her and everybody else she had to blame ayush for killing her sister and accused him for making her pregnant!  Just a few episodes ago we find out that Seth is pregnant herself, but soon finds out that she can never become a mother.  Poor Sunaina is heart broken since she cant give her father a grandchild. 


Rohit- Rohit is Ayush's best friend.  Rohit always dreams of becoming an actor.  Now he works in the Vardaan's canteen.  Rohit's family also took care of bodi when Om was not to be notified about his appearence.


Dr. Kavya - Kavya is Ayush's good friend and she also loves him,  but she thought it was too late to express it because Sonya and Ayush are going to get married, but then everything changed.  So currently Ayush is married with Kavya.  In Kavya's family there is her mother and a small boy named Kush ,(who is believed to be her sister, Divya's son).  Kavya had lost her eyesight when Tani got shot, but thanks to Tani's last wishes she got Tani's eyes and is able to see again.  Kavya was Bodi's doctor, because everyone believed that he was an autistic.  Kavya is always there to support her sister, Divya. 


Divya- Divya is Kavya's sister.  She is also Kush's mother.  Divya and Mayank used to love each other when they were in college, but when mayank deserted her she was left alone with kush.  For 7 years she was missing but she longed to see her son, so she came back to her mother and Kavya.  Divya is very scared, that Mayank will take her family to court, and eventually take Kush from her. 


Kush - Kush is the nephew of Kavya.  Whenever he comes to Vardaan with Kavya, he always hangs around with Dr.Dalmia.  Dr.Dalmia and him go everywhere together.  He does not know yet, that Divya is his mom. 


Sharan - Sharan is Ayush's and  was Tani's friend.  She is a senior intern at Vardaan.  When Ayush first came to the hospital he was being harrased by two other senior interns and Sharan told him to stay calm and do whatever they say.  Sharan (in the begining of the show) was said to be a palm reader.  Sharan also helped Tani and Ayush reunite when ayush went to Pritam Pura and Tani followed even though she was sick .




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Awesome meghavi its really gr8
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dastz gr8 u 2 did a wonderful job of summing up abt all da characterz.....even minor 1z lyke sharon 
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           TongueWell doneTongue

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